Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What Panorama 'KNEW' but didn't tell YOU !

On the 22nd October 2012 the BBC broadcast this episode of Panorama
Here's details of some of it's participants 
 Add, Roger Ordish (someone who knew Jimmy) and Rochelle Shepherd (someone who had never even met him) and you still haven't got the full list

In this blog post I will demonstrate the program makers, deliberately misled the British public in this BBC follow up to ITV's Exposure. Well, that's how I describe people who twist facts to suit their purpose. Here we go !

The first 'witness' to speak is Rochelle Shepherd. We're not told what relationship she had to anyone at Duncroft school, least of all Savile. But us bloggers quickly established that she was not even there at the same time as Jimmy visited. 

Her use to the program makers ? She's willing to speak on camera, that's what. And she speaks so eloquently, she sounds credible doesn't she ? Here's the sentence that give her MO away 
"It's a bloody tragedy, but these girls are left with this legacy and who's gonna pay for that ?"

Ms Jofre answers Shepherd's rhetorical question immediately. We are going to pay that is, via the NHS, the BBC etc etc. 

But, I'm not gonna dwell on this nasty woman or Karin Ward who lies on camera when she says :
"I was 14 of course I wanted to go to Television Centre"
No, I'm going to scroll along to 20 minutes into the show, when suddenly we are shown footage from an episode of Clunk Click second series in 1974. Jofre states as a matter of fact, that :
"The BBC bought into Savile's sexually suggestive style in a big way" After showing these two clips, look closely guys and gals !

 Jofre's crew then cut to a group of young women in the studio, on the infamous bean-bags. For some reason, all but one of their faces has been pixallated, the inference being that they were, or may have been, abused or attacked. After all, Savile is clearly man-handling that young lass above is he not ? 

The footage continues with Jimmy introducing the girls, who they are, where they are from, and, MOST importantly what THEY DID TO HIM, the last time he met them (presumably at the recording). But, WE the audience are NOT allowed to here what Jimmy says, Jofre speaks all over him as he picks up that girl's skirt in a playful, innocent manner. Here's a close-up of her face by the way
Oh yes, guys and gals, I got lucky when I happened to acquire a copy of that very same episode of Clunk Click. It was show number three in the series, Olivia Newton John was on it, look !

 Now then, guys let me go slightly off topic for a moment and explain my MAIN reason for including the clapperboard above. You see each show had a number. The 1243 never changes, but the 19 number does. But I'll come back to this in a later post, because boy oh, do I have something interesting to show you.
Whilst Jofre was yapping on about sex, Jimmy was actually saying this  !
"See these young ladies here, very very wicked young ladies . What did you all try to do to me last time I was with you ? .. I must confess the last time I was with these ladies, they are from the RSPCA hostel in London airport .. they, dear friends jumped on me and tried to take my trousers off ... get this Dr Camera .. (as he lifts her skirt slightly.

Hostel ? At London airport ? Is Jimmy lying ? Were these girls from another hostel by any chance, in a school in Surrey ?
Well no, as it happens, there actually was an RSPCA hostel in Heathrow airport in the 70's and here it is !

But what's even better is that it was featured in another program made in 1972 called 'Roundabout' clips of which still exist on the British Universities Film and Video Council's  website. Look here guys and gals, look closely at the faces of the girls featured. Goodness, gracious me !

So, how's about that then guys and gals ? I've learned something else I didn't know before. That there was a hostel for animals in Heathrow airport 
Wonder if Ms Jofre or anyone else at the BBC 'knew' that ?

Clunk Click every trip !! More trips to come guys and gals. I have more to tell !

Afterthought !

The footage in the hostel was clearly filmed and included in an earlier episode of Clunk Click maybe even in 1973 in the previous series. Panorama's presents the girls on the bean-bags as almost random guests on his show. Now why would they do this ? 




  1. Think you'll find this will all come under what Panorama regards as illustrative but reasonable manipulation and the BBC Trust has adjudged this sort of thing as honest & truthful journalism.

    This one was all about footage reused with a different audio-track to ilustrate two different stories in Syria. Because the doctors had face-masks on Panorama just ran a different audio and nobody could tell at a glance

    1. I've no interest in their bloody manipulation of other people's words. My interest lies solely with their callous manipulation of a dead man's words.

    2. The first episode of the "Exposure" series used video game footage and claimed it to be an actual IRA attack. Nothing happened; they just made some excuse and everyone carried on as normal.

      Basically, they make up whatever suits them and nobody gives a stuff unless there's a political angle.

  2. Nice digging again, Rabbitaway, but what a strange little film that is about the hostal!
    The baby elephant leaving its snug box to the larger one knocking on the door - weird!
    (I wonder where all those monkeys were heading? To a life swinging in the trees or of smoking 100 cigs a day in a lab?)

  3. Very interesting. How do you watch videos on the British Universities Film and Video Council's website? Typing in "Roundabout" and "1972" doesn't seem to bring it up. Do you have to create a profile and log in?

    1. I put the link up for you ! I don't know any more than that. Many of these sites require membership I think but you can watch clips

    2. But you have to copy 'n' paste the link into your browser, Anonymous. (One of these days Rabbitaway will join us in the 21st Century!)

  4. Oops, sorry, didn't notice the link. Thanks!