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Framing Franey !

One interviewee who contributes the most to Bill's Team is Bob Barber. There are at least a dozen pieces of verbal testimony ascribed to him. We are not told what period he worked there but, it's clear he was a nurse whilst PM was still boss (until 1981) becoming at some point, head of security. 

Barber did not like Savile he makes no bones about it. He was NOT happy at his presence in the 70's and he was NOT happy about his role in the task force.

Yes, that was hearsay evidence they managed to include there. Mr Barber is full of tittle tattle and must have enjoyed the opportunity to settle some old grievances. The second extract is from P32 BTW  You may want to join me here !

Broadmoor is described not as one hospital but '23 federal institutions' each very much separate from the others. It is suggested that security may not have been as tight on some wings/wards as on others. Barber again supplies this snippet of gossip !

 I wonder if Jimmy avoided your ward/s Bob ?

After describing the nasty attitudes displayed by some staff towards what they regarded as 'scum' (patients) the report makes this leap of imagination (top P36)

Did they speak to any of these 'hostile' ex-staff ? So far, no proof of any incidents of looking the other way during abusive/inappropriate behaviour !

What we do have are more examples of the kind of behaviours Jimmy displayed elsewhere; exaggerating, clowning around and, worst of all; wearing a shell suit to someone's wedding !

I almost laughed out loud reading the next first sentence of the following extract. After a preamble of grooming type, predatory behaviours the team make this startling FINDING !

But, at least they admit the fact that most of what they are hearing is 'rumour' and hearsay !

Here is 6.42 make of it what you will. I guess, made up reports are better than none at all !

Bill's team are having none of it choosing one set of staff testimony best suiting their remit as shown by the following

The team cut to the chase on P46 when the era of the Task Force and the subsequent appointment of a new General manager in 1988-89 is put under scrutiny.

Enter Cliff Graham (deceased) the senior Civil servant in charge of Mental Health with the DHSS (Dept of Health and Social Security) 

Several pages of finding no evidence of any real or suspected sexual abuse by Savile and we finally get to something that actually DID HAPPEN and it's nothing to do with Jimmy at all. But the man in question was Jimmy's friend. Jimmy got Alan Franey the job as General Manager. HERE WE GO !


In 5 pages Alan Franey's professional personal reputation is torn to shreds. If I were Mr Franey, I would be seeking legal advice with a view to a defamation claim because the authors of this report repeat gossip that appears to have little NO SOLID supporting evidence !

The most disturbing and damaging testimony involves what is referred to on P58 as 'The Hill Case' !

In short Nurse Hill (now dead) is alleged to have engaged in lesbian relationships with patients. She was say the gossips, promoted despite this inappropriate behavour because she was FRIENDLY with Franey who, by implication must have turned a blind eye or worse !

Bear in mind that this is second hand information, in other words gossip. Contradictory gossip at that, because despite the informant (ward Sister) indicating anyone reporting such matters would be ignored, Hill is indeed eventually subjected to a disciplinary process and dismissed.

The authors don't disclose WHICH 'contemporaneous press articles' they used in regard to publicity at the time and they appears frustrated by the lack of first hand evidence now available !

They suspect a cover up and cite more gossip ! I'm on P61 now BTW 

And it's not just Franey whose lack of recollection is called into question. The Team is left speculating as to what was the eventual outcome of the case. One possibility being that an 'IRREGULAR PAYMENT' may have been made by the hospital by way of settlement 

The authors' verdict : Jimmy is guilty and Franey is too !

Alan Franey repeatedly denies that ANY CLAIMS of ABUSE by Jimmy Savile were reported to him or the hospital management. The evidence backs him up but this FACT is not acceptable to investigators who FAIL to consider all the angles.

This morning I became aware that Steven George (see previous blog post 'Convincing Bill') is/was the daughter of a TORY MP. Moreover he claims that his father (now dead) ABUSED HIM BEFORE SENDING HIM off to BMH to be abused by Savile. Worser than worse, his dad's name MIGHT BE in Dickens' dossier !

Strange HE never mentioned this in any of his previous (and numerous) interviews. Stranger still, that Bill Kirkup's team did not PICK UP on this in their interviews with 'PATIENT A ? Perhaps he did not tell them. Perhaps he is NOT 'A'. If he isn't let him say so, he has nothing to lose, certainly NOT his anonymity.

Bill should let us know too ! After all, the NHS/Dept of Health will have doubly failed Steven nee Alison Pink if they allowed an already abused child to be abused again in one of their Hospitals ?

As Moor Larkin often says - "I think we should be told ! " 

One man who worked at BMH but whose testimony only warranted a few lines about car washing and the like is Don Bennett. Mr Bennett knew Jimmy Savile very well, probably a lot better than most. He was fond of Jimmy and I think it's only fair we hear his voice one more time at least.





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  1. In the original Savile story Steven/Alison said she was assaulted by Jimmy Savile aged 17, which would place it in 1969. The reports at that time also said she had her gender reassignment in 1984 after release from Broadmoor in 1980. The story keeps changing.