Monday, 10 November 2014

Someone's LYING !

Ms Dux unsurprisingly did NOT respond to my question about what was and what wasn't said in the High Court last Tuesday ! But her firm did publisher this on November 6th 2014 by way of an update on the case !
But what of the 'fraudulent claims' Ms Dux. What do you not say about them ?
'considerable amount of scrutiny by independent experts' ! Pray tell us more about this 'scrutiny' and the 'experts' you have used for the task Ms Dux !

I seem to recall Peter Garsden blabbing on about the 'checks and balances' his firm would apply to claims submitted to his firm. Leigh Day Solicitors also confirmed that all claimants would have to supply 'credible evidence' that they had been 'abused'
But I've covered the same in previous blog posts have I not ? 
The 'scheme' has FAILED and no amount of false gesticulations of grief for the claimants will pass muster with the High Court Appeal Judges. Well, at least that's what I hope !
Onwards !
Only 22 out of 58 ? How many will be 'accepted' when proper 'scrutiny' is allowed ?


  1. 62% already demonstrably false, and that's with just two line explanations of the allegations. This whole thing is a bad joke and a complete rip-off. It's the lawyers and the journalists who should be being prosecuted. The journalists already are so being for their lies and deceits and bribery in Hackgate.

    But who prosecutes the Prosecutors?
    Who polices the Police?

    There might have been a time when the mainstream media might have done so, but they are hand in glove with the lawyers and hand in pocket with the corrupted coppers.

    The only people who can give the people a voice, are the people themselves.

    1. Moor, I did note a change in the attitude of the commentators on Rose' piece. The times they are a changing !!

  2. "You will need some evidence to show that you were in a situation where Savile will have had the opportunity to abuse you."

    If you just need to show he had opportunity, perhaps a photo, autograph or Fixit badge would be enough. Same for any other celeb who has reached that "dirty old man" age.