Friday, 1 May 2015

Exposing himself to more ridicule !

MWT who was an officer in Surrey Police for 12 years, according to him, has updated his updated Exposure program to the tune of about 5 minutes. He has an 'exclusive' you see, in that he has had a rather short telephone conversation with Margaret Jones the ex headmistress of Duncroft School, the subject of Operation Outreach by his old police force.
Thankfully, I was able to scroll along this nonsense and get to the point straight away. I've transcribed the conversation for you but you can hear it yourself here
He's having a go at his ex-Police force who conducted an investigation into Jimmy in 2007 as a result of claims made by two women who, allegedly resided at Duncroft in the late 1970's.
MWT : Officers decided not to interview any D staff because Barnado's had told them they had no record of any sexual abuse, nor has any former residents or staff witnessed, or aware of any incidents' Apologies, if I've misheard that last bit, he's not very clear is he ?
MWT : But should they at least have spoken to the school's headmistress, Margaret Jones ?

49.52 mins
Hello Margaret, it's Mark here.

She told me she'd have been very keen to help !

MWT : You weren't spoken to by Surrey Police ?
MJ : I was gob-smacked. I never have been spoken to.
MWT : You've never been spoken to at all ?
MJ : I should have been told he'd been interviewed 

MWT comments 'Jones who is now 90 claims she did not witness any abuse by Savile, nor did she have any suspicions . But (note these are Thomas' words) had Surrey Police have spoken to her they might have learnt crucial information about Savile's visits.

MWT : Did he take any of the girls out in his car ?
MJ : I'm not going to say anything
MWT : You're not going to say anything ?
MJ : I didn't see anything wrong  
MJ : Anyway, must go now thank you ! 

Now, you might come to the same conclusion as Mark. Maybe the cops should have spoken to Miss Jones in 2007/9. The 'crucial information' she would have given would no doubt be the same as the 'crucial information' she continues to give. Maybe then those two women would have been charged with wasting Police time and spreading malicious falsehoods. 

Thomas' stupidity knows no bounds. After all, he didn't speak to Margaret Jones before destroying Jimmy Savile's name. Had he done so, she could have confirmed that Fiona and her recently acquired, pals were lying not onle about their experiences at the school, but WHEN they were even there ! 
But then, Thomas wouldn't have had a television show then and I wouldn't be spending my life doing this !

Happy Holidays guys and gals !

BTW, I wonder WHEN this conversation took place ? Anyone catch that number plate ? 



  1. Has it ever been established whether the interviewees were paid for appearing in the documentaries and how the documentaries were funded?

  2. ITV is an independent commercial channel in the UK. It funds itself !

    1. Rabbit, it might just be worth keeping these questions in mind. It hadn't really occurred to me, but do we know that none of the particpants were paid for appearing in Exposure? And do we know anything about how Exposure was funded, or what it cost? I note from Geoff's comment and your response that things appear quite cosy.

    2. No idea but I'll try and find out !

    3. General info in the public domain:
      ITV Studios production.
      Cost 170k (apparently typical for an edition of Exposure)

    4. Brilliant Misa, thank you ! a very useful article !

  3. sally stevens1 May 2015 at 17:49

    I remember that phone call! I think it was around the same time as Exposure, but was shown afterwards. She knew who he was, what he was up to, and she despised him.She was also furious with her nephew, the wretched Meirion, for his involvement. I was around Margaret for about three years, and I know that tone all too well. She put him in his place, which is far below the salt. I'd certainly spoken with her before this, as had Anna, and others. When she gave him the bum's rush, and hung up on him, I was ROTFLMAO. This little clip does nothing but make him look like the worm he is.

    1. Thanks Sally that's exactly as I thought. He's used this earlier attempt to get information out of Miss Jones, presenting it as if it's something new. She sharp got rid of him didn't she ? Well done Miss Jones, another brave lady !

    2. Twat refers to Miss Jones' age as being 90 which shows he must have had this conversation with her sometime in 2012 depending on her DOB

  4. sally stevens1 May 2015 at 18:12

    I presume Fiona provided MWT with Margaret's phone number. She was quick enough to slap it up on the Raccoon blog.

  5. Well, perhaps Anon is hinting at the rather curious fact that the ITV executive who was responsible for both Exposure programmes commisioned a highly experienced tv producer/director to make them, a woman he er happens to be married to.

    1. Lesley Gardiner (producer) is married to Alexander Gardiner boss ITV's 'factual' company, shiver and Executive producer of Exposure. Mr and Mrs Gardiner must be so proud of all those awards she won for her 'factual' expose of Jimmy Savile !
      Look in Pollard App 12, there's the letter she sent the BBC Director General on 7th September 2012 outlining the contents of her soon to be broadcast, expose.
      Nothing 'curious' about it Geoff ! Just another couple of opportunistic hacks with the power to do what they want to whomever they want, as long as he's dead that is !

  6. Isn't Alice In Wonderland getting tiresome?
    Hard to see how things will improve either.

    On Thursday it's likely Cameron will win, but not with a majority. There is more nasty work to be done, which is why Labour fielded the hapless Milibonk, with The Blue Eton Meanies taking the blame.

    I predict then that Labour will regroup and fashion itself as both ‘the young persons party’ and ‘the victims party’. Old Mother Izzard will be joined by other celebrities in order to appeal to the Reality TV uber-morons of the 21st Century – with one in particular, Joey Essex, primed as Leader. They will win by an unprecedented landslide in 2020, and Tony Bliar & Peter Mandelson’s 1994 plan for their “New Britain” will be complete. By this point the definition of ‘sexual abuse’ will be just glancing at someone, and old age & wisdom will be a crime in itself for any commoner. Legislation is passed for random ‘house checks’ by PCSO’s to be compulsory in order to protect the nation from subversives, “paedos” and ‘people who know stuff’. Paul McMullan, former NOTW hack, will be given a job as Government “Privacy Tzar” as reward for his mantra “Privacy Is For Paedo’s”, and Slater & Moron will overthrow the monarchy with Liz Dux made the new Queen and Mark Williams-Thomas the official Court Jester. Someone will accuse Lord Leveson of touching their ankle in 1978, and he will be hung from Tower Bridge amidst rumours “Hackgate” was invented in order to stop journalists tapping the phones of Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris.

  7. Off topic (slightly) C5 Tuesday - Moments that shook Britain - along with the death of Diana, the same old faithfuls are dragged out saying "SJS he was such a monster, a serial offender" - when will we be left alone?!?!