Friday, 26 April 2019

Operation Mark Williams-Thomas Part 2

 A few years ago I produced a series of posts called 'Case for the Defence'. No one in the mainstream was presenting any kind of potential defence for Savile, so I thought I'd have a go

 I'm not sure if I ever got round to a summing up. How could I ? I did not have enough evidence back then, but I think I may have now. Enough to suggest that, certainly in December 2011, Meirion Jones should have dropped his quest to expose Jimmy Savile. I've read as much of Pollard as I've been able these past few days, and herewith are my findings.

We don't know how long Meirion Jones knew MW-T before he - allegedly, discussed the Savile project with him, in July 2011. But, he tells the Pollard people he'd known him about ten years 2001 or so.


 In 2011, they worked together on this Newsnight piece. 37 seconds in and already Thomas has told at least one lie. And yes, that is Jeremy Paxman introducing him 

 I've no idea how this character came to paid part of my license money in July 2011. Of course, no one save Surrey Police know how long he actually was a detective. But you'd think the BBC would vet the people they employ. Obviously not.

 Have a look at some of the reasons Jones offers for bring Thomas aboard his effort to sink Savile.


Jones tells Thomas


He knows the Police investigated Savile, because R6 told Hannah and Hannah told him in an email the day before


 The person supplying this is Fiona. A woman who claimed to be in the same class as Karin Ward, when she wasn't. Of course, neither Jones or Hannah would have known this in November 2011, they just took her word for it, as all good responsible journalists, don't ! 

Anyway, moving along or rather - back to how things stood a few days later.

It's November 9th 2011. Mark Williams-Thomas has been not earning his £500 finders fee, Meirion Jones is in Brooklyn and his team (Hannah and Liz M) are suggesting they could just call the Police themselves ! Jones is being interviewed by the legal section of the Pollard Review (a barrister and a QC). Asking the sort of questions, legal folk do ! Imagine Meirion in the dock. You just wouldn't rely on a word he says, would you ?

He's 'worried about the relationship between Surrey Police and ..' who ? We might know the answer if someone hadn't removed the next 13 pages from Page 276 to 289. Perhaps those pages will reappear at a later date. The next bit doesn't help but I'll include it anyway 

Another nine days pass, and what is MW-T bringing to the party ? Well, er nothing as it happens apart from a pitch of his own !


 I really don't get Mark Williams-Thomas's involvement in this gig at all. I mean, what the hell has come up, with since he came aboard ? Hannah Livingston is doing all the real work.

 Jones suggests Thomas maybe join Friends Reunited and miraculously two days later, he has his: off the record revelation.

Are you following this ? Are you reading between the lines like I am ? Jones can't wait to tell his bosses. Heck, he even has the 'head of the paedophile unit' in tow ! Really ? Damn these barrister's for not pursuing that one !

Isn't this more or less what the women online had been saying ?

Here's a few of those conversations

30th July 2011 

Has anyone read Fanstory ?

4th August 2011 

I was contacted by a journalist who said the Police won't do anything to the perv as he's too old  

The QC wants to talk numbers, how many women were contacted, how many responded, that sort of thing

Even the lawyers start talking funny in the presence of Meirion Jones.


Blimey, it's almost like he's in the dock. I'm enjoying this

Note that folks - only one or two women had gone to the Police to start with. This guy is on the ball isn't he ?

 Jones is starting to lose it 

Finally, Jones gets his confirmation, not via MW-T but from the horses' mouths - the Police on the 5th December and the CPS on the 9th, which begs the question : Why didn't he just go to them in the first place ? 

All hopes for transmission of his script by the BBC at least, are over, and he's pissed - well pissed. So pissed that not being able to pass his employer's own evidential test, he gives it to ITV via MW-T, and the rest my friends, is history ! But why is he so angry ? The following might explain some of his mindset at the time. He's angry at the Police isn't he

 Then, he snaps - would he have behaved like this in the dock ? He's certainly not thinking like a professional, impartial journalist. 

  Pollard has 'two more questions' to ask Jones, both directly referencing MW-T

   So, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, what do you think ? Do you believe, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Jimmy Savile's legacy deserved the fate it got ? Was ITV followed by the whole of the mainstream media, right to pursue Meirion's passion ? When you look at the - character and mindset of both the players - MW-T, MJ and their only witnesses for the prosecution ?

R1 Karin Ward - jailed for deception

R2 Fiona - a proven liar

Maybe one other person (Rochelle Shepherd) who wasn't even at the scene of the alleged crimes ?

And then there's Mark !

Thanks to Judge Deborah Taylor's Judgement in the Jonathan King case, we now know quite a lot more about the ex Police officer than we did in October 2012. 

We know when he left the force
We know what he took with him when he left
We know that he was acquitted on a charge of blackmail in 2003

And, we know that despite his obvious need for adoration and contact with fans, he hasn't tweeted anything on Twitter for weeks. He even suspended his own account for a short while. Why would he do that ? To be fair, he could have very good reasons for this recent behaviour. I won't judge him on that, just yet !

But, as to his character and his particular mindset, I'll leave that for you to decide on a balance of probabilities, whether you would find him a credible witness. I know what I think of him and it's pretty clear Judge Taylor doesn't think too much of him either !

 Did I mention something else we now know ? 

We know know that some kind of relationship took place between MW-T and the female DCI running Operation Ravine. This is a summary of that particular Police operation

I'm so happy for Jonathan King. They tried to stitch him up in 2016 but they didn't get away with it. The gutter press delighted in his conviction in 2001. Does this remind you of anything ?

Horrible isn't it ? But never fear, Mr King will have his day in karma court, of that I have little doubt, but even if he doesn't the right-thinking among us has formed our own conclusions as to the safety of that particular conviction !

In the meantime, Mr King is well and tweeting, and has been throughout his most recent ordeal. He's behaved just as any innocent person tends to behave. He carried on regardless, at times releasing delicious little teasers like this, shortly after his case was dropped.

I queried this at the time - his response

But I'll leave the significance of that to others. I'm done for now. I'm resting my case for the Defense right here, for the moment that is.  Our campaign for Jimmy goes on and is gaining strength and numbers ! 

Here's to our little - Band of Bloggers and Twitter's all of you 

Onwards !

Addendum 27th April 

I forgot to include the following interesting admission from Jones. They expected to get 'a hundred victims coming forward' that's what they expected to happen !

with the help of MWT ....

Oh and I forgot to place this in the timeline of events


Wednesday, 24 April 2019

What Mark Williams-Thomas and Meirion Jones didn't know

Let me start this post as I did the last. With this statement from Nick Pollard. 

If only Pollard had asked Jones if he'd read the stuff that Hannah Livingston managed to find in the first few days of her investigation. It's clear Jones knew of other women complainant's besides Karin Ward. I know this because he's already attaching them the pseudonyms R18 and R19 as early as 31st October 2011.

Yes, this is obviously from Karin's fan story. But, why the R18 and R19 ? Where's all the R's in between ? 

Bearing in mind that the same day Hannah already is talking to an R6, referencing R2 and her letter !

Let's stay with the 31st October for now because Jones' email to Tom Giles is quoting Ward's fanstory as if it's something he experienced himself. He may well have seen girls getting into Jimmy's cars, but would he, at his young age, have known how old they were or weren't ?

We know they were NOT 14 as claimed by his number one : R1 - Ward, because she had to finally admit her real date of birth in a court of law. 

And as for R2 ? We now know this is Fiona. How ?

Her father was a producer

But let's stay with November 3rd 2011 for a moment, because it's here when someone is finally telling Hannah that there WAS indeed a Police investigation. Not an ex-Policeman but Fiona R2 via R6 that is

It's at this point that MW-T formally enters the Pollard picture

And it's at this point that Jones tells the ex-cop what he now knows - in confidence that is.

Interviewed around 2009/2010 ? How would they not know exactly which year they were interviewed ? Maybe Mark will be £500 more precise ? Spoiler - he won't be ... ever !

Anyway. I'll have to leave this for today. My eyes are giving me problems. Hang on in there folks ! 

By the way - in case you're wondering ....

MW-T began his Exposure update with the following words 

"We know know that Jimmy Savile was a predatory peadophile"

That's just from my memory. It's horrible isn't it ? He will eat those words someday. I hope !