Saturday, 23 January 2016

Top of the pops a rehearsal

Strewth, I hope the dame's crew have spoken to the right people. I mean, Top of the Pops didn't make itself, there were cameramen, sound engineers etc etc. And, just as the prosecution came across that clip of Sylvia Edwards enjoying herself, I have come across this ! Goodness Gracious, a film of rehearsals in 1975.
 Yes, indeedy, yodel yodel, how's about that then ! A place for everyone and everyone had their place. On the set that is. And, if someone was say, standing next to a presenter then they had been put there. 
It's short but it's useful. We can hear a female voice directing the camera's, while a member of the crew, doubles as presenter and artiste for the run through !

Look, how many people are there guys and gals ? Have they been contacted by the dame ? Let's wait and see shall we ? In the meantime. I'll be a burrowing into what others said about the program, at the time. Folk who were there that is.
Short and sweet, better than long and boring .... sometimes

"Hold me close don't let me go, oh no. You, I love you and I think that ya know .. with your love light shining, every cloud has a silver lining, so "



  1. It makes you realise how much work went on behind the scenes - having a live orchestra must have been a bloody nightmare compared to hitting 'play' as they do nowadays.

    God knows how they managed it, what with 'em rolling around drunk on the floor & rutting like savages the whole time (according to the nutters, that is!).

    1. Wonder when they quit with the orchestra ?

    2. I think it was scrapped in 1980/81

    3. That late ? I'm surprised. Didn't want to pay live musicians I suppose.