Friday, 17 November 2017

A letter to Alexis

Goodness Gracious, don't take your eye off the ball for five minutes, someone may make a mistake, and no one will bother to correct it ! Worse still, no one will actually notice. No one except awkward folk like me. I'm talking about money, the costs and funding of child sex abuse cases, those that involve a lot of risk to the company bringing the case that is ! Bear with me, I'm no expert, and neither do I want to be. My remit is purely, fact checking. You see, this inquiry has been going on for a few years now, it's costing a hell of a lot of money, so the very least it and it's core participants from the legal world, should be able to do is - 

Tell me, what is the income threshold for funding via legal aid ? Here's what Garsden and Scorer, think, it is 

He thinks the income threshold is £2,700 a year ? That figure is actually per year, not per month, as far as I can make out, and I have checked several sources. It is rather complicated, so - as usual happy to be corrected. Remember, we're dealing with legal aid for civil claims for sexual abuse, it's important to know, which bit of the law your case fits into. 

Here's what the government says 

By way of a slight apology, the IICSA twitter folks actually did link the transcript of the seminar, that very day ! See what I mean about missing something ?

The first few pages are all you need to read today folks 

How did the press react to that alleged ' sort of poverty gap'  ?

Is this what Scorer meant when he said his firm only actually proceeded with about one in eight or nine claims ? Who knows ? The Savile claims and their costs, were all met by the estate itself, no need for public funding (legal aid). But, that's another story ! The IICSA inquiry isn't about Savile type civil claims. It's about the bigger picture ... those poor souls allegedly abused in settings where some organisation allegedly failed in their duty of care. 

But, before I'd want to know about that, I want someone to tell me, if what Garsden and Scorer say is true. Are legal fees really a 'barrier to justice' for the poor ? Can one of those dozen or so lawyers in the room, please ask their admin staff to check the income threshold for legal aid please ? Thanks



  1. A weird guy starts acting up at 0:09 in.

    1. LOL - thanks, I hadn't noticed. Wonder who he is

    2. Maybe I am being unfair. He could have Tourette's, whoever he is.

  2. Did you get an answer to the limits question yet ?

    The minimum weekly unemployment benefit in the UK is £53.90 per week. This annualises to £2,704 per year, which is remarkably close to the £2,700 annual gross income figure which Mr Garsden quotes.

    1. Apologies, it's £57.90 per week, which works out at £3,010.80 annually.