Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Not worth a bite !

I am never surprised by the amount of treachery I see in the case of Jimmy Savile's ex acquaintances. I did however feel that I needed to react to this
 Very funny for the masses who follow you no doubt. But, how sad that someone of Louis talents should stoop so low as to heckle his dead 'friend' in such a way. 
Then I recalled Jones' recent tweet and the fact that the BBC are planning another Savile film 
What is the devious ex BBC employee up to now ? Especially, given this most recent offering from Theroux

Monday, 30 March 2015

Taste trumps haste every time Meirion !

If you've spent as much time reading the Pollard Report, as I have, one fact is clear : that while his editor was interested in Jones' project, others were hesitant on the grounds of 'taste', bad taste that is. I have even found, hidden away in a lesser investigated appendix, evidence that someone at the BBC even considered Jimmy's family ! That someone was Liz Gibbons 
Liz is the 'former Newsnight deputy editor' by the way. She still works for the BBC too !
One reason why Liz G has survived and Jones has not might be explained by her next paragraph 
Remember, she is recounting events as they unfolded in November 2012. We're just up to the 7th here. The next Q and A between her and Pollard is an eye opener
Indeed, Ms Gibbons appears to be answering questions that many reasonable folk have asked since. 
Now, let's leave the 'taste' and editorial standards aside for a moment. Because another little corker hit me full in the face as I read it.
Obviously, this is the video of Karin Ward's interview. She is Meirion's number one 'victim'. His ONLY 'victim' to have been filmed by his team on camera at the time (R1). How on earth did he not think that her content was NOT important to the story ? 
Not picked up on ? Or, conveniently edited because 'R1' was incriminating a living person, one who has since been cleared of any wrong doing and thereby discrediting his number one, and ONLY 'VICTIM' on camera in December 2011 ! 
Ms Gibbons testimony also reveals or rather DOES NOT reveal another startling factor. And that is, that the women who had come forward may have had suspect motivations for coming forward at this time ! IF only we could see 

 They're discussing an email Rippon sent whilst he was waiting to be 'convinced' that the story would stand up

Goodness, I couldn't wait to read the rest. Dear God, what the hell is this ?

 'One of them had a..' what ? 

As another blogger Moor larkin is oft to say, I think we should be told ! 
To be continued !

By the way, I liked the fact this woman mentions 'taste' and Jimmy's family. That in itself endears me to her. It's the first time ANYONE from the BBC has used such words, and it's refreshing is it not ?


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Meirion's gone ... Part 2

I remember being shocked when I came across this strange story published in October 2012.
For a long time I wondered where this story came from. And then I got the answer from David Jordan in the Pollard report
Back to the who's who in the 'victim' 'witness' because, whoever was 'fed up' with Mei appears to have gotten a tad mixed up. Understandable in the circumstances, because the second person willing to go on camera as far as I've been able to establish is Rochelle Shepherd (R3).
Let's look at the wording of fed up shall we ?
Because, whoever fed up was, he/she apparently only learned of Ms 2nd 'interview' only very recently !

What was going on here ? I headed back to Pollard to see if I could make sense of this rather strange twist. Thankfully, the report contains 'witness statements' fro each of the main players. I was quite stunned when I read Jones' view of the stories.

Back to App 12
 Let's look again at these 'rough' scripts shall we ? Because, I for one want to know whether Rippon really had seen a video that contained this mysterious second interviewee. She (R3) whom the Mail have identified as Rochelle Shepherd, is certainly mentioned in Liz MacKean's evidence.
On 28th Nov 2012, she sent HER envisaged 'script' to Meirion Jones that includes what R3 will say
The 28th November is a Monday and that must be when they'd filmed the 'second VICTIM' according to the email Jones sent to Rippon on the 25th (Friday)
The problem for Jones being that NO SECOND 'victim' was filmed. This from Liz MacKean's evidence

Enter Stephen Mitchell deputy news editor whom Rippon was reporting to at the time.
To which Rippon replied
It's patently obvious that Mitchell has at this point no idea that the headmistress is Jones' aunt. Pollard questioned him about these emails
Mitchell was not sent any of the 'scripts' made by Jones or MacKean 
 And, the last one that appeared to be seen by Peter Rippon was on 29th November. It does NOT include any testimony from any second 'victim' or witness for that matter. But of course, she has NOT been interviewed on camera yet
The point is, did Rippon ever see the finished video ? Did anyone ? Where is it ? Why didn't Jones advise 'senior managers' about his unhappiness about Rippon's decision to pull transmission ?

To be continued ! BUT guys and gals, let me leave you with another gem that I picked up in my burrowing. Meirion, you really are an idiot aren't you !

I don't suppose he has a new job yet does he ? 


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Meirion's gone but David's still there ! Pt 1

Karma is a marvelous thing is it not guys and gals ? Meirion is not a happy bunny. NOT a happy bunny at all. And since being made redundant by the BBC, his gob gets looser and looser. Meanwhile, his credibility sinks lower and lower ! Jones snears at anyone questioning his version of the truth. He tells us to read the NHS reports etc. But we have, haven't we ?
Mmm, aside from the reports that found NO PROOF of ANY complaints actually made against Jimmy, there's that awkward point regarding his 'victims'. How many did he himself actually interview ? But that my friends is for a different post. Because today I'm more interested in someone we KNOW for a FACT, Jones spoke to. Us and the whole of the BBC newsroom that is, because this hit the press on October 25th 2012
Good gracious, trouble at mill indeed, but who is this guy who's had the balls to call Jones out in full view of this very busy newsroom ? 
Mmm, my interest boileth over. I have to know more about this David Jordan. Who is he exactly ? And what more has he to say, officially about his spat with our Mei ? Naturally, I needed to look no further than the Pollard report. Hurrah, I bless this report and all who sail in her ! Firstly, here's a bit of gen on Jordan himself
So. here we go, as Jim would say ! 

Oh my goodness, and then we get to THIS little GEM. IF you never read ANYTHING ELSE about Jimmy Savile and the BBC, Please read THIS !
Mr Jordan, unlike Mr Jones is STILL an employee of the BBC. He has a lot more to say about Jones and the goings on at 'auntie' around this time. Stay tuned Guys and gals, back tomorrow ! 


Sunday, 22 March 2015

£3K for you £16K for them !

Goodness gracious, one of our three settled compositors is not happy. HE, is not happy at all. WHY ? well, because he only got a couple of grand for something HE says has affected his life for 40 years.
Just £3,000 ? Let's look at the tariff agreed on these claims shall we ?
Then let's look for Mr A in Lampard. This must be him on P42
What's interesting about this story is that it involves an alleged witness, none other than Jimmy's PA Janet Cope. A fact that is NOT mentioned in the press article. Ashton made a police report to Yewtree cops, surely they questioned Ms Cope ? Just another thing we are NOT ALLOWED to know. Although this guy has broken cover now. He has waived his right to anonymity. Let the game commence !
Do you believe him ?  Naturally, I don't but it was good day for some personal injury lawyer the name of which we are NOT told. They obviously did their best for Mr A because he only has GOOD words to say about THEM ! 
No, mate, because in a real court, you'd have to furnish some CREDIBLE evidence, not this baloney. Didn't your laywer told you how much you would get ? Didn't they tell you how much THEY would get ?

Meanwhile in la la Lawyer land !
Thanks to 'Misa' for informing me about this story. You just couldn't, make it up, could YOU !


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Look out for NAMES says Jeremy

Surprise surprise : Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary, 'misled parliament' when he said there was £40,000,000 in the Savile estate. 
 But how did Hunt make that mistake in the first place ? Does he not check his facts before he opens his mouth ? Obviously not, but while we're on the subject of FACTS, let's go back to June 2014 when the first wave of Savile NHS reports hit us. On 26th June 2014, the politico's raised the rather sensitive (for them) question about, accountability. The other side of the house was demanding answers, who knew what, and, WHO will be held to account, criminally if need be, for Jimmy Savile ?
Here's what Jezza had to say about that 
I've made this extract extra large because of it's importance, for me at least, because knowing what we know NOW, it appears that NO ONE living will be 'subject to disciplinary' action or Police investigation. WHY ? because, not ONE such person has been named, NOT ONE !
Still, I guess it was good postulating on Hunt's behalf. It sounded good didn't it and it pleased the other side of the house who were able to raise their particular agenda's and receive positive response from our Jezza.
 The second most interesting exchange however happens in response to a question about corroboration of all things, now there's a word we don't hear much of !
Now, just think about this for a moment guys and gals ! HOW would a normal, rational person have responded to that little scenario ?Wait for it 

Is this guy for real ? Does he watch these debates later on telly ? Worst part is not one other person of sound mind in that room, challenges this bullshit, not one ! And, for this they are giving away desperately needed NHS money !
Fast forward to 26th February 2015 and publication of the Lampard report. The first group Hunt absolves of any responsibility is, well, his own !
Sadly, a Leeds MP has to have his say and his Savile 'victim' 
And Hunt's predictable response 
  I don't quite understand what Hunt is getting at here. This alleged 'victim' contacted Hamilton 'recently' and presumably told the cops 'recently' too. They didn't believe him and neither did the Leeds investigators by the looks of it. Is Fabian Hamilton as stupid as he sounds ? And what the hell is Hunt on about 'not collated centrally' ? He's doing an Alison Levitt here is he not ?
Anyway, I've had enough of these idiots for now. But, I'm keeping a tally on how MUCH of MY MONEY they are giing away to the likes of the unconscous woman told by a cleaner that she'd been abused by Jimmy Savile. You have to laugh, as they say !