Wednesday, 18 March 2015

£1.5K for you, £14K for me !

Yesterday came the news that THREE compo claims have been paid out. These claims have cost the Savile estate* (correction, NHS) £58,625, most of which will go to ... the lawyers !
The article isn't just about Jimmy Savile's alleged, unproven 'abuse' though is it ? Indeed, we are told that the NHS has paid out £12,000,000 since 1996
More and more people are now making such claims. In 14 years, >HALF were made in one year - 2013/14. Ms Dux tells us there will be more 
 BUT, what I really want to know, and I doubt Ms Dux will tell me, is : What was that £58,625 paid for ? The THREE claimants got just £18,125 but the claims themselves, what were they worth individually ? In other words, what was Jimmy alleged to have done ? 

NOW, here's were some heads will explode, cos it's back to that bloody scheme wherein EIGHT CATEGORIES of claim were introduced ! Problem is, we are only told TWO of these 

Then, there's the 'costs' allowable ! Same page 
We know that a cap was set at £60,000 per claim, for the most serious cases (alleged rape). And, presumably £1500 will be allowed for 'touching over clothing'. But what of the others ?
The Sun were not far off the mark in November 2014 when they declared this !
Let's publish that heading again shall we ?
The THREE claimants sharing £18,125 we were TOLD about YESTERDAY, were, according to the Mail, paid in December 2014. I haven't read the Sun article. I cannot because one has to pay to read and, well you know the rest ! 

£42,000 divided by 3 = £14,000 and that is the amount Ms Dux etc will get PER CLAIMANT ... stop me if you heard this one before ! 

I've been informed that the three payments made came from the NHS not the Savile estate. No monies can be paid from the latter until Justice Sales approves claims, as per the High Court Judgement in December 2014. I have no idea which NHS Trust paid the £58,625.

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  1. I noticed Kate Lampard someplace in all of this remarking that the NHS needs to get it's act together to combat "Negligence", Being an ex-barrister she wouldn't of course like to suggest that her old profession have become worse than the oldest profession. The fact that she is serving "Savile Victims" up on a plate with her frankly illogically specious Reports makes me laugh like a drain, which is pretty much where she is sending the NHS to, and right down. Shocking.

    The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has allocated almost a quarter of the annual health budget to cover legal claims involving medical negligence. The NHS Litigation Authority, which is responsible for handling negligence claims made against NHS bodies, has set aside £26.1 of its annual 113 billion budget to cover existing liabilities, British media reported on Monday. The large allocation of funds comes as lawsuits against the NHS have doubled under Prime Minister David Cameron. Recent figures from the Litigation Authority revealed that 11,945 lawsuits were filed against the British healthcare service over 2013-2014, compared with 6,562 in 2009-10.