Thursday, 22 October 2015

Yakatey Yak - let's look back !

Today guys and gals I'm going to give you a radio and television history lesson. So pin back your ears and join me on my Savile's Travels in Yorkshire and anywhere else that takes my fancy.
OK,  let's start at the beginning with a radio show called Savile's Travels. This began in 1968, and was still on in August 1970 as a one hour show on a Sunday

 On 10th December 1972 ST is still going but Jimmy's show is two hours the second show called Speakeasy with the theme tune Yakatey Yak. 
By February 3rd 1974 Jimmy's show has become the double top ten show followed by Savile's Travels 

This was undoubtedly the show that one week featured an interview with 'The Family' the first fly on the wall TV reality show. Naturally the interview was filmed and shown in episode 12 of that show, here it is. Note Jimmy's theme as he arrives in the radio studio.

The same radio show is still on in June 1975 but Jimmy has been making television shows in this time. Regional television shows that is one of them being Savile's Yorkshire travels. Now guys and gals, imagine my delight when I realised that I already had a copy of a BBC4 show called lens Regional Television Life through a local lens' broadcast in July and November 2011, safely tucked away in case someone tries to wipe and or censor it. Better still, it's on you tube so you can all have a watch.

Later on in the show we see the title 'Savile's Yorkshire Travels' and footage of that show including Jimmy's late 60's early 70's campervan and the theme song by Ted Heath, the bandleader not the Prime Minister that is 
One episode features three Yorkshire men one of whom I think is Fred Truman so I might be able to date it later, it's certainly the early 70's 

 Jimmy even manages a visit to his 'beloved Scarborough' 

 Scroll to about 6 minutes on this

But let's go back to the radio Speakeasy recorded in London which often featured this lady and her group The Settlers

The  above is from an article written in 2010.

 This is what Cindy had to say about Savile in more recent times.

Cindy-legs is a priest now guys and gals so how's about that then ?

 Things certainly were 'different then' Cindy, whose group just so happened to sing the theme song of a children's TV show I warmly remember watching before my tea after school.

 Follyfoot remember that folks ? 

Grow grow the Lightning tree !

When I first started my blog I mentioned my own personal memories of Jimmy Savile. Listening to his Sunday afternoon double top ten show wherein he awarded you points if you correctly named the singer and the song. He was a crafty bugger though and used to steal your hard earned points back. Here's a reminder of happier times guys and gals. There are more to come

And plenty more here



  1. Wow. Fantastic...

    Freddie Trueman could be as late as 1980

    Cyril Smith in there too.... ;-D

  2. "the judge didnlt know what the word "snogging meant" and it was explained to him by a 9 yr-old girl... :-D

    At 7mins into that first vid...

  3. Astounding that the "moral majority" from the Media were on the backs of the people in "The Family". The folks say it was all okay, and "the public" were generally okay apart from one or two nasty letters, but their real problem was the "smear campaign" from the press.

    Then, around 8 mins there is a complete prig from the local media, who talks about the fact the "family" had sex before marriage and the boy was illegitimate, and Jimmy breaks in with the most amazingly clever put-down, and it's so clever you can see in the prig's face that he knows he's being put down but the way Jimmy does it is so clever he cannot think how to respond....

    "It's a terrible thing is honesty, terrible thing; in fact it's so rare these days is honesty, that it's a gimmick. Know what I mean? It really is."

    Absolutely stunning.