Friday, 12 June 2015

This is your REAL life Jimmy

Apparently, Maitland's play is said to depict a 'This is your life - style show' interspersed with the memories of Lucy, a 'composite' of several alleged 'victims' battling to expose him.

As it happens, Jimmy appeared several times on This is your life, appearing TWICE as the subject in fact, once in January 1970 and again in 1990.
As is usually the case, my blog took me to places I wasn't expecting and watching the 1990 episode revealed a few surprises and the exposure of a few more LIES perpetrated by the media about Jimmy.
In part one shortly after Tony Blackburn and Dave Cash have delivered their tribute, Charles Hulligan, head porter at Leeds General Infirmary appears to relate a funny story about boxes of bra's obtained as donations for patients. But, watch how Jimmy greets him. His body langauge is NOT that of a man who has something to hide. Something that a so-called, partner in crime might elicit memories of ! Because, the press etc have made a lot of their relationship post October 2012.
But, let's move onto part 2 of this video shall we ? Because here is where we find mother and daughter Sue and Charlotte Duffy. Charlotte is a 12 year old who has been at Stoke Mandeville for several years. They both get a chance to speak and appear on the show, along with other members of Jimmy's 'TEAM' at the Spinal Injuries unit !
I decided to look for any recent stories about Charlotte, and this is what I found 
Desert Island discs ? What's this got to do with a Stoke Mandeville patient ? Well, as it happens, Charlotte is the young girl who accompanies Jimmy on to the radio show in 1985.
This is the express story the above relates to
And, here's what else was happening just a few days after exposure aired.
 Now, amidst all the bullshit going on in November 2012, no one had thought to find Charlotte or her mother Sue. had they bothered, they would have known that the little girl Jimmy brought to Broadcasting House that day, was 7 years old and had appeared on ITV's This is your Life five years after her Radio 2 'mini fix-it'
Jimmy introduces Charlotte as a 'beautiful young lady who lives in this very posh wheelchair' Listen for yourself here
I don't know if they have removed this episode from their archives, and I could care less. We know it happened, we can hear it and we can make up our own minds.
 Jimmy appeared on many other TIYL episodes. When I watch his behaviour I see a kind, warm-hearted, generous man. Thankfully I have not been duped or groomed like Alistair McGowan, who uses this byline as an excuse for his change of heart about Savile. He was just one of the many who paid tribute to Jimmy when he died. McGowan will be forgotten soon enough, Jimmy Savile's goodness will not ! 
I was going to call this piece, 'This is your Death', but I thought to myself, that's 'negative' Rabbit, and this is a 'positive' blog about a positive man !


  1. "Back in the 1980s – when I was a member of the This Is Your Life scriptwriting team – we debated whether to produce a second show featuring the wildly eccentric disc jockey. Eamonn Andrews had featured him in 1970, and it was being suggested at a planning meeting that new presenter Michael Aspel could surprise Savile again with the famous Big Red Book.

    Chief scriptwriter Roy Bottomley, who had been a sharp news reporter on the Daily Sketch, said: “Well I’m not going to write it. The man’s notorious.” Roy then told us how former Fleet Street colleagues had been trying to find evidence to support allegations that Savile molested underage girls."

    The more I follow this, the more it all seems like wish-fulfilment at every level... all the journalists needed were victims and once Jimmy was dead, they had them and finally they could write their story. It's quite bizarre to think that at much the same time as this old-timer was writing that script, The Sun was exposing Jimmy's dark side, which was basically that he wasn't married but shagged a lot of willing females. It's a complete breakdown in rational thinking.

    1. It's this constant press character assassination that gets me. WTF is wrong with these C***s especially the mirror. Horrible

    2. Financial death by Defamation I think. The editors and responsible media moguls must be facing meltdown when ward is exposed as a fantasist, by the very same "law" that everyone has been believing in like born again zealots recently.

      Like conspiracists, they think that if they write it, it must be true.