Friday, 3 October 2014

Case for the Defense Day 14

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury it is exactly TWO YEARS to the day that ITV broadcast the Savile expose 'Exposure'. I'm not concerned with prosecution witnesses brazenly appearing on television alongside Personal Injury Lawyers, in fact I welcome the latter's inability to keep any sense of decorum in these matters as shown in one still from the show 'This Morning'
In the background there is Mark Williams-Thomas who has today made a series of claims involving the contents of the, yet to be published Stoke Mandeville Hospital Report. Now, ladies and gentlemen, is this the action of a honest man ? I think not !

How on earth does the ex police constable know what the inquiry has heard ?
He does appear to have contacted the team although one cannot really rely on anything this man says !
Checking the time. It is now 12.37 pm GMT. MWT sent that last tweet about 26 mins ago. He must have gone straight out of the studios to contact the NHS in their lunch hour !
Whatever, Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you to ignore if you can such shenanigans. I know that is is hard when ITV seems hellbent on giving these people as much airspace as possible but I want you to try to see what others before you have seen. Let me take you back to 1995 for a short while if I may !

 Exhibit 30
Ladies and gentlemen I want you to focus your attentions not so much on how the Police behaved in this matter but how the public they has arraigned for the meeting themselves reacted. They were horrified !
 That 'garish pink leaflet' would now be a press release from a firm of solicitors. Oh but, it goes on !
 Then, quite tellingly !
I have no idea what if anything happened to Messrs Hudson and Smith I do know what happened to another man, convinced of his own innocence who decided to fight back !

 It's very difficult to establish what happened next in these cases. Mr Johnson should have been released some years ago, the point I'm making is that even while you are still inhaling and exhaling on a regular involuntary basis, the odds can still be stacked against you, IF enough 'evidence' is 'fabricated'. 
Evidence like that of 'ANGIE' an alleged 'victim' of Sir Jimmy who appeared on the #Saviletwoyearson piece on 'this morning' ! Like Mr Johnson's briefs, some of us have already discredited her claims but no doubt, she will be on the PI lawyers books for compensation to the tune of £60,000 ! 
Exhibit 31

Angie and her co conspirator Val appear in the Pollard Report 
Time to call Angie if she even exists, to the witness box ! Just like in any other case of this nature she is afforded the luxury of anonymity. She can give her evidence from behind a screen. The first question I will be asking 'Angie' (and for that matter 'Val' will be ; Why when you claim to have been assaulted by Sir Jimmy would you keep going back for more ?


  1. Angie and Val were and are frauds. Period.

    That Williams-Thomas is now hawking one of them around all this time after proves he was not just the victim of a fraud two years ago, but rather that he was integral to it.

    1. Thanks Moor, I know you are the Val/Angie expert. You were wise to follow that particular avenue of investigation. I haven't watched the thing but he really didn't have many Exposure fraudsters who weren't already KNOWN to the MSM as being so even if they don't admit it. Happy days !


    I notice "Angie"'s second interview is sub-titled "Actors Voice". Aint that the truth!

    I had to laugh at Williams-Thomas talking about bringing down "powerful people". Dux would be a good place to start, along with some of the other bent lawyers in this fiasco for English justice.

  3. Wonder what's going on in the picture.
    Dux has a smile on her face but where is her left hand. Eamon Holmes has a smile on his face. MWT looks distinctly left out

    1. Presumably all duly logged on Holmes....

  4. That photo is crying out for a caption.

    1. "I was reaching for the table leg, honestly Eamon ! "