Thursday, 28 May 2015

Monster's in the woods !

A few days ago Graham Wilmer MBE who heads up a child sex abuse charity, made these ominous sounding announcements via twitter
Ignore the twitter clock, I have no idea what time zone it uses. But, all was revealed when Esther stepped forward as the latest in a long line of 'brave' women, who claim to have been abused by some famous person (or persons) years ago. 
 Sky news appear to have been first past the post with the story as Esther explains her reasons for coming out with all this now
I assume that bit about approaching the police 'again' is an error on the writer's part. Esther is suddenly catapulted into the CSA limelight and instant fame
The guardian reports that the politician she named is still alive and, 'of the current political era' so I guess that means he's a tory !
So, what are we to make of all this ? Is this the breakthrough the whack jobs have been waiting for ? Will Graham Wilmer MBE get an OBE or even a knighthood for nurturing Esther.
 Staffs Police are taking the claims seriously and woe to any journalist who fails to follow the party line !
What was it this journalist did to annoy Mr Wilmer MBE ? Well, he hasn't automatically believed her that's what

 Bloody hell, give this man/woman an award for journalism. Is he/she still employed ? I hope he is
Esther is a child sex abuse charity's poster girl now. She's being feted by media and power-hungry politicians alike. But, all is not well in the survivor camps. One would think they would be careful to present a united front for their cause, but no, this is NOT the case.
We cannot know whether Esther's tales from the woods have any basis in fact. Perhaps, she is a victim of abuse, perhaps she's just another attention-seeking lady, or, a 'pawn' as one tweep dared to call her. 
We do know that some terrible things did happen in the woodlands of Cannock Chase. But these awful events did NOT involve Lords or judges or tory politicians. Just a sick man who raped and murdered children and who deserved his LIFE sentence at her majesty's pleasure !
These horrible crimes took place in my childhood. I remember some of them very well, along with the horror that, that child could well have been me !
Cannock Chase in the Midlands not far from Birmingham, is said to be haunted by a child. A 'black-eyed child' to be precise
 I love a good ghost story myself ! But now I'm all grown up I know that really dangerous people don't look like evil personified. They look like this guy, Raymond Morris !

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Defectives - a sequel

I remember seeking out the credits at the end of the show last week. I wanted to see who, or what, was behind this. I was not prepared for what I found. You see, it appears that this 'documentary' was commissioned, or rather, 'ordered' by the BBC as early as March 2013, just 5 months after Exposure !
 Now, I don't know if any other shows have been aired as a result of this order, but I do know what has spawned, and it is this !
 Yes, guys and gals, YOUR licence fee is being spent on fictions masquerading as facts, and YOU are letting the BBC get away with this ! 
The camera's were indeed there to reveal the wall in question. They had, after all been filming Teret from the moment he was arrested by the Savile cops. 

We're told that this 'documentary' will be 'explosive', and I'm sure it will be. As for television category for this sequel ? No doubt it will come under 'factual' like ITV's offering of Exposure. That award winning 'documentary' gave us Fiona and Karin, the gals who helped 'convict' a dead man !
Jimmy was 'convicted' you see, by media that is !
.. a lot of drama, very little documentary, a lot of churnalism, and NO science ! Oh, and don't forget friends, it's not real, it's drama !


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Spindler's LIST Shock and Ore !

Maybe it was that reference to an dvd file said to have been found on Ray Teret's home computer, I'm not sure. My burrowing takes me everywhere. I generally end up in the right places though, and this time, I'm led to a film made in 2002 concerning Operation Ore.
Whatever the motivations of the person who uploaded this, I am grateful to them as we all should be, because, it gives us a take on how things used to be BEFORE Savile. Read on
Before the big day of arrests, detectives are given a pep talk by the then head of the paedophile unit, DCI Matt Sartie. He tells them what to expect and how, they should treat their suspects.

'You have just blown the biggest hole in somebodies life ... we've ruined their lives ... if these people have families, some of them won't by the time you leave .. and, for a lot of them, the stress is just too much. So, bear that in mind ! When you deal with these people, bear that in mind'
And, they did ! We are shown an assortment of men including a primary school teacher who are arrested and calmly submit to their fate.
And then there's this ! 
 And this is where Peter Spindler comes in. The tabloids have found out that one of those on the list of suspects is Pete Townsend. The cops' hands have been 'forced by the revelations in the media' and a handful are 'called to attend an early morning briefing with our friend, Spindler

 He says and I quote, 'I made a decision not to treat Pete Townsend any different from any other person on that list. He would fall into the lower class of risk to children ... and the VERY PROMINENCE of his position doesn't give him a particular access to children cos he's always going to have a great entourage of people around him'
Mmm, are you sure you're not treating Mr Townsend any 'different' Mr Spindler, cuz I'm not !
He goes on to explain how his press officer got a call from the Daily Mail two days after PT's arrest saying he'd been arrested on that Tuesday. He says that even his press officer hadn't been aware that PT was on the list ! 
'Very few people knew anything about PT being on the list, very few people ....'  lots of names are going around .. two labour politicians 
'And I can tell you, I'm not aware of any labour politicians . I know the names they are talking about, and they are not on the list.
'Someone's keeping them informed of what we're doing'
Continuing in his vein of NOT  treating Townsend any 'different' he says of PT. 'The tabloid media forced his hand. He had no option but to admit .. ' 
Spindler says he himself was 'more chirpy' later in the evening knowing that PT was admitting things we haven't asked him yet such as his payment to access the site on 15/5/99, and speculates he's been advised to do this by his PR person, not a lawyer !

We're shown footage of Townsend's arrest. He's released on bail and whizzed out of the back door, like any other suspect in such cases !
Townsend claims that he used his real name to access the site in order to 'research and see what's going on. I was planning a campaign to try to shut down the user groups' Not sure what relevance his real name is, he would have had to supply this because it would have been on his credit card.
Whatever, the end result is not jail or ten years on the sex offender register. No, he's treated just the same as any other suspect in these cases and agrees to accept a caution and five years on the SOR. 
This is 2002, Jimmy Savile is still alive yet no one is passing information onto anyone about him, and they didn't in 2008 either. 
Spindler took quite a different approach to the late Sir Jimmy Savile in 2012. Looking on the bright side, at least we know he wasn't on Spindler's list back in 2002. But WHO was ? Get it, who was ?



Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Defectives Pt 3

'You're investigating crimes now, that carry a life sentence .. murders are easy compared to this'
 Rod : We ended up with 17 victims and over 40 charges relating to these victims' Just before Det Constable Carter said these words, the viewer is told that this 'began with five women making allegations' I thought it was just Cathy and her mate ?
Whatever, it's 'judgement day' or days as the trial lasts several weeks and it's Rod's job to keep these 17 'victims' 'on board'
It's Jill's job to check on Cathy who's claims relate to incidents alleged to have taken place over 3 years (March 1973 - March 1975). Four of Ray's charges relate to her.
Next we meet another 'trainee detective' Ruth. She brings a breath of fresh air to the proceedings, she is nothing to do with the Teret case. She's investigating a recent rape and explains that 3 of the cases she's been involved in, returned not guilty verdicts. She delivers the most intellegent words to come out of anyone's mouths in this series when she says : 'sometimes we'll never know the truth' ! 
Cut to newsreader :
Jimmy Savile's former flatmate and chaffuer will appear in court today' Again, the same photo is repeated several times in this episode 
Next Rod is off to see another complainant, Elle who's real name is Helen Moorcroft. She claims to have been assaulted by Teret in the 1980's. Rod visits her and reads her statement
'At the time of the incident, RT was in his 30's or 40's and LOOKED A LOT LIKE JIMMY SAVILE' 
She relates a story of how she met Teret at a radio station' he gave her a lift to a dance class but ended up assaulting her in his car. She mentions the fact she was 15 and a virgin at the time, thus implying that actual intercourse took place.
Now, what Rod says next is quite interesting because, unlike Cathy who obviously went had a 'relationship' with Teret, Elle did not, 'he didn't build a relationship with her .. just took what he wanted'
The narrator puts his spin on this 'Elle's case is different, it's a one off. which means that it's her word against Teret's'.
Elle says of her experience at the trial, she had made direct eye contact with the 12 jurors and felt : 'There was compassion from the jury'.
Eight weeks after the trial began a verdict was announced and cheers rang out across the room. Carol got to do her press statement outside as did Cathy.
 News items on the day continued as they meant, to go on and on
'A former radio DJ who was a friend of Jimmy Savile's has been found guilty ..... '
Cathy returned for the sentencing 
Delighted by the fact he got 25 years. But not everyone was happy. Carol was disappointed for 6 of her 'ladies'
.. out of those 17 ladies, 6 of those ladies the jury didn't find any guilty verdict for their offences .. they are part of a much bigger story and played a very big part'.
One of those who didn't get a 'guilty verdict' was Elle. 'I pinned everything on the guilty, everything and when I found out, I was inconsolable' 
What did Cathy have that Elle did not ? Answer, other complainants whose testimony in the trial followed hers.
'Cathy was followed by three other women who said they were groomed by Teret at the same time in the same place'

As trainee detective Ruth says, 'sometimes we'll never know the truth'



Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Defectives Part 2

Det Constable Rod gets his suit on in this episode which is called 'The Interrogation' but before we see any of the interviews, he sets the scene
'The first I'd heard of RT was when it became clear that an invesigation was taking place. This was the one that the media had nick-named, "Savile's chaffeur .. I did a bit of research .. he was almost like a MINI-SAVILE. One of the victims said that if Savile changed his hair one week, then Teret would have the same'
Is this the 'victim' who implicated Savile ? She's clearly referencing Jimmy's early days in Manchester. 
Teret has been relaesed on bail after his first interview. This is when the wall is discovered and the names that had 'lay hidden for more than 40 years' 
Teret answers bail and the interrogation begins. We know Rod means business because he's got his suit on. Teret's solicitor appears to take NO part in the interviews. In fact, one gets the distinct impression that he does not want to be there at all. His face is blurred out every time we see him unlike Teret's who has a film crew following around for the duration of his 'interrogation's !
A list of charges is read out including this one
'Attempted rape and conspiracy to rape 1964'
Would this be the Savile claim ? The narrator confirms that by this time there are 'now 16 women claiming that RT sexually abused them'
Four of whom, the jury did not believe or maybe they didn't get as far as the trial
Carol is clearly in charge of these interrogations. Her mind is made up 'He's going to have to give details of this person and JUSTIFY why he's in the company of an under 16 year old' 
The final phase of the process is the challenge phase. The Police reveal the evidence they have acquired during the operation, 'real evidence' found by them ! 
And other evidence has come to light after a search of his home. 19 dvd files are found on his computer which are said to include one 40 second clip of a child being abused by an adult. That's the last we hear of this, no reference is made to this in the rest of the film despite the expert who examined the files saying he will be asking RT where he got this from.
Carol is described as a 'specially trained interviewer known as a tier 5' Rod is still in training, he must be because she has to tell him how to conduct behave in this final day. 'Look at him and count to ten in your head' after each question and at the end reveal that we've got 'individual evidence that he's having sex with young children'
Evidence such as the fact that Cathy can describe the inside of his flat and the wall with 40 names on !
The CPS give the team the go ahead and RT has 32 charges against him and a 'full team turnout' is in order for the big moment.
Tonight it's the trial but last night GMP gave us the opportunity to tweet them using the hashtag #askgmp. We got an hour to ask questions about the program so far. Amidst all the congratulatory comments were mine and a few others. To be fair, I did not expect them to answer me but they did. Their response to my first question was quite astonishing and did not go unnoticed by others.

 I asked who composed that response 

Det Sup Chadwick featured in the film. He's Carol and Rod's boss and these are his words
Whatever our opinion of the Teret case, we should all be very concerned when Police officer's decide a person's guilt merely on the say so of another. And it's not just me who's concerned guys and gals !

 Does look a bit like ... Moor

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Defectives Pt 1

I had to watch the program on BBC 2 'The Detectives' in order to comment on it. You may wish to do the same
Here we have the SSOU the first 'dedicated rape unit' in the Greater Manchester Police Force (GMP)
Apparently the amount of compalints they've had has 'doubled' in the last two years and we all know why this is don't we ?
We're told that Rod and Carol are two of GMP's 'most experienced detectives'. A little later we find that Rod a Det Constable and this is 'new territory' for him as he's spent 20 years in 'gang crime'.
OK, so part one starts with a current investigation of the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl then moved quickly on to the case of Ray Teret and allegations made against him by two women initially as a direct result of Yewtree. 
We hear part of Teret's first Police interview where he is informed of Cathy's  claim that he had sex with her ten times when she was 'about 13'
Now, I am only interested in Teret's case insofar as it involves Jimmy Savile. Det Carol tells us that this investigation came about because 'two ladies made contact with that investigation (yewtree) to say that they had been abused by RT but that Savile was involved in some capacity'
We're not told what this 'capacity' was except that Cathy mentions that whenever she sees Savile on the telly, his 'mannerisms' remind her of Teret ! 
Rod and Carol's boss has already told us that the normal procedure for investigating any crime ( the a,b and c as he calls it) is useless here
A assume nothing
B Believe no one
C check everything
Because, 'if you treat a rape victim like that you've already gone horribly wrong'
After the two ladies are interviewed, Carol describes her next step as being 'looking for corroboration' in the form of more allegations that is. This resulted in three more ladies coming forward and to Teret's arrest on 8th November 2012.
Meanwhile Rod sets off in his car because these historic cases have no 'crime scene' even the buildings might be gone, so he has to get 'out on the ground and do'. Which in this case involves driving to Worthing in Sussex to meet a 'witness' whse dad was a Police officer in the 70's and 80's and heard stories about Savile and Teret. To set the mood, there's a recording of Teret's radio show playing in his car which includes a reference to Savile on his website.
Rod 'So what did he hear' (his dad that is)
Witness 'Pete' 'He knew Savile had been investigated once or twice' 
Rod 'Did you ever witness anything'
Pete 'Not personally no, he was a bit sly' and developed a 'cunning plan' to start a disco for teenage girls
Now, this guy says he worked for Teret as a DJ/roadie himself and one time Savile was there and he heard him say 'Who's that' 'Get rid of him'
He then describes the wall of the flat in great detail .
I'm sure Rod could have gotten all this information on the phone.
He did manage to get inside Teret's former flat but this is near the end of the film.
Before that we are treated to Cathy and her friends emotional performances during their Police interviews. Det Carol mentions 'one word against the other' and the need for corroboration. Cathy has provided names and these, says Carole, 'will absolutely corroborate what Cathy is saying and, if we find these ... we may find other victims'
It's clear that Carol believes Cathy and her friend with whom she has not spoken to for 40 years. Her training has taught her how traumatic relating these stories is for complainants. Nothing wrong with that, as long as long as she remains objective, and from what I can see, she does NOT !
Jimmy Savile is brought into the story as much as possible. We're told that these images were found on Teret's computer 

Both images are included and just happen to appear in the Daily Mail the day of his 'first interview'
Now, scroll down that article and you will see that the Police at that time were not linking Savile to the case. This strikes me as strange given what was said last night.
But not strange at all when we consider the findings of the criminal trial 
Now, let's get back to that wall shall we ? We are treated to Police film of the unveiling of this wall, as the one, maybe two coverings of wallpaper are steamed off. Bear in mind, this is 40 years after the fact ! 
Before venturing inside the property, Rod watches school girls walk past on their way to, well, er school. The school that is just around the corner just as it was in Ray's time. Rod could at least have bothered to shave that morning !

Anyway, here's what they found after peeling back that roll or two of wallpaper. The plods could hardly contain their excitement when they found messages such as 'if you need me call me, all my love Denise' Then there's this
 And this ? 

Excuse me for noticing, but isn't that writing a little too clear for something said to have been done 40 years ago ? 

Next week will focus on Teret's arrest. So far it all seems a tad one-sided. I'm wondering if Carol and Rod will check Cathy's handwriting to see if it matches up with the above. They won't of course, but it's just one of the things I'd be doing if I was investigating a serious crime. I'm also wondering how our two plods will explain away those ladies story's involving Savile and if their boss will confirm the juries findings and what they mean in terms of the credibility of their ladies ! Next time guys and gals !

Part two is tonight not next week !  
Here's a photo of shop as it was in the 70's as depected by GMP