Thursday, 19 June 2014

As it (Really) happened !

Strewth, life get's so heavy man. Let's go back to happier times before cowardly journalists and con men sullied some of out nice memories. Enjoy - shame about some (most) of the comments. Although the good guys always come through in the end !

So, when was this tribute to Sir Jimmy shown for the FIRST time ? The BBC bosses were accused of dropping Meirion's Newsnight film for amongst other things, the fact that it's transmission would mess up the Christmas schedule ?

But, what would have been the big deal in pulling this program, after all, it had ALREADY been broadcast in November !

 Ah, but there were other TRIBUTES planned were there not ?

On 15th November this appeared 

 But Meirion Jones hadn't even scribbled out his Savile script yet had he ?

Useful Timeline Josh Thanks !

 And there was another, longer (one hour) tribute for Jimmy aired on December 28th and, again on 29th January 2012 ! 

Sad, that you can't watch this on the BBC's iplayer anymore. Glad that we have youtube now ! Enjoy guys and gals - the NHS report will be published NEXT WEEK.

Don't get angry - get Fixing it for Jimmy. Contact Claudia Glover now at Osborne Clarke Solicitors 


  1. So many axes.
    So little time to grind them.

    What perfect revenge for a woman with a grudge against an ex-husband I thought, especially after what had been said about her. That Ritchie had appeared in the now-notorious Savile Tribute show of Xmas 2011, made for the most glorious revenge, for a wronged ex-spouse; especially as he had also evinced himself personally to be a childhood and now adult celebrity fan, of Jimmy Savile.

    "EastEnders star Shane Richie said he was "disgusted and appalled" with his ex-wife after she promised their son sex with a prostitute if he passed his GCSEs. Mother-of-three Coleen Nolan revealed her plan to pay for 16-year-old Shane Jr's sex trip to Amsterdam on ITV1 daytime show Loose Women."

  2. Blimey, Moor I had quite forgotten about that loose woman ! Time for the decent folk to start speaking up for Jimmy. It's never too late :-)

  3. GREAT NEWS ! The Stoke Mandeville Report due to be published next week has been postponed til the autumn hurrah !

    1. I expect the lawyers are paid by the day.

      They should get some work-experience student from the BBC to write it. Be a sight cheaper and about as useful. The one's so far have been complete Hearsay drivel... and lawyers get paid for this crap?. Detestable.