Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Meirion's book

Meirion's featured in the Press Gazette again ! You have to hand it to him, he's a complete 'fantasist' isn't he ? Still griping about being paid off by an employer he set out to destroy, he finally comments on the Ward libel case. Read this and weep 
 There's just one thing wrong with this statement, actually more than one, but we'll stick to one for now and that is, Ward was sued by Freddie Starr over her 'words' about him. The fact that he lost his case does NOT make her stories involving Jimmy Savile true. Especially when the Judge concedes that she was less than honest, when it came to her age at the time of the alleged incident.
Let's get one thing straight shall we Mr Jones. At no time did you or your team make any effort to ensure your women were telling the truth. Had it NOT been for Freddie Starr, we would still be in the dark about Ms Ward's actual age at the relevant time. And your disdain towards anyone who merely asks a civil question, indicates someone who has a problem with disclosing. A hypocrite in other words ! 

And a coward ! Here's what you told Davies by way of an excuse as to why you did NOT pursue Savile this side of death. If you didn't tell him this you can sue him, not me 

 Oh, and yes Jones himself is now writing a book. I'm sure he'll be careful to avoid libeling anyone this side of death. Anyone else is up for grabs, because they are dead and they cannot sue !

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Janet's Archive

No, they haven't found them yet, but I decided to compare that 'ledger' that Spindler presented on ITV news, purporting to link Savile to Duncroft girls in 1964. This one 

No. it's nothing like the one MWT found in Janet Cope's garage. Jimmy's book is in much better condition 
 But, these are NOT Jimmy's personal diaries they are Janet Cope's work papers and appointments' books etc. At first I thought the name beside the crown symbol was James, but it's not, it's Janet. But, let's stay on that crown symbol for just a moment shall we, because MWT lingers for several, highlighting Savile's correspondence with the Royal Family, the government etc etc. This letter is from Charles congratulating Jimmy for his work at Stoke Mandeville 1982
The letter underneath the next one is headed House of Commons
Ms Cope says MWT has 'handed over her archives to Exposure'. Archives that reveal 'a web of contacts and his journey into the heart of the establishment'. BUT, he (MWT) is careful not to slander anyone else whose faces appear alongside Jimmy. 'There is no suggestion that any of these people had an inkling of his dark side' But, they do show him 'working his way to the top, the VERY TOP' ! There's even a photo of him 'actually HIM with the Queen' He (Savile) is even having a 'personal chat' with the Pope. 
Need I go on guys and gals ? I hope not and I also hope that someday Jimmy's personal note books/diaries will someday show up. 
The Yewtree boys had got there before the West Yorkshire boys

So, if 'nothing additional was found .. relevant to any investigation' then WHY have these books been lost ? 
Ms Cope had more than just books in her archive, she had some videos too. None labelled 'Clunk Click' 1974, unfortunately 

 Ms Cope's archive is, like the good woman herself, genuine. What a shame that so many have fallen for the fakes with their 'shady' books, policies and agenda's 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kat Keri Karin 2008

Remember this ?
 I'd agreed to do Newsnight because I'd been contacted via my publisher by the BBC who told me that 'several other' Duncroft girls had already spoken out.

I missed the significance of this, a few blogs ago, because I'd always supposed that Karin being R1 was the first to be contacted by Meirion Jones.
They were of little use to him you see, they were NOT willing to go on camera. Karin was R1 because she'd met Jimmy Savile, she'd visted the BBC and Jones' crew undeniable proof (Clunk Click).
As I've said before, Ward's memory and the exchanges between her and Fiona in 2013, are not to be relied upon too heavily, but these and her later activity on twitter, give an intriguing insight into her individual journey into the claws of Jones and Thomas.
Jones says he became aware of Ward after reading her Fanstory online, presumably, the first version, no longer available, the one she had started writing in 2008 *
Now, I have always been under the impression that Ward had no connection to events happening in 2008. Until I saw this that is.

I guess what she means by this is that she refused 2 give the Press the story they wanted. I'll hazard a guess and say that she was NOT one of the 14 who spoke to the cops in 2008. They only spoke to the 1976 onwards Duncroft intake !
So, why and how did Ward end up speaking to a reporter in 2008 ? If she did that is, as I'm sure that will be another question no one has bothered to ask her. Maybe she just latched on to the Barnados clique schtick ?
Who knows, but we do know that once the Kat was out of the bag, Ms Ward felt comfortable speaking to anyone and everyone about Duncroft circa 1974. On October 1st 2012, channel 4 News in the shape of Paraic O'Brien was tweeting her. 

 Channel 4 got it's scoop and within the month both Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter were arrested.
Then came this 
Karin was keeping a close eye on press reports about the 'rich n powerful'. Another dimension was being added to her story now, fear !

Sound familiar ?

* I found this piece about Keri/Karin written by Jonathan King. I cannot find the page I lifted it from but it does provide a bit more information about the contents of her original web memoir and I'll leave you to ponder on this while I take a breather !

We're still digging Mr King ! Or in my case, burrowing for the truth as best I can that is !

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The 1974 'Strand'

A few days ago I introduced what I now call, the Barnado's Strand of the Savile fit up. Barnado's took over the running of Duncroft in 1976. Fiona is a Barnado's girl as were some of the women who contacted the cops in 2007 ! 
I've always been suspicious of what Fiona might or might not know about the Police investigation, either from first hand knowledge or via her internet pals. One thing has puzzled me since reading the emails my source sent me, and that is why she mentioned 2006 as opposed to 2007 or 2008. First, let me insert one of Jones' emails to MWT as it's the first one I came across just now.
 That's obviously Fiona who has told him she was 'interviewed under caution' etc 4 or five years ago. She wasn't happy when blogger Anna Raccoon picked up on this.
 Here's her response in March 2013
 It's hard to rely on anything that comes from Fiona's fingertips, just as Jones' crew were not convinced of her stories in 2011. But, her emails, online postings etc do provide the odd useful snippet such as the fact she was NOT in Duncroft in 1974 AND, the fact that the Police investigation (Operation Ornament) involved allegations of incidents said to have happened AFTER BARNADO'S took over the running of the school. 
In other words, no one from the earlier intake (1974) had contacted the Police before Jimmy's death in 2011. That's my conclusion anyway. Remember Karin Ward was Jones' number 1 witness, why ? I would suggest because her story was the one he most needed. Her's had that touch of authenticity because of this 
And this 
Ward was never at the Glitter recording as far as I've been able to establish, but she was on that beanbag for Freddie's appearance. How excited Jones must have been to have found her and her tales about the BBC ! Everything depended on her even AFTER his project had been KO'd why ? because here was NEW evidence, here was something the Police in 2009 had NOT been aware of. That Savile had taken schoolgirls to BBC TVC in 1973/4 and some of those girls met other celebrities in a BBC DRESSING ROOM blah blah blah.
Jones used this fact as a stick to beat his former boss with. The fact that Karin had not reported her story to the Police at any time. And why would she ? she did not regard anything that took place during Savile's visits as 'abuse' as confirmed in her memoir.
After Jones' venture went tits-up MWT ran with the stories. He couldn't use Karin, so Fiona class of 76-79 ish became Fiona class of 74 ish. Karin's tales became hers but she did not get this information from Ward who hadn't even been aware of her existence before June 2013.
Here's how Karin responded to her new classmate 
Then this curious bit of information from the same email
I believe Fiona was acting as a conduit if you will. Remember, she had NOT been interviewed by MWT at this stage, and when she was, it could NOT be broadcast. The media needed more than Fiona's crew if they wanted to convince the British public that their national treasure abused children.

And then there was this ! Just two days before Exposure, another 'strand' in the Savile set up. Enter Fiona's pal Bebe 

But I'll let Moor Larkin explain that one to you. He has more to add to this blog post, as do I ! Next time guys and gals !



Sunday, 19 July 2015

2001 a Louis Theroux Odyssey

Everyone who appears to sit on a fence will eventually have to get off and reveal what they really think. In April 2000 'When Louis met Jimmy' was first broadcast on UK television. Here's a contemporaneous review of the show.

Anyone who has the dvd boxset including this episode of 'Louis Theroux weird weekends' will have the opportunity to listen to Jimmy's commentary throughout. It's clear that the two men liked each other and were constantly attempting to score points at the others' expense. There they are watching the film together when Jimmy goads Louis saying something about the critics slating the film. Louis was clearly miffed by this, saying "bollox" as Jimmy smiled during what must have been a later meet up between the two in Leeds.
 You can watch the film made in 1999 here.
Dates of filming as opposed to broadcasting, have become very important to me in recent weeks. You see dates are important to those of us who want the truth. Those of us outside mainstream media land that is. 
I'll get to the point, on Friday I became aware that Louis Theroux had finally got off the fence and declared Jimmy guilty. And it wasn't just in print, guys and gals, it was in person, on stage in London.
Just so you don't have to listen to the inane chatter between these two, I suggest you scroll to about 30 mins in. You see, I wouldn't have believed it had this video not existed. Not Louis, not someone who had kept in touch with Jimmy for all those years. Not Louis, he's a good egg, yes he's not come out in support of his dead pal, but he hadn't rubbed salt into the Savile family wounds either. Until now that is ! 

He refers to the year of filming being 2001 which is incorrect. Apart from the obvious fact that the program was broadcast in April 2000, there's another FACT that Louis for got to remember. That is the fact that the Liverpool cruise event he films Jimmy attending, took place in December 1999. It's not easy to find guys and gals but, here it is.
Yes, that's the newsreader Michael Buerke in a still from the film. The same berk who became a celebrity in a jungle and decided his greatest regret was not throwing Jimmy overboard on that complimentary cruise. He'd have had to have had acted fast, as most of the celeb's including Jimmy probably got off in Southampton before the liner headed abroad.

It gives me no pleasure at all to expose another Savile back-stabber, no pleasure at all ! I'm disappointed in Louis Theroux because I think some of his films are really quite excellent. Maybe he felt he had no other choice but to join his media comrades in denouncing a man he previously celebrated. We may never know, but we do know that the BBC report is due out sometime this millennia and it's not going to be an easy ride for Jones' ex-employer's. 

I'm so glad I don't work or have any association with any of these media people, especially those whose sole purpose in life involves 

“lifting the toilet lid of life.” - Sir Jimmy Savile to Louis Theroux 
And, you have to laugh at those last few words of that, off the telly, review !

Given it was shown during a week where similar notions of what is history and how it can be manipulated were dramatically played out in the High Court (where historian David Irving had his racist neo-Nazi Holocaust denial ideology utterly repudiated), this turned out to be also a very timely and worthwhile programme.

"I'm odd, you're different, that's not a bad double. Between us we should be able to do something" 

An afterthought ! Jimmy had to be back in time to switch the New Year Lights on somewhere didn't he Mr Larkin ?