Tuesday, 12 July 2016

When Jimmy got 'mugged' - the FIRST time

Goodness Gracious that Martina Hyde find has been lucrative to say the least. My burrowing into what was essentially, a funny story, led me as usual, into some dark places, none of which existed whilst 'Sir Jimmy', as the press still affectionately called him, was still breathing. 
The whole of the Fleet Street sewer folk were reporting the story, which had a happy ending thanks to the sterling detective work of the British Transport Police

Ho, ho everyone was happy, Jimmy got his rose coloured specs back, the press and media got a funny story, and all was well in the sane place that was Great Britain in November 2007. Indeed, even the mirror rag appeared delighted for Jim. But, guys and gals, look again at their contemporaneous header 'updated' in February 2012 
 February 2012 was about the time that the lurid accusations first surfaced in print. Accusations first ventilated in late 2007, partly FACT - we cannot be certain as to how involved hacks were involved in Ms A's actions but we do KNOW that they knew, they just didn't tell us ! At the time that is !

'Police contact' ? could this guy lie straight in bed ? Bear in mind, this is the post-acquitted, Jamie Pyatt who eventually found himself in the dock having been arrested just days after Jimmy's death
But, I've covered Pyatt's crap before have I not ? Goodness Gracious, I've done so many blogs I've forgotten most of them.

Anyway, back to Jimmy's first mugging, the one he enjoyed so much and the ONE 'crime' the Police were able to associate Savile with before he died. Because, remember the Operation Newgreen Report anyone ? If you can find it, please send me a link

The report was published in May 2013 and folk were NOT happy at it's conclusions. I remember I was because now I knew for certain that there was indeed a 'rabbit-away' with the whole case. West Yorkshire Police were Jimmy's home force. If anyone could have been aware of any serious claims made, they would. Unfortunately, instead of doing the right thing morally, they chose to fall into line with the Savile Gestapo guidelines and admit that they must have made MISTAKES, FIFTY years worth !!!!
Two 'Marks' appear in this BBC report on the 'reaction' to Newgreen's publication - the first appears not to be aware of the two year Police operation that included an interview with Jimmy in 2009
'Worst' that would be Thomas speak for factual and/or one that found NO contemporaneous evidence against Jimmy. All the usual suspects opinions are sought including LIZ (if it walks like it) DUCK

Meanwhile the trawl for more 'victims' went on unabated. West Yorkshire Police (or was it Scotland Yard) managed to lose Savile's diaries, at the very least they admitted they had HANDLED them 

And let's not forget another FACT that was revealed just a few months before the Newgreen Report surfaced. Thank goodness for DNA eh ?

  Unfortunately, no scientific evidence exists to either prove or disprove the sexual abuse claims, now touted as FACT by all and sundry. But us truth-seekers can comfort ourselves with the knowledge, that even if we lose the big battles, we still have the 'small personal ones' to savour ! 

We can wait ! 
 When Jimmy got mugged the first time, he enjoyed every minute of it. This time, it's down to us, there's no British Transport Police to help him now 


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