Sunday, 15 May 2016

Groomin on a Sunday afternoon !

Goodness Gracious, you go looking for an acorn and you find a bloody oak tree ! Earlier today I published a post exposing just ONE of the lies that made the front pages of the gutter & below gutter level press on 12th January 2013. Whilst sifting through those half dozen or so papers, I came across a copy of a daily mirror I'd acquired as part of my research, dated April 27th 2002. Now, one of the reasons this article caught my eye was the fact that it's intention to promote a special weekend of Louis Theroux programmes on UK Horizons. 
  Here's just a few extracts of what Ms Smith managed to get out of Jimmy during her visit to him, covering the usual topics.
She's also interested in his feelings about Louis 
'a sad experience' ? 
Poor Jim, he made an effort to made this humorless woman laugh, she didn't !
Now guys and gals, let me assume the position of a defence brief for the next few minutes or so. You see 'we now Know' something none of us UK Horizon viewer's obviously did in May 2002. Something that the boys at Trinity mirror obviously didn't know, and neither did Jimmy, but Louis Theroux did ! The next bit comes courtesy of Moor Larkin's blog

The strange thing about this for me anyway is WHY these women bothered to write to Theroux in the first place ? They don't want to make a police complaint, they're just annoyed that Savile lies about not having girlfriends !! Doesn't make sense does it ? And, if it doesn't make sense !!
But so what ? What's all the fuss about ? Louis didn't think Savile was a paedophile probably because, up until the arrival of the Savile Gestapo, no one had taken ANY of the rumours about him seriously. Not even the Police, the real police that is, and the real CPS real as in officers who investigated claims as they came in. NOT claims that have been PLANTED after the fact, like the one from 1964. Oh and the one from 2003, but I'll tell you more about them next time. The plot thickens guys and gals, the plots thicken !


  1. Can we now assume that these two women who contacted Theroux are Val & Angie from The ITV Exposure Savile programme? Has anyone yet contacted Theroux to confirm whether he passed the details of these two women to MWT?

    1. No, we cannot assume anything ! But your question re Theroux is interesting

  2. I did not read in the Dame Janet Smith Review that the two women were not Angie and Val. (I may of missed something amongst all those pages.) It does appear, where the answers are not wanted the questions are not asked! I do not think it states DJS saw the letter that the women wrote to Louis either only the transcript.

    1. Spot on John, a 'transcript' it is ! Where's the letter ? Anyone can put anything they want in a 'transcript' and edit 'til their hearts content ! as seen with Jimmy's interview 'transcripts'