Saturday, 28 February 2015

Liz Dux's EIGHT year old !

Remember this ? It's a tweet I sent to Liz Dux some months ago. She told me to wait for the Stoke Mandeville Report to be published. So I did just that !
 You see, Ms Dux has, in various publications told us that one of HER claimants was assaulted by Jimmy Savile in 1986. Her claimant was just EIGHT years old at the time. She was in hospital for an operation. Here's an early report from the Independent November 2012
Emm, I wasn't blogging then but I was when I came across another remarkably similar story about a child patient in SMH for an operation. 'Celia' however is 12 and her story places her there in 1977 ? But, let's just double check I've got that right shall I ? Here's a press release from Slater and Gordon on this Independent story
Deffo 8 years old, female in 1986 in SMH !
Now, 'Celia' 12 years old as presented in Meirion Jones' Panorama 'After Savile' and investigated by me in Nov 2013
Hence my question to Ms Dux last September and another blog post that showing proof that neither of these two women's stories were submitted to the Savile Police. Leastways they were certainly NOT recorded as 'crimes'
Naturally, someone may have made a mistake ! But, no one can say that I haven't given Ms Dux time to check HER records !

Anyway, I've now checked the SMH report published Thursday and guess what ? THERE IS NO 'witness' 'victim' aged 8 in 1986 ! There is an 8 year old but, it's a BOY in 1981. Page 52
A 12 year old is there in 1977 though. 'Celia' I take it ? She's referred to as 'victim20'
But, now her story involves alleged further attempts by her to tell others of her experience with Jimmy !
So, where's that 8 year old girl Liz Dux cited as being a 'victim' of Sir Jimmy at the very start of her trawl for claimants ?

Ms Dux still has questions to answer. Problem is, NO ONE is asking them .... YET !
Here's the link to the report - enjoy !


Thursday, 26 February 2015

I can only know what I know !

As you can see, this is a clip from an interview broadcast on Radio 4's Today program this morning at 06.00. Thought you might like the opportunity to hear something rare. Someone on the British mainstream media SPEAKING up for Jimmy Savile. This is the direct link

This was recorded BEFORE the publication of the reports. I believe it was last night, when it seems EVERYONE thought they knew WHAT TODAY'S report was going to say !

Q : "But, we understand that the report is going to say that reports WERE MADE to nurses ... "

Sylvia N " It would be interesting to know if they NAME the people it was reported to"  

YES, indeed it will be interesting to see if anyone is NAMED !

I haven't listened or watched ANY of the media reports today or yesterday. But others have already confirmed the bravery of this kind, lovely lady !
This would be the press conference after the release of the reports ! At least some decent folk acknowledge this brave woman's stance.
Sylvia Nichol I salute you ! 

To be continued !

Addendum Janet Cope still believes in Jimmy too !

Stoke Mandeville the Report

Published today. Read it yourselves. I've already made a few findings of my own !

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

God's Day Off Part 2

Must have been hard to be targeted by the press and labeled; 'the last person in Britain to believe Jimmy Savile is innocent'. Not many would stand up to the media onslaught that followed the broadcast of Exposure, the other side of Jimmy Savile on October 3rd 2012.

But notice the date/s on the above because it's just TWO DAYS later that Ms Cope appears to have experienced a change of heart. Her 32 years with 'SIR Jimmy' have become quite a different story !
She now believes she was 'duped' by Savile
But, Jimmy was always speaking in public. He did so at the drop of a hat. And he didn't exactly shy away from awkward questions did he ? As for the 'quiz shows' didn't he actually present a program with that very name ?
Janet is clearly showing signs of stress here. Remember, she's 70 years old, she's alone and everyone it seems wants a piece of her. Everyone including MWT who must have met her some time well before 21st NOVEMBER 2012 when his Exposure Update was broadcast 

 Mr Thomas et al DID NOT make that program in > a week did he ? I could NOT bring myself to watch the whole bloody thing again and fortunately for all of us, I didn't have to. Because Janet appears at the very START of his film. Here it is
For those of you with a nervous disposition, this is my effort at transcription of the few minutes I've watched.

MWT 'Despite decades by his side she never saw Savile do anything improper with anyone. Nor did she hear any rumours'.

JC 'The 30 years I was with him I saw absolutely nothing and had I done so he would have known that I WOULD HAVE CHALLENGED HIM'

MWT goes on to say that she now accepts that he had a 'dark side' and that he was 'controlling, manipulative and vindictive'. 

He then tells the viewer that Ms Cope has 'handed over her archives to exposure' in other words, he either retains or spent some time sifting through material that SHOULD HAVE BEEN handed to a neutral party !

The Mirror article contains much of the testimony that Cope will say on camera. BUT one sentence stands out as a possible explanation for her seemingly sudden CHANGE OF HEART ! IT is after all, perfectly reasonable to suppose that by this time, anyone who worked with Savile might be subject to a whole lot worse than an afternoon with an ex cop.

I don't know what to make of Janet Cope do you ? One minute, he's a tyrant who she claims to have been 'frightened to death of'.  The next she hadn't seen ANYTHING and if she had she'd have jolly well TOLD HIM, 'cos that's my nature'. 
Sorry, Janet but those who change their stories cannot be relied on. That's what I think anyway. I'll say no more for now, and leave you with Ms Cope's last words. To the Daily Mirror on the 17th October 2012 that is !

Addendum added 1st march 2015

Bravo Janet ! Reading Moor Larkin's latest blog post explains a lot. Two brave ladies spoke up this week. Well done gals !

God's Day Off Part 1

One of the woman who knew Jimmy very well and worked for him at Stoke Mandevlle Hospital for 28-30 years (depending on who typed the story) is Janet Cope. She must be 73 this year because she was described as 70 in the press in 2012. She was obviously very fond of Jimmy because she didn't mince her words when asked for her reaction to the claims.
 She also acknowledged another side to Jimmy. A side, nothing to do with the allegations, but a character feature typical of most folk who get on in the world. One that Jimmy obviously used to get what he needed at the time. 
No doubt Ms Cope had a lot of folk doorstepping her around this time. A bit like another elderly lady who had to endure this invasion at the age of 90
Anyways, back to Janet who was approached for her memories of Jimmy in November 2011

 And despite having to iron his tracksuit and watch him take over HER wedding day, she still had this to say about a man who with whom she shared so much for so long !
Another article published the SAME DAY November 6th 2011 in the Mirror exposes a FACT overlooked by EVERYONE until NOW that is ! Look carefully at this picture 
Seen it yet ? OK, there's a date at the bottom of it. Leastways there's the MONTH and YEAR it was taken. Something you rarely see on Savile photo's these days. And then we find out WHY !
A diary ? Another one ? I hope she hasn't given this away to any other reporter who came a calling. But, I'll come to that later. Because, the Mirror came good with this article for more reasons than one. Here we also see WHY Janet was so fond of Jimmy and why she must have felt very very alone when issued that FIRST response to the Savile claims a year later
Within a year her husband was dead but Janet stuck by Jimmy. Indeed she was talking to the press days before Exposure giving a considered and very reasonable opinion as to WHY SHE BELIEVED the story's were NOT TRUE !
 Bravo Ms Cope, that's one of the conclusions I came to a while back. I never met the man but the question has NEVER been asked WHY would Jimmy have risked so much for so little ? It didn't make sense in 2012 and it doesn't make sense now !
Ms Cope goes on
BUT something or someone caused Janet's brave stance to falter. Within a few weeks of her blistering riposte came a seemingly perfect about turn ! But that, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury is for Part 2, Later today 



Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stoke Mandeville's 'BEST FRIEND'

When Jimmy Savile died on 29th October 2011, the tributes came a rolling in thick and fast. Here's Stoke Mandeville's response two days later
 One man, David Griffiths who is described in the 2011 article as a 'general manager' had this to say
 Jimmy was even at the time of his death held in very high esteem. Maybe, I'd go as far as to say, loved ! 
 Emm, wonder if that 'book' will be mentioned in the report later in the week ?
If you click on another article further down the page you will find comments from others at the hospital who obviously knew Jimmy very well including this Doctor.
Now, let's get back to 1982 shall we and see how the Bucks Herald reported a fundraising event for Stoke Mandeville. I cannot find an article but the photos are there in the archive
 This would be the BH marathon sponsored by the Bucks Herald who only offer this snippet of info about the event 
 Here are some more pics on the day of the event
 And before when the paper would have been advertising the event
Here's Jimmy with some of his team at the time
 I have no idea who these ladies are apart from one, Janet Cope at the front far right, his PA for nearly 30 years.
We learn more about the mammoth fund that resulted in the building of a new SIU from another Bucks Herald article published on Jimmy's death. It seems Jimmy's 85th birthday party went ahead without him ! 
And, here's Mr Griffiths again to tell us exactly what Jimmy was to Stoke Mandeville hospital 

‘The best friend that Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Centre ever had’ was how Sir Jimmy Savile was described during a party to on Monday at the centre.

  One of the administrators described what it was like to receive all that money all those years ago
'Best Friend' ? Maybe that would explain why NOT EVERYONE at the hospital gave up on Jimmy quite so quickly after October 3rd 2012 !
The patients and staff didn't seem to mind Jimmy's photo in a magazine did they ?
Whatever, the fundraising went on and in August 1983 the all new SMH SIUnit was opened with Prince Charles and Princess Diana in attendance. What a great day this must have been. They all look so happy don't they ?
 Facts ladies and gentlemen of the jury ! Facts ! Enjoy film of that wonderful day tagged 3/8/1983 on this youtube video. Tomorrow I'll tell you some MORE FACTS before the schemers present us with their fictions later in the week !