Monday, 6 March 2017

The Hunt

Last night the BBC in it's infinite wisdom, broadcast The Hunt, a Danish film about a young nursery schoolteacher who becomes the subject of a child's sex abuse claim. If you haven't seen it yet, you can view it here

Lucas is clearly loved by the small children. He is a kind, thoughtful young man and good at a job he obviously loves. His best friend has a daughter who clearly has issues, maybe she just needs more attention. She has developed a fear of stepping on the lines in footpaths and elsewhere. Lucas is attentive to her needs and goes that extra mile to help her. She loves him and one day he rebukes her, and that's when things change ... forever.

An innocent little lie 

I'd actually for gotten how good this film is. I'd seen it a few years ago, and I wasn't the only one who was affected by it.

 Of course I was tweeting about the broadcast as soon as I knew it was on. 

 So, I settled in and watched the whole thing. Unusual for me, I don't usually last more than a few minutes of anything on the telly these days. And then, at the end - I noticed something. There was no announcement at the end. You know, the one where, if you've been 'affected' by anything in the program, you can contact this one or that. If you're a victim of a crime, you are generally signposted to someone, somewhere, even if it's just a helpline that's only open until midnight that night. But, for this there was nothing ! 

This blog-post is dedicated to the little innocent folk who have lived and continue to live the nightmare of being falsely accused of the most heinous of heinous crimes - sexually abusing children. I don't even care about most of the bigger innocent folk anymore. They can take care of themselves. The Lords, the MP's - they can fuck off ! When, have any of them tried to help anyone ? Never, that's when. That's why I hate them that cry rivers for themselves whilst cheering on the mob attacking others. Sorry, I know it's not good to hate anyone. It's really nothing personal, but this makes my blood and piss, boil like nothing else.
WHY ? Because people die, lives are destroyed forever on the back of the not so innocent little lies. I didn't hate little Klara who's mind was corrupted albeit innocently by her brother and his pal as they run passed her on the stairs clutching a tablet with porn on it  "look Klara a giant a giant stiff rod". No, it's the adults who do the damage. Children make things up and those who are in a position of trust and responsibility must be that little bit more careful in their handling of such claims.

Because, once it's out there, it's out there. It never goes away. There is NO COURT in the land that can acquit you in the eyes of those who choose not to believe your innocence. That's why those who can, protect their names as much as they are able. Not everyone has money or friends in high, or even low places. Some people have no friends and no money ! I'm on your side folks, always will be ! 

 Thank you for making this film 






  1. One of the things that is endlessly confusing everyone bears endless repetition, in my opinion.

    In the ambit of "Historical Allegations", so far as the legal process is concerned, there are no children involved - just one set of adults accusing another set of adults.

    1. You should watch this Moor. Once one kid's fantasies were taken seriously, the others followed. It's the adults I blame for their piss-poor handling of such matters

    2. A modern re-telling of "Three Sovereigns for Sarah", the true story of Salem I guess.

      No lessons will be learned. Like you said, there was no message at the end... no Charity or Quango to make money out of it all.

  2. It's a very fine film. Highly recommended.

    Just imagine, "If you've been affected by any of the issues raised in this film, please call FACT on 0800 whatever whatever."

    1. LOL - surprised that the NSPCC didn't see it as another opportunity for them.