Saturday, 28 July 2018

Blackmailing the Police

We now know that Dan Johnson's accounts of the discussions he' d had with SYP from the 8th July 2016 cannot be relied on. And I for one was getting a tad vexed that I no one was able to ascertain exactly HOW he came by whatever information he had about Cliff. And then I happened across the following, and it was App 12 of the Pollard Report all over again - well almost

Could this Judge be any more helpful to the cause of Justice ? Only if he'd wanted the actual name of Johnson's source maybe, but I guess we can forgive him for not pushing that too much, after all, the hack was entitled to 'protect' his 'source'

So now we can establish the details of the Police operation such as it was, in July 2014. Not much was happening you see, there had only been ONE allegation made against Sir Cliff, via MWT sometime in 2013, to the Met Police. Supt Fenwick, helpfully explains WHY the Savile cops passed this to SYP.

Note the words who was aware of the full facts of the investigation. They're important for anyone trying to work out exactly who knew what and when ! Stay with me folks.

He knew it had been passed from Operation Yewtree to South Yorkshire Police Force. .... He asked me why SYP was investigating and not Operation Yewtree. 

Let's stop there for a moment shall we ? This ONE accuser had, appeared in 'late 2013' via MWT, whose Savile expose had aired in October 2012. Now, we don't know exactly what happened between 'late 2013' and March 2014, but we can almost certainly assume that the Police were NOT taking the accusation very seriously. 

Now, the next bit is a bit more of an eye-opener, for more than reasons than the fact that Fenwick mentions MWT

Supt Fenwick is referring to Johnson's note of that meeting. WHY is MWT's name on it ? Remember, MWT supplied this one complainant to the Police, presumably in secrecy. How come he's being discussed or not discussed, at this meeting in July 2016 ? 

Strewth guys and gals, that thought has, just this minute, come to me. Indeed, there can be only ONE of two explanations for his name being on that note. Either MWT is his original 'source' or his original 'source' knew MWT's involvement. 

I like this Supt Fenwick, he seems like a good man to me, the more I read about him. I kinda like DCI Orchard from Yewtree too, for this 


Suddenly, Johnson is detaching himself from all references to Yewtree. Just one day after the Cliff raid. 

Carrie Goodwin's opening remarks in her statement are really useful too. Note that this refers to that first phone call between her and Johnson. She's clearly left with the impression that Johnson knows even more about the Cliff story than she does. She's being reeled in, wasn't she ?

 Remember, it was the FACT that the Police believed that the 'source' of his information was Yewtree, that led them to take him seriously. Either they give him what he wants, or he publishes what he knows. And they fell for it. 

All Johnson seems to have had, at this time was that this bloke had claimed to have been assaulted at some Billy Graham rally in the 80's. That appears to be all the Police had too, but that's another story for later. At this point, no specific year has been mentioned, just that it happened in the 80's and that the alleged victim was underage. 

There had only been ONE allegation, just one, and the Police were not about to go trawling for others. The fact that there had only been one at that point in July 2014 is in itself staggering, given what was being said, or hinted at online and in print for over a year at least.

Mark Williams Thomas continued to act as some kind of advisor to Cliff's one accuser. By May 2016 someone was getting pissed off at the length of time the investigation was taking.

Maybe the fact that a few more accuser's had managed to appear might shake them up hey !


Despite someone's best efforts, the claims came to nothing. Sir Cliff was NOT arrested and he chose to take action against the BBC and South Yorkshire Police for their part in his sorrows. He was especially saddened by the way the BBC had treated him, a bit like they'd treated Sir Jimmy Savile really wasn't it ? Of course, no one would have bothered with Sir Cliff, had someone not have bothered to destroy Savile. *To their credit, the BBC did hold out against Meirion Jones's efforts, until someone managed to persuade the Police via ITV that they, like Johnson knew something, they actually didn't. I think you know where I'm going with this. * I hope you do anyway. See Addendum below.

It's not all doom and gloom though folks. I did have to smile when I read this part of Cliff's Witness statement. 

Time consuming ? Tell me about it Cliff. But, if you ever need a hand, let me know. Some things are NOT about the money, are they ? The online trolls continue to troll, they really cannot help it can they, it's their nature. They just cannot get their heads around the fact that Sir Cliff took the action he did, once he was cleared, not for himself but for others who find themselves in the same position as he did, but without the means to defend themselves.

Well done Cliff. I wish you well ! 

Addendum 28/7/18 *

I need to clarify what I meant when I wrote this earlier today. When the BBC rejected Meirion Jones project, MWT took it to ITV. Neither the Police, the BBC or indeed ANY other media outlet, save an almost unknown magazine (The Oldie) showed any interest whatsoever in 'exposing Jimmy Savile' until ITV got involved. And, what exactly did ITV in October 2012 have, that the Police in 2007/9 didn't ? Well, not a lot as it happens. Here's a bit of reading which I hope will help you (and me) understand the point I am trying to make.



Wednesday, 25 July 2018

He's not dead, and I hope he sues ALL OF YOU

How did Sir Cliff Richard come to be investigated by the Police in the first place ? Dan Johnson hasn't named the so-called original source, and no-one appears to have the power to make him, so we'll have to make do with what's out there folks. Problem is, there's so much out there ! 'Rumours' about Cliff had been circulating for years, I read them myself on the crazy one's site, and elsewhere. But, I never published them. I'm a responsible person you see.

Let's go back to the beginning of Yewtree. After all, this investigation has been kind of established (at least to the satisfaction of Justice Mann, who prefers the Police's media officer's evidence to that of Mr Johnson), as the originating 'source' of the 'source', if you get my drift ! 

Operation Yewtree started in October 2012 following the ITV broadcast of 'Exposure - the other side of Jimmy Savile'. The Police said they would not be investigating the Savile claims because he was dead, but they would be going after living subjects. And they did, several high profile arrests followed, but NONE of these involved a 'world famous pop legend' did they ?

 Note the date of the 'update' a few weeks after Cliff's raid ! Coincidence ? I think not ! Please also note, that this is from the Daily Mirror who describes the complainant as 'convicted sex offender' who allegedly made this claim to Police officers in 2008. 

I include this article only as a point of reference as to the gossip online and in print around the time that Cliff's accuser had allegedly, contacted Mark Williams-Thomas. Stay with me folks. 

On the 22nd August 2014 the Telegraph published this

2013 ? Exactly when in 2013 was this allegation made to Yewtree ? I should add that the Mirror's 'sex offender' allegedly supplied Police officers with some 'list'. That would be the Elm Guest House 'list' I presume ?

So, the Police were allegedly investigating a pop legend as early as December 2012 ? Really ? As far as I'm aware, the Police were not even aware of any accusations until Mark WT's accuser eventually made his way to Scotland Yard in 2013. In February 2013 MWT was bragging about how he'd ran his Savile investigation 'like a criminal investigation'. The final paragraph saying 

The response on twitter ? 

 MWT's twitter time line became a magnet for the 'nutter bus' crowd, as I endearingly call them. Liars and shit-stirrer's is of course, a more appropriate description. How much damage have these people's gossip caused ? 

Now, here's an eye opener folks ! You know before Justice Mann issued his decision on Cliff V the BBC and SYP, he ordered a Home Affairs SElect committee to attempt to identify Johnson's original source. Of course, he wanted to KNOW if that person had actually been a serving Police officer, or someone else involved in Operation Yewtree. Well, Go Judge Mann ! 

 In this Press Gazette article the accuser was still making his way to Scotland Yard in 'late 2013' 


Mr Justice Mann said the singer wanted to know whether the BBC’s source was from “within Operation Yewtree” or someone who had obtained information from Operation Yewtree.
He said he had weighed Sir Cliff’s rights to a fair trial against journalists’ rights to protect sources before reaching a decision. 

All parties in High Court trial had, earlier in the month, agreed a 'ceasefire' during which a settlement might be reached. 

 The singer, who has sued the BBC and complained that his human right to respect for private life was infringed, said reporter Dan Johnson “knew full well” that information acquired from a police source had been “covertly” disclosed

The question any reasonable person would now ask is :

Why would someone involved in the the Operation Yewtree investigation wait all that time, from late 2013 until July 2014, to leak the story to Dan Johnson. Remember, we're referring to the fact that CR was being investigated, NOT the home invasion raid (which, of course hadn't as yet been conceived).

We're being asked to believe some nonsense aren't we ? Johnson admitted reading the rumours about CR online. Did he even need a Police source ? 

Anyway, that's enough from me for now. Cliff is, as I type, still alive. He can sue those who peddled nasty stories about him online. How delicious would it be, if the same person who began the Savile thing on the basis that the man was dead, so he couldn't sue, was sued himself, for this !

Happy Days 

Will Justice Mann get his man ? Who knows, we can wait !  

Sunday, 22 July 2018

*WE* are coming for *YOU* now

"We're coming for you" - or was it 'We will come for you' ? I can't remember who said these words, I think it was ex-Commander Peter Spindler. Whatever, the point is : who did he come for, who was he coming for, and how successful was his bluster ? 

"We now know"* that one of those who would be targeted as a result of that bluster would eventually get to clear his name and sue the media for invading his privacy. Well done Cliff 

Much has been written about Sir Cliff's case, but what I want to know is WHO was the 'source' of CR's woes ? Was it him behind Jim Davidson's similar woes ? Let's take a look at the evidence shall we guys and gals ? 

Him behind Jim Davidson's woes, according to JD and his mate in the Sun, was Mark Williams-Thomas. 

JD didn't have a BBC helicopter flying over his home, he had the press on his front doorstep ! These are extracts from his book - 'No Further Action' and it's a great read 

 You see, Jim D had done something naughty - He'd spoken out against Operation Yewtree. Big mistake Jim 

Well, JD did eventually get cleared but not before he was subjected to a shit-load of trouble. The Police were determined to build a case against him, but he was sharp and his lawyer was sharper still. In short, he was lucky, like Cliff he had the means to defend himself. He also had friends in the press

So, back to Cliff and the mysterious source of his woes. Here's what we know : 

1) Cliff's accuser originally contacted MWT in October 2012 following his exposure of Sir Jimmy Savile. 

The above is from The Sun 19th August 2014. And, much as it pains me to link this toilet paper, sometimes needs must.

Now, let's check out what MWT was tweeting before Cliff's home invasion ! Facts folks, no fictions here !

Here he says he passed the allegation to Yewtree in 2013 !

Cliff's home was raided on 14th August ! And folks are asking the great investigator questions about his role ! 


By November, he's making sure people don't forget Cliff's being investigated 

And, he's actively engaging with would-be informants online

Six months later, Thomas assumes the position of someone who knows more that your average Joe on Fleet Street. He KNOWS what's going on in the Cliff investigation, and he wants you to know he knows !

 By September, those multiple allegations are still growing in number 

 By June 2016 the Police had issued No Further Action letters to Cliff's accusers 

ALL four of them ! 

I suppose one could class four as 'multiple'. You'd think that Thomas  would have known that figure all along, he seems so close to the investigation, or he certainly likes to give that impression doesn't he ?

So, who's the source then ? Maybe we'll find out in time. Not from BBC reporter Dan Johnson though I fear. He's not a 'fundamentally dishonest man, but .... ' said Justice Mann 

Here's some further reading for you all. I can't do all this by myself 

Sir Cliff began legal action against the BBC and South Yorkshire Police a month after Police dropped their investigation. 

And what was MWT's response to Justice Mann's decision this week ? 


 But we're not all falling for MWT's sudden about turn Cliff-wise


Oh, and folk have been questioning his role for a few years now 

Sooner or later the truth will prevail. In the meantime, keep 'em peeled folks. And very best wishes to everyone going through a similar hell. Let's hope Cliff's Law, will make it onto the Statute. Better still a Jimmy's Law. But that's another story for another day ! Cheers Pals x