Friday, 19 June 2015

Day 5 MacKean takes the stand

I was going to report that nothing had been reported by anyone about Freddie's case today. Then I got a tip-off via twitter !
 And that's it, guys and gals ! But hang on, there is always more isn't there ? I took the opportunity to ask Ms MacKean if she knew how old Ward was the night she attended the Shepherds Bush studios for the show featuring Freddie Starr. Naturally, she hasn't replied and I didn't expect her to !
You see, I spent a fair bit of time today trying to establish how the press arrived at the idea that Ward was 14 when this visit took place. As far a I can see, she has never actually said herself that SHE she was 14. She's repeatedly spoke of other 'victims' being 14. She said that she thought the girl allegedly having sex with Gary Glitter in the dressing room, was 14. But, as far as I'm aware, she's never said that she herself was 14 in March/April 1974.
I'll come back to this mirror article from October 2012 another time, after the trial. But in the meantime, let's see how the  broadsheets handled the subject of Ward's age 
OK, the Guardian obviously hasn't bothered to check the finer details. It doesn't say she was 14 when Savile visited, but that is what is being implied is it not ? Even if you disagree with me, you'd be hard pressed to argue that they couldn't have worked out that a woman of 54 in October 2012, could NOT possibly have been a girl of 14 in March/April 1974. 
I've spoken before about the importance of the age these women say they were when they were allegedly abused by Jimmy Savile.
The Guardian was looking ahead of the Times in October 2012, when the latter managed to reduce Ward's actual age even further !
 And, her local press have her even younger !

Who knows if Ward, deliberately misled the public via the media in regards to her age. At the very least, they should have checked her credibility before using her to destroy Jimmy's name. And now, the words of the man who offered evidence 'in support of Karin Ward'. His take on Jimmy's 1974 autobiography 'As it happens'
Insert any age you like Mr Thomas but don't expect us to believe you or any other hack, be it tabloid or broadsheet !

But what about Liz ? What could she have had to say for herself this morning ? I have no idea as yet but I do know what she and her pal Meirion have said in interviews since the 'scandal' broke. But that's for next time guys and gals, as it happens !

Update 21.42 19th June 

Liz MacKean responded to my tweet. She does not appear to know how old Karin Ward was in March/April 1974. At least she answered !


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  1. The Sun also appears not able to add things up. Here they assert Karin was 14 when on the show featuring Freddie Starr, but later state she is currently 54.

    2012 - 1974 = 38
    54 - 38 = 16