Sunday, 29 October 2017

Get lost - it's just Jimmy messing around

It's 6 years to the day that Jimmy Savile died. Yes, I've been hacking away at this for nearly six years, and what's it got me ? Well, quite a lot as it happens. I've met, and made friends with some really nice folk and while there's been some shitty times, there's been some laughs. 

Today folks, let's laugh at how far the world of believe the victim has come. It's come to this 

Yes, that's form President of the - rather less United, than they used to be - States of America. And, six years after Savile, he's being accused of .... well, actually I'm not sure what he's being accused of. Grabbing some woman's bottom by the looks of it. No sooner had the story broke, George issued an apology. He may not even know what he's apologising for - he kept it vague

Here's what Ms Lund says happened

 Naturally, we all wanted to see the photo she's referring to. Not sure why she'd not want to confirm if it was this one

 Lord knows if CNN or anyone else has bothered to track down any of the folk she allegedly informed about the incident. 

It was only a few years ago, so I doubt Ms Lind got the response Sylvia Edwards allegedly received when she allegedly told the floor manager of Top of the Pops, that Jimmy Savile had allegedly, assaulted her ! LOL

You can read the full story here, I really cannot be bothered to go through all that again. You can even watch the video, if it's still there, on you tube !  Make your own mind up, was she assaulted ? was her life destroyed as a result ? 

The dame concluded that this was a 'serious assault' I kid you not !

Well, it made me smile anyway !! 



  1. 6 years that jimmy passed away,and still no nearer to clearing his name. . . .all the work that you and moor have done, thousands of people must have read your blogs, some influential people? why are people scared to tell the truth. i always stand up for jimmy, and i m a nobody, but hes still one of my hero's!i love reading yours and moors blogs, and will continue, so keep up the good work

    1. I concur with Anonymous on that one! Yes keep up the good work!

    2. I agree. Keep plugging away!

  2. So much madness. At some point people must start to question themselves...mustn't they?

    Hope you're well, Rabbit. x

  3. About that clip, if you look carefully the woman was grabbed by a right hand, Savile's right hand is clearly seen holding the mic. And even if it was him you would see his shoulder move, but it isn't.

  4. Always grateful Rabbit, you have worked so hard and none of it will be in vain. The evidence that is irrefutable has no "sell by date" and will be heard and believed one day. Thanks Rabbit.

  5. Thanks for the comments folks. No idea what's going on in the clip. He's definitely doing something. My informed guess would be a tickle. We don't know what came before or after. But. Common sense denotes he certainly did not have his hand either down her leggings/trousers, or up the skirt she doesn't appear to be wearing ! LOL

  6. In case anyone is wondering about the "dirty joke" that Bush told the lady - here it is, in full:
    "Do you want to know who my favorite magician is? ... David Cop-a-Feel!"

    1. A clear case of the abuse of power.

      Did you hear the one about how the Powerful Weinstein leaned on the NYC authorities to drop the case?

      This naïve innocent had taken (and then not pursued) a case in Italy against a 70 year old man and also somehow found herself at one of Berlusconi's parties (which must have been a horrific experience for her), later testifying against him at his trial, before rolling up at, of all places, Harvey's gaff.

      Under questioning she disowned her Italian stories and the prosecutors didn't fancy their chances against a defence claim that he was examining her breasts to see if they were real as there was talk of a lingerie modelling assignment.

      When she dropped by a second time to collect evidence the secret wire the cops gave her didn't work but she managed to get it all on her phone. Smart work in what must have been terrifying circumstances.

      The article is sympathetic but I fell off my chair laughing. Am I a bad person?

      "What happened to me really put my view of the world to the test."

    2. LOL thanks Sean - hilarious, must tweet x