Wednesday, 17 June 2015

"Goosed" Day 3 part 2

Ms Ward was on the stand today. This is the only report I've seen thus far !

 Finally, she tells the court the impact those words had on her whole life !
As I said, this is the only reporting so far. Out of two articles I found via my search, one of which doesn't even mention todays proceedings ! Sorry I can't link the piece above, it's the second one below
Earlier today, two tweets came in via courtnews UK ! Here for your information only 

 Well, I'll be goosed !


  1. She is defending on a Justification basis:

    A claim of defamation is defeated if the defendant proves that the statement was true. If the defence fails, a court may treat any material produced by the defence to substantiate it, and any ensuing media coverage, as factors aggravating the libel and increasing the damages. A statement quoting another person cannot be justified merely by proving that the other person had also made the statement: the substance of the allegation must be proved.

    so Freddie must be ABSOLUTELY denying he did, or said either of these things.

  2. Just as well there is no jury or its members would be getting told to quieten down & stop laughing by the judge!

    "Honk honk"?!? Seems like England in the 70s was exclusively populated by Sid James clones.

  3. A breast implant in time may have saved a big whine!

  4. (If you feel my comments are inappropriate during an ongoing case, please feel free to edit or delete.)

    If, by her own admission, she was given Lithium which could affect her memory. How can she be sure that this or any other accusations happened the way she said they did.

    Also I'm confused, in her original allegation did she say that she had been 'Goosed' and called a 't**less wonder' I though her allegation was more serious.

    I really hope the judge backs Freddie and will also call for an inquiry into her allegations about Jimmy.

    If that happens there is going to be a lot of people with egg on their faces, and having to hand back loads of money.

    Long live that day!!

  5. Apologies if your comments do not get published. I have to be mega careful here, whilst trial is on. I'm sure y'all understand !! xx

    1. I don't have any legal expertise, Rabbitaway, but I had wondered what the rules around such a trial actually are, given that there is no jury but only a judge. The chances of the judge being influenced by press reports of his own case are, I hope, zero. Still, always better to err on side of caution.

    2. If he finds against Ward, there will be a chorus of protest about "victim-blaming". Such a verdict will necessarily call into question the roots of this entire imbroglio, involving the entire Establishment based around police, CPS and the NHS and BBC. He will know that too. One man against his world?

    3. On the other hand , there would be faction of the Establishment that would relish the opportunity that Freddie has provided to spear the moral panic. And thus keeping their own hands clean.

  6. An original draft of Ward's book says:

    "One particular celebrity, a very popular comedian of the time, whom I shall simply refer to as 'F',
    absolutely stank of booze and sweat. His hands wandered incessantly; he had absolutely no qualms
    whatever about any one of the girls seeing what he was doing to any of the others. The fact that we sat in
    his dressing room with him, drinking vodka or Bacardi rum whilst he blatantly selected which girl to
    humiliate amazes me. I cannot recall where Miss Jones and Theo were. Surely, they must have known
    what was going on?

    Even so, there were no acts of violence or threats. No-one was hit or taken against their will. I refused 'F'
    because getting anywhere near him made me heave. He smelled far too much like my step-father for my
    liking. 'F' made some rather cruel remarks about my lack of breasts by way of getting back at me for
    refusing him. Everyone laughed whilst I burned with humiliation. "

    No mention of goosing!

    1. Freddie, like Jimmy, was teetotal.
      A very inconvenient fact.