Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Taking the filthy lucre - Part One

Goodness Gracious, I should be paid for wading through this shit. But, wading, or - burrowing, as I like to call it, can be rewarding, when, after hours, days weeks, you finally read something that makes you bolt up. You see, I'm reading the transcript of the first day's IICSA civil justice hearing again, and finally, finally, on page 105 (or 27/93) the conversation turns to - how dare they even mention, the mere - possibility of  'dishonest claims' 

It's sometime between 11.54 am and the lunch break, it's 'session 2' and the insurer's are in. They always come in after the solicitors, that's how it works guys and gals. You see, no one gets a brass farthing, unless them underwriting your claim, say so. Your claim has to be worth the risk, your Slater & Gordon type firm is willing to make. It's extremely complicated, so much so, Mr Scorer has to explain it to his clients repeatedly, so I'm not even going there. But, before we get to the insurance guys, lets reflect upon something the lawyers say regarding your cat in hell's chance, claim, if the defendant is not solvent !


 The merits, likely to be true, and provable, don't come into it for Mr Scorer's vicarious liability claims though, unless, there's a chance that the defendant dares to enter litigation, and, yes, some of them do you know, some of them do !

Now, just THREE of the Savile NHS claims entailed significant sums of money. Remember the stink about how little the victims got, while the lawyers seemingly, raked it in ?

No expert opinions sought there then ! No, trawling through lever-arch files going back ten, twenty years. Of course, Savile was dead, and he was still solvent, so hey, no need to prove anything, not even negligence. The NHS employed Savile, they are thus - vicariously liable ! 

In March 2015, it was reported that THREE victims had been paid £60,000 between them. Liz Dux represented fifty claimants at the time 

Just a month ago, 47 had been paid an average of just £9,500 

Now, get this ! Of the three that attracted the big money, and thus, we assume, some input from some expert or another, one was the woman who claimed to have been raped by a porter when she was 12. Yes, that one !

I'm not going there again !

Not sure, how much of that £40,000, any of those three victims actually received ! What's all the secrecy about, for goodness sake ? 

Mr Daniels is referring to his costs, not the claimants payout. Mr Scorer, clearly has problems with defendant's solicitors  defending their clients ! The bastards, how dare they !

It's not easy, working out how all this fits into the Savile case. Or, any historic child sex abuse case, for that matter. One statement that got my attention, clearly nothing to do with him was this ! Is this true ? Really ? 

Unless, of course, someone dares ask the question : Did the NHS have any experts of their own, who were doctors and nurses, or even psychiatrists, when those Savile assaults were alleged to have taken place ? From memory, I don't remember any being consulted by Sue Proctor's crew, though, as always, I'm always happy to be corrected. 

But, back to the lawyers, and their risks, and their limitations. 

But, it's not, just about the money, apparently, some claimants actually want some sort of apology to go with their early settlement ! The real surprise being, that, they rarely seem to get one ! 


  1. Regarding the Stoke Mandeville porter in the TV room claim, am I right in thinking that Steven George claimed to have been abused by JS while watching TV and/or in the TV room at Broadmoor? I see from your blog that he gave his This Morning interview alongside Caroline Moore on 12 October 2012. If the publication of the SG story preceded the Stoke Mandeville porter claim, I wonder if it inspired it. I remember seeing that interview on YouTube, and you include the YT link to it in your blog, but it's no longer there.

    1. Yes, you're right about the SG story,set in the TV room. As was one of the Duncroft tales. ALL, these assaults claimed to have taken place in public areas of public places ! 'Credible' and 'true' as Witless, Wiltshire Police might say !

    2. Jimmy Savile apparently being quoted here:
      "Allegations that he put his hand under a blanket to touch girls while sitting in the school's TV room, or that they had touched him, were described as "starting to sound like a Mad Hatter's Tea Party"."

  2. Shysters love their filthy lucre.

    You're an inspiration, Rabbit. Keep burrowing!