Monday, 1 June 2015

To sue or not to sue !

These are not my words, I pinched them off Liz Dux. For newcomer's to my blog let me explain who Liz Dux is. She is a partner in one of the biggest Personal Injury Law firms in the world, Slater Gordon (SG)  who took over her her old firm, Russel, Jones and Walker (RJW)
I'll get to the point, Liz Dux represents at least 160 Savile compensation claimants. BEFORE writ/s were served against the estate, Dux had this to say about the process, in October 2012.

Note, that NO action had yet been taken at this time as Dux explains
The Police probe ? Note she doesn't say investigation, which is useful, because after all there wasn't a police investigation was there ? Our friend, Peter (Ore) Spindler, now a commander confirmed this days after the story broke.
The 'assessment' led to a report published in January 2013 confirming that Savile had 214 'crimes' attributed to him. The Law firms had their green light, the cops had indeed uncovered 'more victims', the writs were  served
Spindler's '30 victims' had not even been ASSESSED in October 2012. Could these be amongst Collins' 31 claimants ?
 In less than 3 months those 8 'recorded' 'allegations' became 214. The compensation lawyers had their mandate, the game was on !
Now, guys and gals, you may or may not be surprised to learn that Slater Gordon, who now own all the other PI firms involved in the Savile case, act for the Police Federation, a sort of, trade union if you like, but NOT !
Now, let me make this clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Police officer's having legal assistance when they need it. BUT, I do question the appropriateness of their solicitors having such a huge roll in a case like this. 
Somehow, West Yorkshire Police and officers from Operation Yewtree, between them have managed to LOSE the one SOURCE of evidence that could have helped the estate's defence. Jimmy's diaries P38 Operation Newgreen
How on earth can this happen ? And when, if ever, will we hear about the progress of this investigation.
 The Police are investigating 'suspected fraudulent claims' ? Would this be the same Police force who just so happened to lose Jimmy's diaries ? 
 The same Police force whose officers are probably represented by the Police federation who are in turn, represented by Ms Dux' firm ? 

Ms Dux' present and previous firms have done a great deal for Police officers and their families.
 Including this claim for an officer involved in the Rachel Nickel murder 

£22,000 for the victim's son, £125,000 for a Police officer paid to investigate the case ! I wonder how much Liz' firm got, although really, I couldn't care less.
You see, the least any of these Police Federation members (if they are) could do, is FIND Jimmy Savile's diary's. Because, if they do not and large sums of money are paid to it's 'association's lawyers as a result of their incompetence, then SOMEONE, somewhere at some time, will want answers. Someone not interested in fake victims of crimes but real ones, like the family of the late Jimmy Savile for instance !



  1. An accurate blog! We have no words to express our dismay, horror and frustration.

  2. How dare these people use the 'power' of their alleged abuser, as an excuse for their customer's not coming forward when the man was alive. Probably, the most powerful PI law firm in the world, firmly embedded with every Police man's best friend, the Police Federation. What else is there to say ? C***s !