Saturday, 13 August 2016

Heartless - the Jersey connection

Blimey, here's a 2014 Steven George story that wasn't pursued any further by the British Press, I wonder why ?
 It's now 2014 and, it's the first and ONLY time MP and ex-Mayor Bonner Pink has been explicitly outed as Steven George's adoptive dad and alleged abuser, responsible, amongst other things, for her being sent to Broadmoor, only to be abused there as well by, you know who, in a television room at 17 years old. She was born in 1952 by the way
 She set fire to a children's home ! Another part of George's CV, conveniently unexplored or even mentioned, from the time he first appeared onscreen in October 2012.

Gosh, it would be horrendous if it were true, but is it ? Personally I think that the fact that Bonner Pink has not been mentioned in either Slater Gordon or Operation Midland dispatches, (correct me if I'm wrong), pretty much establishes that George is indeed another fantasist, at least where 'VIP's' are concerned. 
You see in, Heartless post 2007/8 George attempted to tie his adoptive father to a man who was convicted in 2001 of offences relating to boys, a later attempt concerning a girl was thrown out (2008). Now, bear with me guys and gals because, here's where some of the jig-saw stats to fit together ! 
You see, Steven George makes some very curious admissions in his 2008 thing. He actually admits that he only believed that he might have been the victim of a paedophile ring AFTER 2007. Make that 2008 shall we ? 
In 1999 it hadn't dawned on the writer that she might have been the victim of more than just one VIP, which in itself might have sold a few copies.

I'm seeing a pattern here guys and gals, are you ? Find a big story Haut De La Garenne and try and link yourself to it in some way. Being the daughter of an MP who just happens to be dead, and who also just happens to have been closely associated with Portsmouth Council, well, that a manner from heaven for a would be author. And, if that doesn't work for your 2008 revision, well, you can always try Jimmy Savile when he dies ! 
Les, Cummings who got nowhere with his tales in 2008, found himself on the receiving end of a nice apology, along with a nice wad of cash from the then head of Portsmouth Council in 2014
But, what the hell has this to do with Steven George I hear you ask ? Well, nothing, as it happens, except that his ungrateful adoptive daughter was claiming he'd abused her, and one TORY who stood for Pink's seat when he died in 1988 had just been charged with slightly more recent sexual offences !

Quite WHY the council was apologising and paying off  Cummings for something they would NOT admit liability for, smacks of PR to me. Something happened recently so anything that anyone said in the past and dismissed was now hallowed ground, courtesy in part at least to the likes of this woman !
I jest not guys and gals, because look who's slap bang in the middle of the 'home in Cosham' case, George refers to above !

Alan Collins was the solicitor involved with the Jersey compo claimants !
Collins had read Cumming's book and was keen to read others !

Now, it's 2008 and every TV screen is alive with tales of horrific abuse and murder in Jersey. Indeed, Slater Gordon to be abuse solicitors were already handling dozens of compensation claims. And where are the claims involving Jimmy Savile ? Steven George's alone would have sufficed, it's not as if the press hadn't tried it on with him. Why didn't she/he say something then ? 

I don't need to answer that do I ? Next time, I'll publish more extracts from Heartless, ones that prove just how ungrateful, spiteful and HEARTLESS, Mr George truly is !


  1. According to Lizzie this geezer did get a payout.
    "The person who made this ludicrous accusation is a man now called Steven George, who WAS a woman during his time in Broadmoor, then called Alison Pink. He went on 'This Morning' to tell his Savile story, saying he'd been abused, but said NOTHING about Rolf at ALL. Then, AFTER Rolf had been found guilty, lo and behold, he came out with his Rolf Story, saying Rolf had watched the women getting undressed, as had Savile. There are NO WITNESSES to this story, nor is there ANY EVIDENCE!

    You do NOT get sent to Broadmoor for being a bit depressed. It is one of the highest calibre mental hospitals in this country, housing folks who are a danger to themselves and who are also a danger to the public and we need to remember this.

    Steven George was recently in the paper again, this time saying that he's not getting enough compensation from the Savile estate, it being halved from £15,000 to £7,500 and it will probably get less than this, due to the amount of 'victims'...and lawyers fees. He's saying the government should pay them all much more (that's you and me, folks, as in The Tax Payers."

    1. Obviously his mam and dad didn't leave him much in their wills ! And, he got compo via Savile ? I'd forgotten about that. One of the 74 (or was it 78 ?) that included Dee Coles ! LOL

    2. Elsewhere, Mr. George himself posted that he was first sent to Broadmoor in early 1968, then released but then sent back again in late 1968. He says he then remained there until 1980. Given he doesn't actually appear to be a danger to anyone I wondered about his incarceration there for over 10 years.

      His complaints about the "brutality" of the staff leads me to wonder if he was one of the beneficiaries of the attitudes that began to prevail after the Seventies, in part pioneered by JS. JS won a libel action in 1989 because he was accused by the Murdoch press of releasing the loonies.

      Yet another example of no good turn going unpunished perhaps.