Friday, 12 June 2015

An audience of LIARS

We knew it was coming, but I for one had hoped to be able to avoid news items about this awful play.

 But no, I awoke to a tweet from a follower informing me that Karin Ward attended the opening night, and had been interviewed afterwards.
Indeed, Karin was the first 'victim' to comment on the play's first night. And naturally, she was onside, making the right noises in Sky News' direction.
 She also spoke to the Independent which produced a far more interesting article. Because here is where we are TOLD of a scene that explained how Jimmy; 'got away with it'.

I doubt very much that Maitland's 'verbatim police interview' included the words that his predecessors, including official reports, left out. The words that show Jimmy's real attitude during that Police interview in 2009

Karin was the first to speak about the play and where Karin leads other 'victims' follow, including Dee Coles who, I assume has made a compensation claim, given what she has to say about the show.

Mmm, 'destroyed her life' ? That must mean she had a psychiatric report as part of her claim ! Forgive me for noticing, but she doesn't exactly look as though she's in the presence of a 'monster' in the photo the mirror includes 
That bag Jimmy is carrying ? Is he on his way out or in for the day ? It must be one or the other, because they are in front of his van. I'd say it's in because of the rolled up newspaper. Shame we can't see the date on that paper or even if it's a JERSEY copy ! Here's how Coles describes their meeting 

 'Flashed' at her ? What ? In a hotel car park does she really mean 'flashed' ? I don't believe a word of it !  I say SHE approached him, but she has a loud voice and I don't but I'll say it anyway.

There would be no party without punch. Enter Liz Dux who was consulted for her opinion of the staging of this show, after serious objections on behalf of 'victim/s'were made, including an online petition.
A more recent article in the spectator reveals that the 'victim' objecting to the show was NOT one of Dux' who now has 168 'victims'
 The media will brook no challenge to the Savile stitch up. Even alleged 'victims' and their supporters are far game as far as the author is concerned.
'Digital moron magnets' I'll remember that one ! I had my own twitter exchanges with Jonny Maitland. He didn't explain anything to me.  But then, actions speak louder 
Maybe it was something I said 
This 'play' drew a lot of attention long before it hit a small theater in London. It was well advertised by mainstream media including the Slater Gordon show as I call it, ITV this morning. Maitland et al express all sorts of reasons for WHY he wrote this nonsense. You can find them all on the internet. I believe he's a chancer, an opportunist who, like Thomas and Jones, just wanted to make a big name for himself, as a 'PLAYWRIGHT'
He can call himself whatever he likes ! Not everyone in pressland was impressed with his 'play'
 Maitland says he spoke to several Savile accuser's before he wrote his 'play' and was keen to point out that he would not be 'profiting' from the show. Apparently one does NOT 'make money in the theater'
Maybe he won't make a huge amount of money from his show. Just like Karin Ward may NOT have made a huge amount of money from her Savile tales. But, he got what he wanted, a chance to finally call himself a 'playwright'. If it's a success, and Lord knows HOW it cannot be given the hype, he will be invited to write more of the same, without having to hive some of it off to charity !
We haven't heard the LAST of Dee Coles yet either. For it appears, she is one of the stars of a BBC documentary 'Abused the untold story .. ' Hopefully, the nation will come to it's senses before next year, maybe I'll write a play. Maybe I'll just wait for someone who can write, a GOOD 'playwright' who will write something based on FACTS, the truth, not other peoples' compensation claims and tabloid lies !

 The 'play' may not get to the West End. It may vanish into the oblivion it belongs. But the real story behind it will run and run for many years to come. The story of how a great man's name was destroyed for money. Because, no matter WHAT any of these jackals say, it IS about the money. Money, fame and power.



  1. Dee Coles is most certainly some kind of fraud:

    Karin, bless her has little choice but to follow instructions, just as the media MUST boost this crap all they can, because if Karin goes down in the Freddie Starr Defamation Suit, so will Fleet Street. This is all a death-match now.

    While we watch the tussle, here's what Karin said earlier:

    "Is she still angry at Savile?
    "It's kind of strange. The other victims seem very angry. I'm not aware of feeling angry now … I'm left with his underlying melancholy. I don't find the joy I think I should find in life." She says this without self-pity but rather as simple fact; one that is finally, after all these years, worth acknowledgement."
    "None of us saw it as abuse [at the time]. We used to giggle about who did what to him. We'd giggle and then smoke the fags he gave us. He was very charismatic, if in a kind of creepy and weird way. But when you're a teenager, you get swept along with it, you've got stars in your eyes. If he asked you to do something horrible, it was par for the course. You know, you've got to stick with him because you might get on the telly."

    Looks like she finally got her wish.

    1. Karin MUST go down ! She defamed the living and the dead. She deserves prison time as do her enabler's, Jones and Thomas & 'others' !

  2. I find this deeply saddening. This man is not here to defend himself, there is nothing to stop people claiming whatever they like and jumping on the bandwagon. I feel incredibly sad for his family, who have had their memory of a very loved man tarnished by this witch hunt. It's a disgrace that the huge amount he has done for charity has been brushed aside like it was nothing in favour of a media frenzy. It's appalling. The people involved in this "play" should be ashamed of themselves. I hope you all enjoyed your five minutes of fame at the expense of a man who cannot defend himself, his family and the fond memories of him and all the good he did.

    1. Thank you for your comments Frankie. It's nice to see more and more folk coming out to bat for Jimmy. Love conquers all !

  3. No problem, just my honest and true opinion, a lot more than can be said for the people involved in this character assassination!!

  4. (Sorry I deleted the top one, I didn't realise it has published twice!! Trigger happy!)

    1. I'm moderating comments at the moment Frankie but I check all the time for new ones. See my latest post, two in one day !

  5. Oh, dear Rabbit, you have a stronger stomach than I do. I read two or three reviews yesterday, and had to go and have a lie down.

    The Telegraph informs us that Mr Maitland claims to be a chum of Chris Morris.

    And the Guardian tells us in its two-star review of "Maitland’s often clumsy but undoubtedly well-intentioned play," that:

    "It undermines its own veracity in melding real testimony, witness statements and transcripts with fiction. After all, Savile was a master of mixing the two to create his own myth."

    It's at times like this that I worry about using up all your asterisks.

    **** **** ******

  6. Bullshit baffles brains, starting at 49 mins in.

    1. You know Moor, I listened to 4 nano seconds of this. What Moor is there to say ?

  7. An Audience With Jimmy Savile

    by Jonathan Maitland, containing research from the book 'In Plain Sight' by Dan Davies

    The producers, in consultation with NAPAC and other survivors’ groups, have taken the decision not to release to the public any full length and front-on images of Alistair McGowan in costume as ‘Jimmy Savile’ as this has the potential to cause unnecessary distress, particularly to those who survived Savile’s abuse.

    The above genuinely appears on the theatre's website. Astonishing...

    The following may be of interest though:

    Post Show Q&A
    There will be Q and A sessions entitled: “Savile: could it happen again?”  after the 1500 show on June 18th and the 1930 show on June 25th. Entry is free for those who buy tickets. 
    The panels will include Peter Saunders (NAPAC), Dan Davies (Author of “The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile”), Meirion Jones (Ex BBC Newsnight/Panorama) and Jonathan Maitland (writer, “An Audience With Jimmy Savile”) and Jennifer Silverstone (psychotherapist, author of “Jimmy Savile: abuse and a question of trust").

    1. Yes jones was tweeting about this a few weeks ago. Thick as thieves, all of them

  8. Why are all these poor traumatised survivors being bussed in to see this play anyway? They'd obviously want to forget the pervy monster who ruined their lives and so make some sort of recovery. But no, Liz Dux and the rest of them, not content with continually forcing these poor women to give interviews about him, read about him, talk about him, see his picture in the press and on TV, now take them to see this horror show! There should be a law against it!