Sunday, 15 May 2016

THEY 'Groomed the Nation' not Jimmy

The Press can print any old lies it likes now, same as it ever was, as David Byrne (Talking Heads) used to say ! I really don't have enough life-times to blog ALL the subsequently established LIES these scum-bags have published about Sir Jimmy, but I can give you ONE today 
 Above is just one of the DOZENS of front pages printed the day after the first Savile reports were published. I said three Hail Mary's after rushing out to buy ALL the papers I could see on Saturday 12th January 2013. For some reason this morning I forgot to include the scum when I photo'd ALL my papers
'Savile abused a dying child, 11 at Great Ormonde Street' said the rag that fortified the Hillsborough LIES for more than a quarter of a century ! Anyways, that front page just happens to be a God-send as it happens guys and gals ! WHY ? because in June 2014 the NHS report makers established that that particular claim about a 'DYING CHILD' was rubbish ! 
Short and sweet guys and gals - I'll have more examples of how the MSM have been GROOMING us all for the last FOUR YEARS ! 


  1. Strangely enough I'm working on a Sun Lie myself just now. Probably have it online tonight.

    There's lots to choose from isn't there.

    1. Aye, and that's just the Sun ! I'm onto a Mirror story some might like to forget, Next