Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Under the bedclothes with John

Goodness Gracious me, I don't know what you guys and gals were doing in your bed in 1974, but I do know what I wasn't ! I wasn't listening to the 1974 bloody election results ! John Whittingdale MP and culture secretary was doing just that. We know because he told us this in 2009 !

John is proud of his political roots and waxes lyrical about Thatcher, when it was still fashionable to do so !
You can read the rest of this fascinating article here in the parliamentary house magazine dated July 2009

I didn't know of this guy's existence until Moor Larkin's latest blog post captured my interest.
 You see, John W was and is a fierce anti - BBC 'crusader' from as far back as 2003 according to this in the guardian published when he got his 'dream job' as culture Sec this year !
But sod the licence fee, what about any agenda he might have, all things BBC related ?
Select Committee's ? Tom Watson ? BBC ? Rupert Murdoch ? Goodness Gracious what does any of this have to do with Jimmy Savile ? I suggest you read the article about his 'entirely unexpected' 'cabinet elevation' !

Especially given what happened to Murdoch in 2011, just before Jimmy died !
 Oh, the fuss John made about the Savile Newsnight saga 
 He agreed to wait for Pollards findings before deciding who else at the BBC might be called in for questioning 
And, when Nick produced the only Savile report worth reading, John spun over to, not WHY Jones' project was dropped but the 'bigger question'
It was all right to attempt to expose a dead disc jockey, but when it came to living Lords, well !
But, all this pales into insignificance, when one considers the minister for culture's own association, by family, to a convicted child sex offender, one Charles Napier, this guy. 

Now, were not talking about an alleged goose in a dressing room here, we are talking serious charges that go back to the 1970's.
 The minister's response in 2014

He hadn't just left school in 1995 had he ? Not that having a half brother jailed for child sex abuse, should affect anyone's reputation or job chances that is !
Now, guys and gals, imagine my shock to find just now that one of Napier's 'victims' was a journalist, and not just any old journalist, oh no this guy worked at Private Eye Magazine !

I think I'll go back to bed and huddle under the bedclothes with my tranny like I did when I was a kid.  Us ordinary kids had better things to listen to than bloody election results !

 Boarding school girls ? Oh no, not that again please !!


  1. OMG... I'm laughing too much about the 15 year-old listening to the election results to read anymoor just now..... :-D

    That word was election wasn't it?...... with one L, like Savile.... :-D

    1. I got a bit confused earlier, I thought Napier had gone on the run in 1992. He was actually convicted and jailed in 1995 ! Hence the re-awakened interest in him post Exposure !! Blimey

    2. Peter Righton's boyfriend was banged up for fondling young males in cinemas. It didn't stop Righton rising to the top of the social services anyway and writing manuals for Barnardo's about paedophilia. Well, best to have an expert on the job innit.

    3. Wanted to see if there might be any 1995 articles published online. Found this on the spotlight site, no mention of his MP half bro here

    4. Don't suppose Johnny was famous then. I'm not sure that (other than their genetics) there was ever any link between them anyway.

      But Sloss-Butler was victimised on the basis of her bro' so why so quiet on these two? Do as they say, rather than do as they do I guess.

  2. Glad to see you on such good form, Rabbit.
    Oh, what a sorry state.
    Is a torch necessary for listening under the bedclothes? I can understand it helping one read after lights out but...oh, I give in.

    1. Cheers Misa ! A torch was a must have item by then as I recall. All those hide in the dark games etc. I can still picture my green plastic torch even now Happy days ! x

    2. I recall being a big fan of Alice Cooper when I was about 15.
      Elected, but not as John knew it.... :-D

  3. OMG.... Just read to the end.......

    There's me on the internet talking about having a tranny in bed with me.
    I'm doomed........ :-D

    1. Aye you wuz a trouble maker even before Sir Jimmy was 'exposed' LOL

  4. Francis Wheen! Author of a book on Tom Driberg that is full of bollocks! Quite possibly was a victim of Napier, but that book on Driberg contains bald-faced lies - such as, that Tom Driberg supposedly "was appointed to take over Crowley's position as World Teacher". Crowley never claimed such a title, in fact the phrase "world teacher" comes from Blavatsky & Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant - whom Crowley despised and ridiculed throughout his life. So, Wheen is a documented liar - at least in his books.