Sunday, 31 January 2016

More sparkle for 'the pops' 1970

By January 1970 Top of The Pops had been on the telly for six years, and decisions were made to put more focus on the audience.

'youngsters brought in' ? Really ? I'm really hoping that the dame has covered the angle of IF and HOW these young girls were chosen as 'dolly' dancers. Were these girls on theatrical agents' books ? The following is said to have been taken in February 1971, a month before Claire's death. Were these girls were spoken to by the press as a result of the NOTW 'Payola' Police investigations ? And, if so, has the dame commisioned 'evidence' from the parties involved ?
You see, the point I am making is that the Yewtree Press as I call them, are manipulating us, again and again. In this 1971 image the girl is described as a 'Drama Student'
 Compare this to the same photo re-uploaded in November 2011. The student becomes a 'schoolgirl'. Of course, one can be both, at school and studying drama, but, well you catch my drift don't you ?

 So, where the hell did these girls come from ? Had they been spotted in some disco or club, as one assistant producer explains ? Did they write in for tickets ?, or were they invited by one of the presenter's or crew ? 

But, back to those attempts to give the show 'more sparkle' in 1970. Here's footage of one girl being awarded best dancer by a recent Arsenal signing who sounds more like Ewan McGregor than Ewan McGregor

 Scanning through the dancers on the same show, I came across this girl 

Here she is again, this time on the show presented by Jimmy. This time, she's the winner, and another geezer is wheeled on to present her award 
The girl on the right looks familiar too but that could just be me 
 Perhaps Geran Tucker could help us out with that one. You see, the story that's being spun, is that these were vulnerable, helpless little girls. And maybe some of them were ! But, can we have the truth please, along with assurances that the dame has ALL the evidence, and spoken to ALL of the people she should have ! She's certainly spoken to 'A7' one of the men allegedly named in Claire's diary. But what about the other bloke ? 

You see, Dan Davies and his chums in the gutter, would have us all believing that Sir Jimmy was one of the two men, while it's now plainly obvious that he was NOT, and never had been 

We know Davies is talking shit, thanks to Exagg news ! Because the dame tells us it wasn't Jimmy being allegedly 'protected'. 

Here's more information Davies provides courtesy of the Daily Mail 5th April 1971, just days before Claire's inquest

'After a broadcast of the Rosko show' What a strange thing to say ? I wonder if Mr Neil spoke to him, back in the day ? How does someone get picked up after a broadcast of a radio program ? Answers on a postcard ! 
I was surprised to find Brian Neil QC alive and talking to the dame. Where's he been all this time ?

To be continued !

Oh, but in the meantime, another mystery solved, this time courtesy of Mr Danny Baker. Nice one Danny, it is the overhead monitors that the guys and gals are looking at. Oh, and Jimmy sure looks uncomfortable crammed in with all them there gals


  1. I don't know how but I managed not to have heard of this Rosko fellow until very recently. The video Chris linked-to on the last article was interesting:
    LINK: BBC Man Alive The Disc Jockeys 11th Feb 70...

    The 'Emperor' seemed a little full of himself - his motorbike with about 8 massive exhaust-pipes! - but then they all did. 'Tis a shame Savile didn't make an appearance, though...

    I wonder what Rosko says in his book: "published by Everest in March 1976" it was "re-published, with additional material, as an eBook [aaarghhh!!!] on 21 October 2012."

    That 'additional material' I assume is what he describes on his website as:

    'Part Two: Continuing the Rosko story - When Rosko met Savile - Unseen photographs'


  2. Rosko I didn't like his OTT manner and that awful American accent ! I was surprised to hear him on that film. Is he English ??

  3. Rosko only presented TOTP three times in 74/75 - which isn't to say he wasn't around the transmissions circa 70/71

    1. Only one of the two is described as a presenter. The other one, we are told is a Radio 1 DJ but NOT a TOTP presenter. Least-ways, not in 1971

    2. @Chris Retro. Blimey he looks younger than he did in that 1970 Man Alive. Shows what a bit of grooming can do I suppose.

      At a glance I would have taken him for Peter Powell tbh.

  4. Compare & contrast - Exaro's bullshit claiming the Dame had "been handed" a copy of the diary...

    LINK: Exaro baloney claiming that Smith had "been handed" the diary...

    ... and the truth, from the woman herself:

    "I have discovered that the diary still exists but members of Claire’s family have declined to allow me to see it. The police have a copy of the diary but cannot disclose it to me without the permission of Claire’s family, which has not been forthcoming."

    One can only guess as to the family's reasoning behind THIS:

    "A member of Claire’s family has been reported in the press quite recently as saying that Savile was named in the diary. Unfortunately, that person has declined to give evidence to the Savile investigation."

    A clue here, perhaps:

    "One of Claire’s friends, who attended Top of the Pops during the same period as Claire, told me that she was not aware of Claire having met or having had any association with Savile."

    1. Thanks for this again, the msm davies etc caught out. We got there first