Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A TRUE crime !

Strewth, that's some faces on the front of Martin Fido's latest 'true crime' book ! From left to right we have; Bernard Madof, Charles Manson, the nutter with the gun in the cinema (I think) and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Who else should Fido include in his updated chronicle of baddies but Jimmy Savile !

 I'm not buying this and I'm not going to the trouble of finding out what this guy says about JS. Maybe he will TELL ME what I want to know !

I only came upon this book (published October 2013) after being advised that the Savile story features in the first episode of a new series of 'Crimes that shook Britain' on the CI (crime and investigation channel) !

Here's the outline !

 Emm, wonder who those 'family members' will be ? None of the one's who actually had anything significant to do with Jimmy that's for sure. And what 'former colleagues' will be unearthed, alongside this geezer I wonder ?

It's the man with the motorway services story again ! I'd quite forgotten about this ridiculous story !

The article is worth a read if only for the comment by 'Del boy'. "Attaboy !" as Edwina might have said !!

 Yes, we've talked about this guy before. Jimmy was good enough to give him a lift to Mansfield from London and this is no doubt another effort to get something for NOTHING !

Happy days ! Thankfully, someone who KNOWS something about the YEWTREE stitch-up is squawking loud and proud ! Somewhere in Moor's blogs I remember remarking how Jim Davidson provided some levity amidst the madness unleashed in the wake of 'Exposure'. He made some joke about WHO might be next not thinking for a moment that it would be HIM !!

Thankfully, after 'the darkest year of ' his life, Jim has done what no-one else has been brave enough to do so far. He's spoken up for Jimmy and spoken out against the injustice that could so easily have destroyed him !

You can read more about this in Moor's latest blog post. It's a cracker !

I wonder WHO fixed it so that the story of Jimmy's death published on 29th October 2011 found it's way into second most 'popular' news story after Robin Williams' death on the BBC site yesterday !

Indeed the story appeared to go up/down the BBC charts yesterday although I'm not sure what time it slid or rose to fourth place !

Right now it's No 1 guys and gals ! Which, after all, is just as it should be "as it happens" !

Tony Blackburn adds his tribute to the list of contributors !

I can only think of one (or two) words to describe Tony Blackburn. I never liked him in the 70's when he was on first thing in the morning. Hypocrite would be one of those words !

Thank goodness for a few good men and women out there. I'm about to start reading Jim Davidson's book. I'll share moor about what else he has to say about his awful ordeal next time !

Addendum added 12.13 GMT 14th August

The Martin Fido I tweeted is NOT the author ! I sent my apologies and deleted the tweet. If I find the real one, I will re tweet !



  1. Can't wait for Freddie Starr's book.
    It should be a belter.
    Time for the bitten to bite back.

  2. Just struck me that Jimmy's inclusion in this TV show is mirrored by that book cover. Bernie Madoff alongside the other three is just stupid. Their crimes are of completely different natures. I should imagine the sort of Gorno fans interested in reading about Cannibals will be completely uninterested in complex financial scams that evolved from perfectly legal financial practices.

    And the second from the right looks just like Kenny Everett, which goes to show how hard it is to judge stuff just by appearances.

    1. Moor, it's the latest in a series of books by the guy so I guess he just lumps any newcomer's in with the likes of Dahmer etc. BTW, the tweep I tweeted is NOT Martin Fido writer so I deleted the tweets I sent. I don't think he's on twitter but I'll find him if he is !

    2. Charles Manson's a "newcomer" ?
      The author needs to get out moor.... ;-D
      It's just exploitative crap innit. Cruelty to trees.

  3. As a fan of the "true crime" genre, though I hope a discerning one (!), I can tell you that these books are ten a penny: 20 Greatest Crimes, Really Scary Serial Killers etc etc. They are hack jobs, culled from newspaper archives, with next to no original research or any attempt to contextualise the cases. Consequently, these books are full of factual errors, as one hack repeats another hack, not to mention misprints, misspellings and all the typical features of a badly-edited product.

    1. @PD I too am a fan of 'true crime' publications. Totally agree, most are crap but Fido did one decent one about locations of murder sites in London. Though, after this I'd need to re check that the details are correct after all !

    2. I agree with PD. Being a "true crime" fan myself, I prefer to read books with actual research so that I can get more of the story than newspaper clippings. I was delighted to see that one of my all time favorite true crime author's, Ann Rule, has updated her website with all of her books in ebook format, including, "The Stranger Beside Me" the true story of Ted Bundy. What I like most about this book is the fact that Ann Rule has the inside story on Ted. She personally knew him- they had worked in a suicide prevention clinic together. Later, as she was writing this book, she communicated with Ted directly to get inside his mind and to gather the necessary research to write an amazing book! needless to say, I do think that I will read this true crime book- because I am fascinated to read anything true crime. Thanks for posting... I hadn't heard of the book until today.

  4. Hi, rabbit, the book seems to be a joint (or is that cut and paste?) job between Fido and a guy called David Southwell. Who wrote what, I wonder? Fido is well-respected, as you say.

    Check out Southwell: interesting reading.

    1. Cheers PD I bought a great book a few yrs ago about Murder crime scenes then and now ! It only gets 3 stars on Amazon but it's very good. You can't rely on reviews all the time after all Davies book has attracted much praise (probably his mates). Here's a link to that book - expensive but try abe books if ur interested ! Great photos !

    2. This Southwell guy is an oddity, rabbit. he's written a book called Secrets & Lies, which claims inter alia that Savile was a satanist - and so was Sammy David Jnr. A quick search of the internet reveals he regularly pops up shilling for the New World Order conspiracists. Mind you some of them think he's a M15 disinformation agent ;) it's a crazy world out there. I'm not seeing the connection with Fido, who is basically a Ripperologist.

      Do love a proper murder book, though - thanks or the tip!

  5. Wow I didn't know his death became one of the most popular reads.. what is this telling us?
    Mr Fido needs to get his head out of his backside and remove Savile from his book. I also didn't know Jim Davidson was sticking up for SJS, because a few months back a daily mail article said the complete opposite. I don't read dm anymore it's crap. Kimi

    1. Kimi I don't believe anything unless I hear it coming out of that person's gob (with the lips moving in sync). That's why hearsay evidence is so damaging and should NOT be relied upon EVER ! Good old Nic Nic eh ? :-)