Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Not 'Special' enough

Daniel Janner's attempt to be granted Core Participant Status, as a 'special witness' has been rejected by the independent investigation into child sex abuse (IICSA). 

I do like how these last few press reports have been framed, no pun intended. They really want folk to know the caliber of the folk who've been awarded such 'status', refused to Mr Janner. The 'fantasist' and the convicted serial paedophile, oh dear

 Now, I've been pondering the reason WHY Mr Janner should need, or want such status, when he already has it. 

 Now, maybe I'm a little slow folks, because the penny has only just dropped, he wants Core Participant Status for himself, as a witness, which is what the liar and the sex offender presumably are. In other words, he wanted to be able to cross examine those who continue to maintain that his father abused them. Hard not to feel sorry for the man, he's just doing the best he can for his late father.

It's not altogether clear, as to whether his established CPS (yes really), automatically entitles him to legal expenses, the press appear to be inferring that it doesn't. It's all a tad confusing, so let's go back to the beginning shall we. Here's how Mr Janner's IICSA journey began 

Now, folks whats really interesting about this piece, is the bit on the end, the so-called remit of this inquiry 

Hold on ! The BBC, the armed forces, mosques, immigration service ? Where the heck are these on the list of Core Participants. I see the churches, I see the Police and local authorities, but the BBC and mosques ? Nope, I don't see them. Let me know if I missed something ! 

Oh, and by the way, I have double checked - the IICSA itself does actually stipulate the above. Yes, really 

Here's that list again 


  1. Dear oh dear, I wonder when 'Nick'/'Stephen'/Carl will turn up in dispatches!

    1. Interesting day at the IICSA hearings LOL see twitter feed

  2. A great short video here:

    And yet, earlier he had said the opposite, that nobody had mistreated him.