Sunday, 14 December 2014

The PEOPLE'S Tribunal !

Right, I'm going to get this one out of the way, straight away ! Please don't be alarmed, I'm sure what John Cooper QC has in mind is nothing like this !
 The above is a photo from the trials that followed the plot to kill Hitler in 1944. These were presided over by the infamous Judge Roland Freisler whose sole reason for being born must have been the show trials wherein he belittled and humiliated men and women of honour and conviction !
And here is this disgusting man in action ! 
As I said, I'm sure that Cooper's People's Tribunal will be nothing like the above. I'm sure no-one will be humiliated and voices will not be raised. BUT, will those who are summoned to appear before this 'tribunal', be granted the right to a defense ? It's not clear from the web site information ! Worse still, the Police will only be involved if necessary AFTERWARDS 
This People's Tribunal has failed before it has started. It proclaims itself independent but it is not !
At the bottom of that page a reference is made to a film maker. I have no idea if these hearings are to be televised, but I think we should be told !
I'm sure John Cooper QC is an honourable man unlike Hitler's judge and President of 'the People's Court' in Nazi Germany. But questions have been raised as to his role which is described as 'chief prosecutor'
No-one rejoices in any man's death in normal circumstances, but some men we are better rid of. Call it karma if you will !


  1. Why not cut out the middle man and go straight to police if you claim you have been abused?. I note Cooper QC chaired an inquiry into abuses in Iran but that happened in the UK and may have been cathartic for those attending but it had no legal standing and achieved nothing.
    Will evidence be given in secret ?- if people are claiming abuse they are entitled to anonymity. Will allegations of abuse be made public ?- surely a recipe for libel. Already many of Cooper's Twitter followers are relishing the chance to 'expose' HM The Queen and the royal family, pop stars, Blunt, Heath etc etc.
    Will Cooper QC & Mansfield QC accept responsibility fro any defamation's ?
    So many questions, so little time.

    1. This is NOT an official inquiry so I cannot see how anyone can be made to attend. Looks more and more like a lot of hot air to me ! One 'inquiry' will sabotage the other Great !

  2. Have you seen Exaro's latest?

    1. Yes I have ! It's called gossip is it not ? :-)

    2. What a bunch of tossers exaro are. I love the bit where they say "famous celebrity but we are not going to name him for legal reasons". Yeah boys, let the kids get raped while you save your jobs. They're despicable. I'd tell them so on their pathetic blog but you have to register and I'm not being their clickbait.

      Thanks for the chance to vent my spleen in your cool clean rabbitty ears... ;-D

    3. Good grief Exaro really are scraping the dirt when you delve into the 'substance' of this latest tale.
      An online forum of ex-detectives or currently serving ones ? . Yeh sure.
      And the usual suspects crop up- Christopher Fay who we all know about (he's now moaning that I have been attacking him for years- which I have) and the low-level would be gangster John Bindon while repeating the false claim- which nicely ties in the Royal Family- that he had an affair with Princess Margaret.
      Bindon was dumb and slightly above barrow boy level in the criminal stakes and involved in the fake discount warehouse scams where, say 200 washing machines would be ordered from a wholesaler -to be invoiced and paid for at the end of the month, a factory opened in Hackney for a weekend with a sale and the gang disappearing into the mist the following week once the goods were sold.
      As for the claim on the forum that Special Branch were somehow 'posh boys' is totally inaccurate. What they were the smartest coppers from all backgrounds with class totally immaterial.
      This sounds like a bunch of disgruntled cops spreading the usual gossip and is very reminiscent of the Duncroft forum

  3. Clause One: All people testifying to this self-appointed tribunal must hereby and forthwith swear off all financial claims now and any that might occur in the future and so thereby forbid themselves any financial reward whether it be in the form of expenses or gift. No fees shall be payable to any entity of the Law whatsoever under any circumastances apart from the duly appointed Bench and that only on an hourly basis at the Minimum Wage as appertaining on the sitting dates.

    Make that a rule, and I'll be listening... to the sound of silence.

    1. Here here Sir ! And watch their self-interest disappear before you can re-open the link to their crappy campaign !