Monday, 24 November 2014

Your letter might be the end of it !

Anyone sick of me banging on about 'Fake letter Fiona' yet ? Well hang on to your hats because, in the course of further burrowing I've found out a few interesting things !
It all started on Saturday night when this interesting exchange took place between; Meirion Jones, a tweep called 'Father Jack' and Peter Jukes (a journalist who spent every day tweeting from the hacking trial). 
Jones makes a lot of the fact that the article exposing Fiona's fake letter was written LONG after his expose about Savile was pulled. Is this man a fool or is he just desperate to keep his little game going for as long as possible ?
For Jones the mere 'allegation that Savile was a paedophile' was  'enough' 'hard evidence' to justify ruining this man's name posthumously !
But let's look a little moor closely at that one tweet in particular where Jones defends Karin Ward's 'credibilty' on the basis that he claims, she never went to the Police and thus could NOT have claimed to have received a letter later acknowledge to be fake (if it ever existed in the first place), but what of Jones other alleged 'VICTIMS'/Witnesses ? Where does this leave THEM ? And I say them, because according to APP 12 of the Pollard Report, Fake Fiona was NOT the only one alleged to have received the same !
 The importance of the existence of this letter, or rather it's contents cannot be underplayed. Peter Rippon et al would surely have pulled the Newsnight expose MUCH earlier had he been aware that Jones was being lied to by at least ONE of the women eager to go on camera.
Here's a few more of those emails demonstrating the letter's importance !
I take it (R2=Fiona) ?
 The CPS finally confirmed that Jones' women were lying about the CONTENTS of the letter. Cue, Newsnight dropped post haste and the rest is history ... only it isn't !
The tweet that started the above exchange between 'Father Jack and MJ was this one 
 Jukes takes a keen interest in all things hacking related. I'm becoming moor interested in the subject myself especially when i came across this name in the course of my Pollard Report burrowing !
The above was lifted from an email sent to Jones by his trainee investigator Hannah 
The same Jaime Pyatt who is currently on trial with other Sun Newspaper Journalists for :  
'conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office by approving or making payments to a variety of public officials.'
And, what does any of this have to do with the Savile story ? Read on !
No story was ever published ? What does he mean ? Had the Sun tried to publish the Duncroft story before Jimmy died ? Is this the answer ?
Now guys and gals I'm not sure WHAT to make of all this and I welcome your comments. Moor Larkin stumbled across Mr Pyatt before and that's why the inclusion of his name in App 12 made me burrow in a new field for a bit !

Peter Jukes aka Hacking trial tweeter extraordinaire, took a keen interest in the Savile/BBC Newsnight fiasco. I know this because he reminded all and sundry on Saturday night about his work with Miles Goslett !
For some light entertainment the reader may wish to read the rest of the Jukes/Cole conversation ! It made me smile anyway


  1. Thanks for the mention. This is the Blogpost where I stumbled into some of these dots. You've dug into the further detail brilliantly

    I think one of the keys to understanding all this is to stop thinking of the mass media as a competitive industry. It has become a cartel and pretty much every journalist in the country has worked for the BBC at some point. In Pollard it was also demonstrated that Jones knew only too well that several other media outlets were on the story. Sky and The Sun were mentioned and then later Liz McKean was emailing someone at ITN bitching about Rippon.

    So the editors and "top people" represent their masthead but the reptiles are all squirming around in the same mud. The mastheads ceretainly co-operate though. There were many occasions where the Mirror and the Mail had exactly the same story on exactly the same day. What was it the boy Cameron said about "We're all in this together".

    Jones might be keen to distance himself from the letter because someone forged it on genuine, but outdated Surrey Police notepaper. So the question is who most likely could lay their hands on genuine police notepaper from Surrey Police. I wonder what such a thing might cost? As much as £500 maybe ... I wonder...

    1. Cheers Moor that Hacked off article was only published on Friday so pure luck to come across it ! Might be worth keeping an eye on this eh ? Maybe Pyatt will spill a few beans in due course ?


    "forged letter only created year later... look at date of article - forged letter created one year after BBC pulled"

    The article doesn't say when the letter was created. It would be interesting to know how the forger obtained a Surrey Police crest not in use at the time the letter was supposedly written and how they could have known the name of a Surrey police officer to put at the end.

    There's a Fiona Jones and/or (Scott) Johnston mentioned here:

  3. Meirion Jones is a freaking liar about that letter.

    Part of this old Post

    1. Meirion Jones knows he's a liar. If he wasn't he'd have sued all of us by now ! Instead he blocks anyone who asks him questions like that other liar MWT !

    2. Both seem to use the tactic of implying someone is a paedo sympathiser, or worse, if they ask questions.

      "everyone except you thought Savile being paedophile was important story"

  4. Father Jack here.
    I strongly suspected he had just spun me a line of bullshit, but didn't have all the facts (who does?) to refute him. What gobsmacked me about the exchange was a) his attitude to me - I was trying to clarify matters, he was snappy and defensive, and
    b) his cavalier disregard for the importance of evidence to back up allegations.
    Now I have just seen that Shrimpton was a mate of his. Things begin to fall into place. Sections of the media - and I suspect the police - have been infected with Ickism.
    BTW, MJ was still wittering to himself several days later about how the story was about Savile being a paedo. He seems to be genuinely stumped that anyone should be asking if he can substantiate his story.

    Is this deeply unimpressive idiot editor of Panorama?

    1. Hi Jack ! He has to keep up the pretense being as he was chief perp' as it were. The fact that he did not even ask his aunt who was the headmistress at the school, speaks volumes. The staff at the school have now been vindicated. They saw or knew of no impropriety on Savile's part. What we don't know is why Jones decided to do what he did ! No-one involved will debate openly and frankly ! Now, what does that show us ?

  5. Oh, and btw, see here