Monday, 29 June 2015

Responsible Journalists !

Is Meirion Jones feeling the heat at last ? He was asked some rather awkward question's by someone NOT blocked by him on twitter. 

I have not included other tweets made by Jones today. I class myself as a 'responsible' blogger you see and I cannot be sure that certain remarks published could be damaging to another's reputation ! You see there is such a thing as 'responsible journalism' I learned a little about this concept last Tuesday. I don't fully understand it so I'll give you the ten points of responsible journalism as the law stood in 2004

New guidelines came into play with the Defamation Act of 2013 
Read that last bit again 

Editors wanting to use the defence will still have to establish that copy is balanced and neutral and that thorough steps were taken to verify the facts.

Note that I am only imparting to the reader what the law says.  Consider the following : Did Meirion Jones or any other journalist for that matter, take these 'thorough steps' when they committed to a permanent form, accusations made against various men by Savile accuser's including Karin Ward ? Because, that is what these journalists did when they recorded Karin Ward's words ! The fact that Jones does not appear to have even checked when the Clunk Click episode featuring Freddie Starr, was recorded, could lead a reasonable person to conclude that he had not behaved responsibly ! 
The result of this being that a very SERIOUS allegation was made about a man who was subsequently, arrested and re-arrested several times over a significant period. 
Here's another one of those 'Six things all journalists need to know'

Amazing how Jones now volunteers anyone who asks, Karin Ward's actual date of birth. I don't remember him sharing that information before today. He's more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong !


  1. I've never seen that date of birth specified anywhere except on a forum before now, and even there, it was noted as "allegedly".

    1. A responsible person, let alone journalist, would have wanted to confirm that basic detail. As Freddie's barrister said, the only age number both she and the MSM quoted at the time was 14 !

  2. As well as archive shows, the BBC also have stored what they call 'PasB' documents of every show - even the shows that were subsequently wiped.
    On these documents will be details of when each show was recorded, where it was recorded, who guested and even the source of any pre-recorded inserts used.

    Had they wanted to establish dates, journalists at the BBC such as Jones will have been able to check those documents.

    1. Nice one Chris ! Wonder if one of those chits exist for that day. Remember those receipts for wages etc Moor ?

    2. "By a strange quirk of fate, one of the first dockets in the BBC cache I came across was one that related to Clunk-Click and I have posted it below. It gives the various scheduled dates for the recordings in 1973 but what I initially found the most interesting was that Jimmy Savile was claiming rail fares – presumably between London and Leeds as has been specified in many of the other BBC dockets. There has been a popular illusion created in the media, that in 1974 Jimmy Savile was roving the country’s motorways in his caravan, but there seems reason here to doubt that this was the case."
      But then I checked the dates on that first BBC docket I had found moor carefully. All the dates bar one fall on a Wednesday and the one different day is a Thursday. Then I realised that of course that the Saturday date must have been the broadcast date, not the day of the recording. It wasn't the date Jeni recalls after all, she just knows that that was the broadcast date. The Duncroft girls must have been in London on Wednesday 13th, and that day falls in the middle of a school week. Karin Ward writes of enjoying weekends with the stars, not a Wednesday night.

    3. Moor, the CC episode with FS was NOT b/cast on 16th March 1974. Funnily enough, this was the date that Gary Glitter was the guest !!


      The Glitter one is at the BBC then - presumably as is the FS one.

    5. imdb site normally lists all the shows but I notice when the Court Cases turn up they delete the info. FS was i think in the 1974 the first in the series and then Gary Glitter the next one. People have been deleted from the Merton show as well. The internet is very much controlled so Mr Orwell is right after all.

    6. "The BBC was indeed the kingpin because it had control of the past via it’s own Archives. One of the most sensational moments in the early period was the entrapment of Freddie Starr. The interlocking wheels of the UK Media were revealed as Starr initially denied ever having been on a TV show with Jimmy Savile. Within days BBC Archive film was appearing, not on the BBC news, but rather on Channel 4. How had footage that was revealed in the Pollard report to have been located in BBC Archives during Meirion Jones’ aborted 2011 feature for the BBC, now suddenly been obtained by a competing network? There is only one way that could have happened and that is by the BBC passing over the footage. Their motivation could only have been to undermine the credibility of Starr and therefore increase the credibility of the allegations against Jimmy Savile. Freddie Starr has subesequently been completely vindicated as Innocent."

    7. @Rabbitaway
      That sextion was just quoting Jeni Hooker, one of the Duncroftees who cliamed she wasn't assaulted and never saw anyone else being assaulted, or heard about it at the time.

      " Jeni Hooker, 54, attended the institution between 1972 and 1975 and was one of a number of pupils to appear on the Clunk Click television show with Savile and convicted child sex offender Gary Glitter. She told the Herald & News exclusively about her memories of Duncroft and has called for a full investigation into how and why Savile was able to visit and take girls away as he pleased. Ms Hooker, who now lives in Barnstaple, Devon, said: “I was on the Clunk Click show with Gary Glitter on March 16, 1974 and, of course, Jimmy Savile."

    8. This video has the date 27th April 1974 on it ?? The trolls have their uses and this is very useful, as it happens !!!

    9. @troll video
      Well, there can be no doubt that Ward was not 14, was not 15, but actually a month past 16... So much for the much-vaunted Jones boy. He couldn't investigate his way out of an open paper bag. What a complete tosser.

    10. Mmm, the 27th April episode was actually the LAST ever episode so Freddie appeared AFTER Glitter Found this bit of info on JK's site from > yr ago

      'Whatever happened on that show (and frankly I think Freddie Starr was so good looking back then he was probably fighting them off with a stick and didn't have to go about taking liberties), Karin Ward was born on the 25/03/58, the show was aired on 27th April 1974 and probably filmed April 1974 - so she was NOT '14 years old' at the filming of that show, she would have be SIXTEEN - simple mathematics - what is her and the media's excuse for not getting this simple fact straight before they started peddling their tripe...?'

      You get a mentch too Moor ! This plot thickens. WHY is it so hard to get this information I wonder ??

    11. * WHY is it so hard to get this information I wonder ?? *

      the same reason they mix and match their anonymity games so when Ms G is identified as having been 17 when she tells a tale of encountering Jimmy in Norman Lodge, the world has no idea that Ms.G is Fiona, who supposedly was also at those Clunk-Clicks too, except she wasnlt even at Duncroft back then.

      The CPS and the keepers of the law are deliberately, and have been deliberately, misleading the people.

      Corruption starts at the top, as Jimmy remarked. I doubt THAT quote is in Maitlands shitty play.

  3. Gary Glitter appeared on 16th March 1974 time for another blog on this issue cos I've found something else VERY interesting !!!