Saturday, 14 March 2015

Curious, George and Dominic !

No let up ! Yesterday I came across George Carman's son, Dominic again ! Because of this !
 I have a copy of Dominic's book published after his father's death, so I looked him up again. And, there he was, on twitter. I included his twitter handle in my next tweet and he replied within a few minutes !

Here's an extract from Dom's article dated Oct 2012 which wherein he states his dad 'MAY' have helped Savile evade 'justice'
OK, we've been down this street before. But, I wondered why he had popped up again and then I realised, he'd been advertising the latest Savile TV show broadcast on Ch5 again on Thursday night ! Even more 'curious' for me that is, is the fact he did this in reply to a tweet made TWO YEARS earlier !
'Further light' ? Has the show been  updated ? I wouldn't know because I haven't and, will NOT be watching it. But then, I didn't need to, did I ? because, just the day before, Dom had this 'con' (meirion jones speak for conversation) !
Hard to follow these 'con's' so bear with me !
 What ? Is Dominic saying that his father may have believed the person he represented at the time, may well have been a child abuser or worse ? Maybe I need to watch this program if this is what he's inferring. I stress the word 'IF' because Mr Carman Q.C represented a number of people against malicious press stories, some of whom are very much alive today. 
But, getting back to FACTS, I came across this interesting little blog whilst burrowing for more on what George MAY have said to Dominic !
What ? Surrey constabulary on 14th October 2012. Read on
But, who wrote this ? Better still, WHO are 'surrey constabulary blog' ? Well, it seems they are EX-COPS so not serving officers. Here's a link to their site
BUT, who is the author ? More digging and I find a link to the original by 'surreywebmaster' 
I drew a blank on that one but I did find another Savile article in the search box from one, Kevin Morris ! 
George Carman, Leveson, ex Surrey Policemen Goodness gracious me, everyone it seems has an angle in the Savile story. 

Curious, thing is that Dominic never mentioned his latest reminisces of his father in October 2012 ?

Mmm, curiouser and curiouser George, sorry I mean Dominic. 

When did Dominic first speak to Paul Connew I wonder ?





  1. Carman reminds me of Hughie Green's son

    " Stung by the abuse that has sullied his name since his death, Christina Sharples - widow of Green's long-time musical director Bob Sharples - who knew Green intimately for more than 30 years, issues a searing rebuke to his children and defends a man she remembers with affection. "Christopher wrote a deplorable book about his father. Linda called him a monster and their views informed the farcical epic we saw on TV this week," she says. "I know why they tell such awful stories about Hughie. They do it for the money. Saying nice things doesn't pay. They have traded their father's name for cash and dragged his name through the mud. "He doesn't deserve this vilification and I'm speaking now because I want him to have some dignity in death. "I've seen nicer things written about the Krays. Christopher's stories are unbelievable. He's an inveterate fantasist with a vivid imagination. Bluntly, he's a congenital liar."

  2. If you can bring yourself to watch this, Rabbit, I would be interested to know a little more.

    1. Sorry Misa, but my days of listening or watching shit like this and transcribing what a load of tossers say about what might have been 'thought' by someone decades ago, are over ! Someone else can do it ! :-)

  3. "WHO are 'surrey constabulary blog' ?"