Saturday, 13 June 2015

Surviving Savile

'Savile survivor' is how Liz Dux described one woman who attended 'Jonny' Maitland's opening night of his 'play'. She says she attended to give this 'survivor' support.
I wondered which of these survivors she was there for and, if this was one of her compensation claimants who, by the way, are supposed to remain anonymous ! I'm guessing it wasn't Karin she was referring to, as I'd be very surprised if she'd claimed compensation. My money's on Dee Coles but I cannot know can I ?

I wanted to know a bit more about this Maitland chap, so I went a burrowing and found that this was NOT his first attempt a 'play' writing. His previous effort 'Dead Sheep' opened at the SAME theater, a few months ago, closing a month later ! The same length of time allotted to his Savile show

Somewhere yesterday I read Maitland justifying his attack on a dead, human being, because it was, in the public interest. Apparently, we are all too thick to comprehend how Jimmy, 'got away with it' for decades. His play provides the answer

I found this one of the most interesting article's of the many I looked at yesterday. Because, it revealed something that is NOT supposed to happen, an alleged 'survivor' made good, allegedly.
Yes, you read that right, a 'psychotherapist' allegedly that is !
Sorry Link too big, google the above title. It's not in the national press, but something called Ham and High, under 'Entertainment'

Speaking of 'survivors', who'd have guessed that the playwright formally known as Jonathan Maitland, is a 'survivor' himself ! Apparently, he SURVIVED his mother !!!

His description of his own mother might explain his particular mindset now
Goodness Gracious - this woman sounds like a real survivor herself. This review from 2006
I've written this post as an effort to answer my own 'public service question' as a member of the general public that is ! It seems that the public are only allowed to know what the media wants them to. I wonder how much longer they will 'get away with it' ! 
Hopefully, the public will hear some TRUTH next week when Karin Ward's trial begins. Yes, the same Karin Ward feted by the media who is being sued by Freddie Starr for defamation of character. I've seen NO sign of the trial in hackville (fleet street), can't think why

 On a lighter note, I came across this and I really don't know, WHAT to make of it. Is 'Jonny' part of 'Clan Maitland' ? You have to laugh, don't ya !

LOL, there's a 'Chief' in there somewhere ! I'm sure that would make Sir Jimmy laugh out loud himself !



    1. Thanks Moor, great blog. I'd forgotten you'd already covered the 'play' and 'Jonny' :-)

    2. Maybe his great pal, Chris Morris the paedogeddon guy, will do a play about Jonny the Chum from the Chatterati. Fat chance of the luvvies calling each other out I guess. Bad for business. Bunch of mealy-mouthed tossers.