Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Frederick Starr V Karin Ward Day 3

Just a quick blog by way of announcing some GOOD news for a change ! Anna Raccoon has just announced that papers have been served on both MWT and Liz McKean to appear at the hearing to give evidence !

Of course, we have no idea as yet what questions will be put to either of these two. I imagine their respective summons', came via the plaintiff's lawyers. can't wait to read the Judge's statement of his decision ! 

Interesting days ahead guys and gals. Interesting days indeed 


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  1. Aha, Liz Mackean, who was trying to get Peter Rippon to do a puff-piece about NSPCC and Tory Cuts around the same time she was enmeshed with Mei and his tales from the internet about the ring-leader of the Tory paedos. No coincidences.