Sunday, 6 December 2015

Yesterday's truth, today's lies

Straight to the point, having read Moor Larkin's latest, I thought I'd do a bit of burrowing into events back in 1971. Claire McAlpine aka Clare Ufland was a 15 year old girl who committed  suicide on Monday 29th March 1971. Now, before I go any further, I need to explain that just FOUR DAYS before Claire's death, this news was published 
 The POLICE investigation would last more than THREE YEARS following allegations first made in the NEWS OF THE WORLD in February 1971 (St Valentine's Day apparently). Could Claire's mother have been the source of the story ? Was Claire involved in Payola ? or was she merely a casualty of her own vivid imagination and over protective mother ? 
Just 9 days after her death, the findings of an inquest were published

 The DCS in charge of the Payola scandal, attended the hearing, presumably to investigate any link between the two
'He will study the diary in full' Later on in the article we learn that her mother had re-married, hence the surname change from Ufland to McAlpine (I'll come back to the relevence of this fact later).
OK, so now we KNOW that the Police took the matter seriously. So what happened next ? Bear in mind the Payola stuff had been going on for a few weeks. 
Well, the BBC took action straight away 
That says 'many of the girls were only 15' by the way. It goes on
Enlightening isn't it ? And there's more as Jimmy Savile has his say the day before (7th April 1971). You have to hand it to the man, he's either the most innocent of all, or he really is hiding in plain sight ! Only Jimmy would have come out with something like this, at a time like that !

Here we go 

Jimmy obviously has NOTHING to do with the suicide of Claire McAlpine. The Police and the media must have believed this at the time but, come October 2012 and a very different story is being told. Claire's poor mother is not yet cold in her grave when this beauty comes along courtesy of ITV

 Savile was 'questioned' by the Police ? Not as far as I've been able to ascertain he wasn't ? And it's not just ITV that's twisting the original story, they're all at it ! Here's the telegraph just days after the expose 

 So far so good, til the half-brother who I've yet to find in the contemperaneous accounts, says
 Named in the diary ? How much were you paid for these interviews Mark ? 

That's all for now folks ! Stay tuned for part two when I compare yesterday's truth with today's lies. YOU, couldn't make it up but they have 


  1. You'll probably be covering this in the next post - but in case you're not, Mark Ufland gets a mention in the Dan Davies book:
    And just a page or two on, there's this, confirming Jimmy's own words, ironically enough:
    "By March 1972, less than a year after Claire McAlpine’s death, he evidently felt comfortable enough to take a reporter from the Weekly News into his dressing room at Top of the Pops. It was described as being ‘full of girls’21. They included four girls from Halifax that Savile had met ‘during church discussions’, a ‘lonely’ American he encountered on Speakeasy, a Scottish girl he met through Belfort Hospital in Fort William and a young TV actress who was playing a schoolgirl when Savile first noticed her as a 16-year-old. She had walked across the Top of the Pops studio floor wearing a ‘lurex crochet suit’. Savile stopped her, recorded an interview for Savile's Travels and then wined and dined the girl’s parents that night. According to the paper, he had become ‘a friend of the family’ who 'pops up to their Ipswich home whenever he has the time’."

    1. Of course, Dan Dan the Dustbin Man puts it down to Wicked Jimmy nefariously 'charming the girl away from her parents'.

    2. Thanks Mrs G ! Yes, I was going to include that extract from Davies among others. Obviously, the media needed as much dirt as they could get on Jimmy in October 2012. A young lass committing suicide because of him, what a gift-horse. Shame none of them bothered to read their own newspaper archives. So much information out there is people want to find it !

    3. Wanting permission from or including the parents in a date was common place - refer back to Georgina Ray's story she says he asked her Gran if he could take her Mum on a date! So it's not just a record of him saying this, his supposed love child was told the same story from her Mum! Just a reminder as it wasn't shouted about in the news, the DNA match to prove she was his child was negative!

    4. Thanks Rita ;-) I haven't finished with this important BBC STORY. Because that is what this is all about, the BBC ! NOT Jimmy Savile

  2. DD's bookie claims JS ran rings around a solicitor called Crocker (presumably known ever after as 'Crocker Shite') employed for the enquiry by Brian Neill QC. Crocker is supposed to have complained to someone. I struggled through a couple of pages of this filth yesterday, and there it is again in Mrs G's link.

    He uses footnotes and everything. Has anyone been able to check whether they lead anywhere?

  3. Cheers Misa i have the book and will see where his footnote leads. I think I've already come across but will check anyway for next post :-)

  4. It's a dirty job, Rabbit, but someone has to do it. Try not to get yer paws too mucky.

    A quick search for '"Dan Davies" + researched' comes up with "extensively researched", "forensically researched" and "meticulously researched" all on the first page of hits of a well-known search engine. When one encounters uniform praise for something, the first response ought to be to check whether any of it is valid!

    I look forward to the next installment.