Monday, 26 December 2016


I heard that George Michael had died at about 1 am this morning. I was in bed and I can tell you now, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a completely random tweet including his name and the dreaded #RIP ! 

This was one of my contributions to the news 

 You see, George Michael's album 'Older' has a special place in my heart. I won't tell you all the details for now, and I shouldn't need to. Those who know what I'm talking about will know, the rest of you can listen to a few minutes of this hugely informative and interesting discussion between two especially spiritual men : William F Buckley Jr and Malcolm Muggeridge filmed in 1980. The subject - How does one find Faith

You can, if you live in the United States, see the full 60 minutes of this delightful exchange, via Amazon video. Otherwise, you have to buy the DVD as I did as a treat to myself for Xmas. I actually watched this yesterday, Christmas Day and was absorbed for the whole hour, which I can tell you, is quite unusual for me ! Like Buckley, I get bored brushing my teeth.

I'm going to keep this as simple as I can folks. Not because I doubt your intellect, but because I doubt my ability to adequately impart my own spiritual experiences to you ! 

 But, here goes .... 

It was Easter Sunday 1998, the Good Friday Agreement had been signed the day I laid my best friend to rest in Ireland. He'd died in England, and we'd flown him home to be buried with his Mother and Father. His death had been sudden and violent, I won't go into  details, save to say that I was pretty devastated arriving back into my little bedsit alone. The one person I'd normally turn to in times of trouble was gone, even my neighbour's were away. I was totally alone with my grief and despair. 

I broke down and turned to the ONE constant I've always had throughout my life - music. My choice at that moment was George Michael's Older , I think it might even have been a cassette as I'm fairly sure I didn't have cd's then. 

As I listened to the first track Jesus to a Child my whole mind and body experienced an immediate transformation. I suddenly felt an enormous sense of peace as though my friend was there in the room with me. Maybe he was or maybe ... it's a mystery that I cannot explain. Like so many I have had, but this one was special. 

You see, I hadn't played George's album for quite a while when I dug it out a few nights ago. I found myself listening to it every night before bed for 3 or 4 nights running this week. It soothes me, that's all I know !

George had been there hadn't he folks ? He certainly knew something of the : 'suffering, affliction, disappointment' Muggeridge defines as an integral part of the drama of existence'

God Bless you George  Thank you for helping me get through one shit awful day x

Faith ..... Onwards 

'They ever must believe a lie - who see not, through the eye' (William Blake)  


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