Thursday, 25 September 2014

The case for the Defense Day 13

Today Ladies and gentlemen I will be continuing my journey through Jersey in a effort to show you how something can quite literally be made out of nothing !
Within a week of the broadcast of Exposure, Allan Collins of panonne Solicitors claimed that a 'handfull' of people had come forward saying they too had been abused by Sir Jimmy is Jersey.
By 15th October 2012, this 'handful' of 'former residents' of HDLG amounted to FIVE !
By 6th November he had SIX !
  Obviously the Met Police didn't read that second BBC story because in January 2013 they recorded just FIVE allegations !
 We can only assume that the Police/NSPCC have gone off Mr Collins' information because only ONE allegation was mentioned prior to October 2012. Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, that's ONE 'verbal' 'allegation' that has NOT been recorded anywhere !
 But, lets go back to an article published by the BBC on 12th October 2012 wherein Collins claims that Sir Jimmy assaulted a 10 year old boy on the island. Note the explanation he gives as to WHY so few (if any) made claims at the time. 
'Walk on part' much bigger .. picture' What on earth is he getting at here ?
The Telegraph answers my rhetorical question in this rather sensational article from 19th October 2012 containing a heading since enshined in conspiracy theorist legend 
 And, here is where things get real interesting for the DEFENSE, because it appears that the person alleged to have spoken to the Jersey Police in 2008, that the Police have no knowledge of was a member of JERSEY CARE LEAVER's Association !
Not 'typed up' Really, is that so ?
Now what makes the claim about Jimmy even more dubious is the following
Now WHY would the others who allegedly abused the woman been inprisoned whilst Jimmy escaped without even a typed up statement ? It just does not RING true does it Ladies and Gentlemen ? But it does add something to our submission that the revelations made against Jimmy Savile, printed so incessantly in the press are PROOF that a monumental frame up has taken place. Those who destroyed Jimmy are doing the same to others. The Jersey abuse case has been re-opened. This from JULY 2014 !
But what has any of this to do with Sir Jimmy ? Well nothing but that hasn't stopped the press from trying to implicate him with the likes of this nonsense !

The next day Lenny re-appears 
It is Thursday now Ladies and gentlemen and the Jersey Evening Post has yet to produce those 'full report' s ! Not that they need to in the case of the first which is obviously baloney - It's only a rumour .. ' 
I just couldn't let the JEP get away with calling Sir Jimmy a paedophile either !
No doubt more claimants have come forward to Mr Collins now part of Slater Gordon UK ! Time for another break Ladies and Gentlemen !


  1. You may recall that Karin Ward related that she was first abused on Jersey and first met Jimmy on Jersey.

    "The next incredible Jersey coincidence was that Karin Ward, whose much-publicised interviews around the time of itv's Exposure show persuaded normally sensible people to believe... anything..... records that she first met Jimmy Savile not when she appeared on Clunk-Click in 1974 but earlier, when she happened to be taken on a trip to none other than Haut de la Garenne!! I mean - what are the chances?!

    Daily Mail, 12th Oct 2012:
    It was while living at Garfield that she met Jimmy Savile during a holiday to Jersey, where the star was visiting Haut de la Garenne children’s home — which in 2008 became the focus of a police investigation into child sex abuse.‘We were camping, but were taken to Haut de la Garenne one day to mix with other children,’ says Karin.

    Incredible odds, but that's the story. The sting in the tale however is that Karin says he never touched her that time. So was that in 1971 too? It couldn't have been in 1976 could it. A case for Bergerac perhaps. Charlie Hungerford might know. What does seem remarkable though is that in the preamble to one of her two books Karin writes:

    Although I’d been subjected to every kind of mistreatment at home with my family, including molestation and rape by my violent step-father, a new style of abuse awaited me in the children’s home. Apparently caring, qualified people, who seemed to be running the perfect establishment, groomed and abused the children in their care and, whilst on ‘holiday’ for two weeks in Jersey, handed us out to other abusers to be raped and molested. I ran away from Garfield House more than once.

    No mention in the Daily Mail article of her two weeks of abuse - just a one day visit. Another thread to pull as we attempt to unravel the Jersey... stories.

    1. And Meirion Jones purportedly found his Duncroft gals on a care leavers site did he not ?

    2. Really? Gracious. I thought he was a happily married man... ;-D

  2. It drives me mad every time I hear Jimmy Savile described as a paedophile, convicted without any convincing evidence that actually stands up and I didn't even like him but this and the other historical cases are certainly not safe and, in my opinion, should never have been brought. Funny how it is only elderly celebrities though. It shouldn't be too hard to use the word alleged when referring to the 'crimes'. I feel for the families of those ruined and it is high time there was a statute of limitations we are turning justice on its head.

  3. Nothing to do with the Jersey case but I thought I'd share this with you.

    Yesterday I stumbled across yet another 'documentary'

    It involves those paedophile ring allegations (one of the accusers being yet another of Sir Jim's family members) and it even tells us that he never 'faced justice' because he had "paid off the courts" alongside all that 'he was untouchable' BS.

    And I thought you can only pay your way out of court in the US ? :')

    Hmmm I wonder if there's even any evidence that he attended a court ?

    1. Thanks Kimi, I'll watch it later and get back to you. That claim about paying folk off goes back to what the likes of the doorman who said summat along the lines, he was up to court but he paid them off. Them being the accuser's that is ! BS in other words ! :-)