Thursday, 18 June 2015

Day 4 - the boys take the stand !

What press reportage do we have today guys and gals ? Nothing, not one single report as far as I'm aware despite the fact that both MWT and Meirion Jones attended to give evidence this morning ! We only know this because both of these big-heads, told us !
Then, it was off to the matinee performance of his pal's play and a place on a panel post performance to take questions of a very different sort !
Not sure how Meirion arrived at the court, or Thomas for that matter. I doubt any media helicopters flew overhead to capture the moment
Thomas tells us he was there, 'in support of Karin Ward'. My understanding was that he was there because he HAD to be. 

 Not sure how Liz Dux and her media entourage would arrive, in the event she ever had to attend such a hearing.
 Join me for another court round-up tomorrow guys and gals ! Wonder if the other Liz turned out today ? I'm sure we'll find out eventually 



  1. Given that neither of these two were in that Dressing Room in 1974, one can only assume they were called about how the media dealt with Ms.Ward. The only "support MWT could offer would be that it wasn't her fault that all this mushroomed into the media meltdown that it became. There is some clear evidence on her side that he would be able to present to demonstrate it wasn't necessarily ALL Karin's fault.

  2. "Not sure how Liz Dux and her media entourage would arrive", perhaps it would be something like this.

    1. LOL just wot I was thinking but tehe other image popped up on my TL so I used it ! x

  3. More evidence that Mark Williams-Thomas will inevitably implode as his grasp of common sense is overwhelmed by his pedo hunting.
    I have never heard ANYONE say they were in court to give evidence "in support" one way or the other.
    Basically Williams-Thomas has condoned or confirmed the defendant's account and thus is defaming Starr via Twitter.
    This man has a history of tweeting defamatory statements and then deleting his tweets. He is a fool.
    Seems some have learned nothing from the Lord McAlpine tweet libel incidents.