Saturday, 5 September 2015

New headstone ? Not just yet friends

Goodness gracious guys and gals ! Is a tide turning on all things Savile-scam related ? Let's not go ordering the new headstone just yet, but a big fly has been thrown in the 'VIP' child  sex abuse ointment 
'not a shred of credible evidence' ? Of course we are talking about claims of alleged MURDER'S here, a step too far along the merry road to Salem ! Especially when those claims involve the living AND a dead Prime Minister who obviously never did anything criminal to anyone ! 
 Yep, those with power have perhaps, hopefully ? decided enough is enough. But, will anyone at the Daily Mail or Scotland Yard show the same courtesy to a dead philanthropist and ordinary boy made good ? Sadly, the article features MWT who, in recent weeks, appears to have altered his witch finder general policy and now excludes CERTAIN alleged abusers !
MWT comment is of course, quite ridiculous given the fact that he presented a television program FULL of 'unsubstantiated' allegations against Sir Jimmy Savile, thereby unleashing the unjust and immoral scourge that is/was Operation Yewtree and it's numerous 'strands' and offshoots !
BUT, read the blue appended article guys and gals. Could it be that the Savile language/narrative is changing ? Just months ago this 'former BBC host' was, at best, a 'pervert' ! Are the msm gods starting to look a little more kindly on our boy, or are they merely hedging their bets, in case the wind blows backwards ? Let's wait and see shall we ?

We shall see ! In the meantime guys and gals, enjoy the in-fighting, back-stabbing and general mayhem now being played out both on and off-line !  But spare a thought for the innocent who have died as a result of this immoral campaign. Made all the worse with the knowledge that we've been here so many times before. Ordinary folks lives ruined because someone accuses them of a crime they did NOT commit and some corrupt police officer's LEAK that information to the press. Something ex-police constable MWT knows all about.

Next time I'll be telling you about the ex-pc's involvement in a case that led a young man to the bottom of Beachy head cliffs. In the meantime ..


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  1. Like that last Link.
    "Grave doubts..."
    Very poetic.

    How many early deaths have been prompted I wonder. Brittan and McAlpine within weeks or months. Cold and cruel. Very, very cruel.