Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My Dad knew Jimmy Savile - but I didn't !

A great big thanks to Bandini who provided the link to this gem. ! George Carman's son, didn't know Jimmy Savile, neither did Jeremy Paxman. Nevertheless, the media wanted their take on his crimes. Anyone, worth talking to, that is, the folk who knew Savile best, either ignored or too frightened to continue their brave defence of their mate, forced into silence or a reluctant, public (but not private) acceptance of the narrative.

Now, I've seen this before, there aren't many articles I didn't read at the time. Especially, any that held out some hope that someone, anyone would have anything good to say about the dead guy in October 2012. Unfortunately, Jacobson's taxi-driver dad was presumably no longer around, so the reader had to settle for his son's opinions.

You see Jacobson's dad was a kind soul, by the sounds of it.  Taking disabled kids on trips, encouraging others to do the same. Not everyone is good at charity - not Jacobson, which, to be fair he freely admits

No, apparently his dad was completely unaware of Savile's hidden proclivities . After all, taxi drivers never speak to anyone in their cabs, especially in a big Northern City like Manchester ! They never hear any gossip, and if they did, and it involved the abuse of children, they'd still happily allow the accused to associate with them, take the kids on trips. Are you with me ?

 Jacobson does make one good point, yet fails to take it to it's logical conclusion. Why didn't the papers expose Savile if they knew

 Indeed ! 

Here's the man himself taking part another annual taxi-drivers  jaunt. (Black cab drivers being even less likely to talk to anyone in their cabs LOL) Note this one is dated August 1978. The Queen's jubilee was in 1977 but hey ho ! Are these the same glasses Jimmy is wearing in that HDLG image ? 

No date given for this one but I daresay you guys will figure it out !  


  1. That last one is July 1975.

  2. I'm not sure if either you or Moor has covered this before, but there is an 'official report' that covers the Manchester Taxi Drivers Association er, association with Jimmy Savile.

    I was busy on previous post so skimmed it 'n' binned it, but may be of interest.

  3. ""But the man's a creepy nincompoop", I used to say"

    I wonder if Howard Jacobson really did used to say that Jimmy Savile was "creepy" or if he added this element after the Exposure documentary in order to show his "hey, I always knew he was a wrong-un, I'm an OK sort of guy" credentials, along with all the other people who seem to have claimed the same thing. Given the number of years Jim'll Fix It ran for, there must have been an awful lot of people prepared to watch this "creep" on TV!

  4. Caption stating Swindon Twin Hall is incorrect. That's Swinton Town Hall.

    A small fact but one that could, if not corrected, trigger all sorts of latent memories of abuse in Wilshire women of a certain age.

  5. Georgina Martin is back for more!

    She once had 'Jimmy's Secret Love Child' but now she's remembered a 'ring of drivers' - great stuff!

    1. Oooh, hang on! It's old news... saw someone tweeting it and thought it was current. (Actually 10 months after the first story went nowhere...)

    2. I see Ms Gregory the well-known psychic turned up in the comments on the Barthsnotes blog to defend herself.