Thursday, 13 August 2015

Operation Bergerac

Have a close look at this photo, it's allegedly the one the sun threatened to publish in March 2008. 
 OK I know we've seen this a hundred times already but, following Heath's entrance into the fray, I thought I'd look at it again. This time I located a clearer image
There's something wrong with this picture and it's nothing to do with it's date. No, it just doesn't look right. The first thing that caught my eye was Jimmy's pose, or rather, lack of it. Why is he not looking at the camera ? It's not like him is it ? 
And then there's this !

The body-shape of the boy on the right is so much bigger than that of the lad standing beside him. Look at the size of his head and face ! Look at the photo/s yourself, see what you think.
But, I haven't returned to Jersey to look at photo's. I've come because of this !
Yes that's Alan Collins 'investigating' alleged sex abuse in February 2008. And his tentacles spread all the way to Australia, so vast are his hope to uncover as many 'victims' as possible. And he's not working for Panones, or Slater Gordon but some firm called Dyer Burdett !
 I found the above on this 'abuse blog' on a site called Verisona Law. Read it folks, you'll be amazed at how many places Collins was 'investigating' not only in Jersey but in the UK. He's calling out for claimants in 2008 for cases that led to prosecutions in 2006

Here's a 2006 BBC news article 

NOW, here's where things get interesting, because this was a civil case. What's more, it hints at darker forces being at work, for these boys were allegedly, rented out for others to abuse
Here's the link to Versonia Law abuse blog, it's archive makes interesting reading folks.

The Jersey shit didn't hit the fan until 2008 with the HDLG nonsense about milk teeth etc. And when it did, we see the original claims were NOTHING to do with sexual abuse but everything to do with physical and mental abuse. And the BBC was there guys and gals, Panorama to be precise. Sanchia Berg to be even more precise !

Where the hell are any claims about Jimmy Savile ? Not like Sanchia's crew would have been unaware of that photo and Jimmy's threat to sue is it ? Meirion at most could have only been a few desks away from her boss ?

I have so much more to tell you guys and gals. I'll be staying in Jersey for a while yet, I haven't even told you about Bergerac yet ! Stand by for some light relief because apparently HDLG was actually used by the BBC as a location ! You just couldn't make it up could you ? 

 Above from the Fortrean Times forum in 2008. You know what the Fortrean Times deals with don't you ? 

By the way the advert for viagra best price on Collins call out has absolutely nothing to do with me !!



  1. Child abuse, but not as Jim knew it.

  2. That image is a scan of a print - the clue is in the creases - the shadows tend to support a similar lighting angle for all subject - the sun was above left about the 11 O'clock position to centre of this image - the shadows on the front row are lighter either due to the photographer using a fill in flash or a reflector.

    I did find a similar image that HAS been doctored to include a Jim Fixed It For Us slogan alongside a story in the Mail in October 2012 which stated that the photograph was believed to be from the late 1960s.

    In November 2011 it was featured on a blog -

    Jim'll Fix It was NOT heard of until 1975 so that photo featuring the added on graphic is certainly doctored later.

    Savile's hair style in the image suggests 1960s - I'd need to study a set of known dated images of him to narrow it down properly. I know he dyed his hair but it's certainly not the the whiter, longer wild looking style of the 70s - I think his hair turned white'ish around 1972.

    There aren't too many images of Savile in tracksuits earlier than 1969 - certainly not on a quick Getty search. 1969 next to one of his Merc camper vans is the only one I found.

    1. Jimmy's tracksuit top dates it to 1976 at the earliest.

    2. Moor has dated the photo as not-before-1976:

      This picture was 'analysed' by the nutters... they thought they'd discovered some secret future-politican breeding-centre, convinced that the Milibeans are in there some where; I only saw Mark Corrigan from 'Peep Show', I'm afraid. Oh, and my mum, too.

      Regarding Alan Collins, he also has a finger in the 'People's Tribunal' which seems to limp on; Exaro's Hencke bought their t-shirt - literally.

    3. I'll go even more conspiro with the link to Aus. Slater Gordon took over his firm in 2013 I think !!

    4. @ Anonymous
      Hope you're still looking in.....

      What do you make of this crude photoshop mash-up widely used as "Angie" in Exposure?

      Rabbit posted it a coupleof Blogs ago.
      The arms looks completely inserted, and I'm wondering if that is even Jimmy's body... Why would he be wearing a sweat-shirt from a Cardiff University? Plus the cigar doesn't look real. It's supposed to be a polaroid I think beut looks entirely fake in every way the more I stare at it.

  3. Me again - those sunglasses are fairly distinctive. Seen here in a photo dated 1979 and the next photo dated 1980. Both seem to be attributed to Rex features.

    Hmmm....all very odd.

    1. The predominant 'long' haircuts of the boys are certainly not before the mid-70's. Far too long for the general run of boys in the late 60's or even early 70's.

  4. "The body-shape of the boy on the right is so much bigger than that of the lad standing beside him."
    Not sure if I'm looking at the right person but to me the blond child looks like a toddler being held by an adult.