Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Convincing Kate !

The West London Mental Health NHS Trust and the DOH (Dept of Health) began two separate investigations as a result of the television show 'Exposure - the other side of Jimmy Savile' in October 2012. The two investigations became one the following month and was led by Dr Bill Kirkup. A thousand 'files of evidence' and NINETEEN months later their report was published.

I shall begin my examination of the 139 page report with the breakdown of individuals contacted by the team as contained in APP 2 (Page 86/139)

Of those 300 individuals only 70 had face to face interviews P13/139

The six 'third parties' were not named for some reason but were described on P14 as -

The next paragraph on the following page left me confused. The author refers directly to 'Exposure', work this out if you can !

What ? Did I read that correctly ? Did the program makers not provide anything more than a 'summary'. Time to don that burrowing apparel again !

Good thing I spent a few hours going through MWT's Exposure Update in an earlier blog post because the above disclosure let me straight back to a claim made by a Broadmoor patient. I re watched the film again determined to compare it with Bill's teams findings, and look what I found !

Scroll along to the time above guys and gals. MWT introduces this anonymous woman as a 'former patient in BM in the 1970's. She describes instances of JS walking in whilst female patients were bathing. Male staff were in attendance as was the norm but "he was just joking with the staff and looking at you".

MWT then gets to the point announcing that JS "went beyond leering and abused her on one occasion" 

The 'assault' is said to have taken place in the Day room. 'Kate' describes Savile putting his arm around her trying to touch her breast. "Then he tried to put his hands between my legs ... I stood up I just said no "

MWT describes Kate reporting the incident to a member of staff and finding herself in solitary confinement for several months as a consequence. She was, say Thomas, "so scarred by the incident she tried to kill herself but staff stopped her" 

Details of all the 'ASSAULTS' are listed starting on P39/139 in the report. 'Kate' has become G but, does 'Kate' even exist ?

 Despite not wishing to be interviewed by the investigators, Kate's story appears to have been accepted not only as fact but as a 'serious assault' P42/139 !

You can read the other allegations yourself or you can join me next time and we'll go through them together. But, here's a thing ! WHY was Kate so reluctant to speak to the team ? After all, she was prepared to go on the telly. 

I'll let you guys think about that one ! I'm hanging around Broadmoor for a while, then I'm off back oop North, Leeds to be precise !




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  2. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. There is some very good detailed info in it. I'm only to page 60 so far. They are determined to make him look bad but their very determination to report in contradiction to their own data only seems to emphasise that Jimmy seems to have only ever been a force for good at a place both feared and disliked by the nation for it's entire existence. It's kind of sad, but then this whole affair is sad. Thanks for the heads-up.


  3. It has struck me as odd, that we have so many relatively trivial "gropings", "kisses" reported, and so few instances of actual sex, and those few instances are far-fetched (buggering young boys in a hotel lobby). Sir Jim must have been the unluckiest man alive, to have made so many clumsy passes for so little result. Or....

    Nearly all these gropings are in public view. There's no way anyone could have sex with an unwilling patient (of any age) in a hospital or broadcast studio setting. Patients cries of distress are quickly followed by a large swarm of nurses, doctors - it's what they listen out for. I suspect the complainants realise they can't make an allegation of what I would term a "real" assault, it would simply be unbelievable. So we have all these stories about how a celeb patted my bum when I was a teenager and ruined my life, and nobody noticed...because I didn't make any noise or report it as I was too ashamed....all of them the same!

    In my day (and I was around in those days) any teenage girl who had the slightest contact with a celeb would be bragging about it to her mates, whether it was welcome attention or not. Any real abuse would soon leak back to parents, who I'm quite sure would have reported it. What do people think the 70's were like, a free-for-all? They have forgotten the likes of Mary Whitehouse and her ilk and papers like the News of the World who would have pounced on the slightest misbehaviour by a "pop" personality.