Sunday, 22 November 2015

St Patrick's Day 1974 Clunk Click

I've done the Clunk Click starring the Minister for the Disabled, and Slade. Today I'm focusing on the episode starring a bunch of Irish people and Gary Glitter ! 
 The 1947 indicates that this is the 7th episode of the series and that it was recorded on 14th March 1974 a week after the Freddie Starr episode was made, or so we are told ! 
Before Jimmy introduces his more famous guest, he points out a few of his bean bag occupants. One of whom he refers to as Dickie Rock a well known Irish singer. Now it's only when you can watch the WHOLE film, not just the bits the media allows you to, that you begin to understand what this program was all about. More importantly, you get to understand the significance of the bean bags and why those people are there !
Now, until this film was leaked, some of us thought this guy (second along from left) might have been Jimmy Savile's brother, Johnny !
 But, he isn't. He's actually an accordionist from Ireland. And the blonde haired young man in front of him, is Dickie Rock, a well known (in Ireland) singer. Jimmy explains the Irish bean-bag presence,  by the fact that it's St Patrick's Day "tomorrow" ! It's not, but then the show will be broadcast on the 16th, two days after recording. See how much you can learn when you see the WHOLE picture ?

 Of course Jimmy was well acquainted with the Irish and had probably met Dickie during one of his huge charity walks. 
 The above comes from a post October 2012 article. It seems, these events were even bigger that even I imagined, and involved some pretty famous folk ! 
 But, Jimmy's charitable efforts were but a disguise for his real purpose. He risked his life going to Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, just so he could abuse youngsters ! Yes, really !
Only problem being, there appear to have been next to NO, reports of any inappropriate behaviour on Jimmy's part whilst in Ireland, even AFTER October 2012 

And, that's it 'sex mad' because he says so 
 Saner voices confirmed that
OK, back to reality and before Jimmy Savile arranged to give Gary Glitter a few of the bean bag occupants, we got to see a side of Glitter we don't often see. Now, I have no idea what Glitter did or didn't do. But, I know what I see and in this film I see a shy, sincere looking young man who really hasn't got a clue what's coming next. I guess that's what it was like for the more famous guests on Jimmy's show. Indeed, even Jimmy didn't appear to be sure what he might do or say next !
 My goodness, this show is great. It's a document of days past, a social history of a time we will never see again. In 30 or so minutes, Savile manages to fit in, the Irish, the disabled and footage of a Townsend Thoresen car ferry with it's car doors open. 
 I guess it's an earlier model of the Herald of Free Enterprise. A car ferry that left port with it's car door open. Doors that would act as a giant scoop if they were not closed . A fatal design flaw that had been known for some years, with some calling these ferries 'roll on roll over' ! Not funny though is it ? You'd think someone on the inside, would have warned this powerful member of the establishment before he went to Calais on one of these things !
Sorry, I digressed a bit there. You see I'm interested in FACTS, historical facts especially. 
Someone force the BBC to release tapes of all the Savile shows especially that one involving Sue Thompson ! These shows belong to us, we paid for them. 

And, I haven't even got to Butty Segrue yet ! Another guest on Savile's special St Patrick's day show. 

Butty oh my goodness, what a character, the like of which we won't see again. The Irish pub landlord who became a legend in London. 
I'll tell you more about Butty in part two. Thanks to Moor larkin for jogging my memory !


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  2. the ferry, is not an earlier model of the Herald of Free Enterprise, its an enterprise class ship, half the size with a Visor door. The HOFE looked nothing like that at all. regards