Sunday, 8 October 2017

A grotesque racket !

Phew, the puppets in Fleet Street are getting mighty miffed about Operation Conifer the soon to be - infamous police investigation into a dead prime minister. Infamous because - if the mainstream media has anything to do with it (a given), then we'll all be NOT BELIEVING anything anyone says apropos child sex abuse. Unless, of course, it relates to Sir Jimmy Savile that is. 

Say what ? The cops are being chastised for recording 26 claims of abuse as crimes ? But, read on folks, it gets better, in the very next sentence no less

Now, those of you who are new to the Justice for Jimmy campaign, may or may not be aware of what happened in January 2013. The police had spent a few months not investigating the claims made against Savile. The findings of their non-investigation resulted in a report called Giving victims a voice. And, if anyone who bothers to read it can point me to any proof of Savile's guilt, then please do because then I can stop doing this ! Hurrah ! 

Remember, many of these 'victims', as they were called then (they are now 'alleged victims') were not even interviewed by the police. Much of the evidence being gathered by NSPCC call handlers - I kid you not ! 


Read that last sentence again - Further investigation seeking corroboration .... is basically, a waste of time because, after all, there's no prospect of a trial ... of the dead man.

Now, remember this guys - it was just FIVE women who had made claims about Savile. And, any of you who can find anything even resembling proof in their tales, again, please come forward ! Those five claims led to ten more, then more, and more. And, all at the behest of a TV show. Yes, really 

No investigation folks, no, just collated, analysed and summarised

Let's remind ourselves of the press reportage back then shall we ?

 Those words came from the mouth of ex-commander Spindler of Scotland Yard by the way, just to keep the records straight !

Compare this with how the media responded to the Heath accusations, police investigation, and - wait for it, the racket in sex abuse claims ! WTAF ?

Now, there is innocent and there is innocent. And Jimmy Savile is not among Mr Parris's innocent ! That would be too much to hope for 

And, it's not just the high-brows who are miffed with the 'racket' - going back to the mail article cited above.

You really have to hand it to these people. They even mention Savile, but they just don't get it, do they ?

Oh, and, them with influence are having a field day with Wiltshire's claim that Heath would have been interviewed had he still been alive 

They even report the existence of malicious claims and police action taken against the same

 Now, best bit of all - the fact that the police actually scrutinised the Heath claims. No assessment, collation job on the ex-PM oh no ! 

Blimey, I could go on and on and I could drive myself half mad ! Yet, there are lighter moments folks. Because, did you know that there's such a thing as a sex abuse compo calculator ? I kid you not. Even the hacks are reporting on this evil. Try not to laugh at this by our old friend Gillespie ! 

Here's the link to them abuse lawyers and their calculator. I can get £22,000 for the lies I fed into it ! 

See what your lies could get you 

I couldn't read the much lauded Parris article. But I did catch these words. And, yes, I thought about her, the queen of claim trawlers  

 How many of her claimants passed muster in the end ? Will we ever be told ? And, if we're not ? Well, I for one think that is truly grotesque ! 

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  1. £39,150.00 for my lies!

    The five claims against Jimmy Savile leading to ten more, and more and more is like The Sorceror's Apprentice. Perhaps the media is more likely to accept that the claims against Edward Heath are false because he was posh and didn't have funny hair. Maybe that's simplifying it too much (there are also those videos of Jimmy Savile squeezing the Nolan girl and doing whatever it was to a girl on TOTPs, which might make people more inclined to believe the allegations) but it will be interesting to see whether the Cyril Smith claims will be regarded in the same way as the Heath claims ( The original number of Smith allegations seems comparable to the original number of Savile allegations ( There's something not quite believable about ordinary teenagers, let alone teenagers who might be more than usually difficult to handle, submitting to abuse.