Sunday, 28 May 2017

Safety in numbers ? Not necessarily

Great news folks - all NINE of the civil claimants in the Janner case, have now dropped their claims - completely. You have to pay to read the times and I don't pay when I can get just as good for free elsewhere

Six ? But hang fire folks, these are just two-thirds of the claims submitted. The other three, represented by affinity law pulled out in March 

That's a pretty final agreement 'abandon for all time ...' 

It's not July yet, what happened ? I think we can all summon an informed guess on this one. Surely not for the excuse given - i.e that their voices will be heard by that inquiry that no-one wants to be part of. Sorry, but I just have to do this - *LOL*

Really ? I say you pulled out because, unlike some half-baked 'inquiry' Mr Scorer, your six claimants would have to convince a judge. Not so easily done when the son of the dead accused is a QC determined to fight back and clear his father's good name.

Scorer's clients used to be Liz Dux's - in 2015 

And, get this - she allegedly had TWENTY-FIVE clients on her books ... no wonder she jumped ship.

And then there was SIXTEEN according to the times

Sorry, if those figures appear misleading ! It might be just six claiming compensation, so what happened to the rest ? And, what's with the desire to be heard bit ? Surely they had a much better chance to be heard in court than in the Goddard Inquiry, as it was called before sh flew the coop too ?

I'm no lawyer, but I do like to have some idea what I'm talking about. I'd be grateful for any legal opinions as to what all this - out of time thing actually means. I did find this helpful explanation of the procedere's involved with making a civil claim

 One thing is for sure - it's a great day for the Janner Family and I wish them well. They fought back and won - not everyone has the means and strength to do the same.

 You see, it only takes one liar to go unchallenged and before you know there's three, then six ... then 200 as there was with Sir Jimmy Savile. Don't tell me they can't all be lying. What was there to stop them ? Certainly not the 'you will be believed' shit-pit cops. 

Oh well, every little helps I suppose and I genuinely hope that this development helps others in the similar position. Not everyone who falsely accuses another is in it for the money. There are many reasons why people behave in this way and ruin other people's lives.

But, hang on in their folks - good folk always come to the aid of others. It's what we do !! 

Extra extra - within a minute after I published I got link to full Times article via the King of Hits site - here it is - thanks Mark,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,view/catid,2/id,162190/



  1. I see your 25 Liz, and raise you 33......

    !Retweeted David Rose
    "33 people have now claimed Janner abused them, for many years Tony was the only accuser"

    1. Mmm, whittled down to just 9. Compo claimants that is ! Some of them wanted a voice AND the money Ho Ho

  2. Will anonymity still apply now that they've withdrawn their claims? I wonder how often there have been overlaps between cases, i.e. people making claims against more than one person. Presumably the police/CPS would be able to check.

    1. Yes, because they've only withdrawn their civil claims. Remember, it's the voice they really wanted, not money! Yeah, right !

    2. The cards really are stacked in their favour.

      On another note, I have just been looking at the Anna Raccoon 2017 Twitter page and wonder if it has been hacked. If she's having trouble typing, the nonstop stream of tweets seems odd, not to mention the content.