Thursday, 11 December 2014

Twenty Five years !

For Ray Teret
You can download the full pdf document here. It's not very big but my eyes were drawn to a few of the paragraphs
And then there's this ! The judge cites 35 counts now ?
That's not was reported in the press 
Last night ITV broadcast a very good dramatised account of the media's disgusting treatment of an innocent man whose only link to a murder was the fact he was the victim's landlord. That and the fact he is an eccentric, a personality trait that is now illegal in the UK, made him an easy target for the press and cops alike. 

When will we ever learn ?


  1. 50 adults had initiated claims against the Scouts in the months since October 2012 - when the Jimmy Savile scandal broke - but the movement said the figure was lower. "We have reviewed the appropriate files to seek the information they requested and can confirm that since the Movement started in 1907, 48 civil actions relating to child abuse have been made against the Association. "Of these claims, 36 civil actions have been instigated since October 2012; all actions relate to historic cases.

    "In common with many other charities, organisations and institutions, we experienced an increase in reported historic cases since 2012. "In the period October 2012 to December 2014 we have paid around £500K in compensation to victims of abuse.

  2. Criminal Law blog has done a post about the sentencing !