Monday, 4 May 2015

£170,000 worth of LIES !

I'm obliged to one of my regular commentators, Misa for posting this link to this article
I'm also grateful to 'Anonymous' and 'Geoff' for pushing the question about how much Exposure cost etc
Some things are more important than money are they not guys and gals ? We learn a lot about the program making and, more importantly, the concerns ITV had about transmission. They were not alone !
And then, the LIE !
My source tells me otherwise. She doesn't recall being asked for any evidence to 'substantiate' her timeline at Duncroft. The makers obviously didn't ask Fiona either (read my recent blogs). It's all bullshit isn't it guys and gals ? 
As for being paid for their stories, my source tells me she was NOT offered any financial reward,she did get door to door taxi service laid on by Lesley Gardiner !
My source wanted to tell the truth about what she did and didn't see at Duncroft whilst she was there. And she WAS there wasn't she ? Her piece to camera never made it into the program. Her testimony was NOT what Thomas et al wanted to hear. Far better to give oxygen to this convicted fraudster instead
Anyway, back to more important players in this flight of fiction. Karin Ward's interview couldn't be broadcast for legal reasons. She may NOT have received payment for her tales. She didn't need to, she had a book awaiting publication after transmission. No wonder she was angry ! The BBC picked up on her and her pals possible motivations for taking part in what was to be, Meirion Jones' baby, Newsnight. Thanks to Liz Gibbons testimony to Nick Pollard
In the Guardian on 9th December 2012, Karin Ward is 'not angry with Jimmy Savile now'. She's described as being, a 54 year old mother of seven. She's also described as being in Exposure !

Ms Ward was certainly 'angry' a few months before when she focuses her attention on Freddie Starr 
Karin makes a big mistake in this piece, she changes her age from 14 to 15 the night she attended Cluck Click

I mean, she is described as ffffff 14 in other press articles

But, getting back to that 'motivation' Liz Gibbons became aware of 'subsequently'
Money guys and gals, money ! As for Fiona, my guess is she's a sad lady who seeks attention. Attention, MWT made sure she got when he got her into that brave woman awards thing.
As fir ITV, it got the story of a lifetime. A story that will come back to haunt them. Up there with World in Action, give me a break !



  1. Carry on Investigative Journalisting?

    "The conman's story
    I am going straight now, says Wilfred De'Ath, but I have a sweet nostalgia for the many years when I lived in the grand hotels of England and France without ever paying a bill....etc. etc."

    1. Wonder if Gardiner coughed up for a hotel for him, alongside the door to door taxi ? :-)

    2. You could give her a call and ask her. ;) She's also named as the producer for the recent Dandofiles documentary on the Mirror site.

      Barry George tells MWT that he didn't even know who Jill Dando was.

  2. I see you mention the Exposure producer/director Lesley Gardiner. At the risk of repeating what everyone already knows, she is the wife of the ITV executive who provided the £170K, Alex Gardiner, subsequently promoted.

  3. Every single one of the stories in Exposure is dodgy. The Exposure "strand" itself was dodgy too.

    "The itv Exposure strand had already been embroiled in a minor scandal about it’s lack of journalistic integrity before the infamous Savile episode.

    It was the most dramatic of footage with which to launch ITV1's new current affairs show – pictures of the IRA supposedly shooting down a helicopter with weapons supplied by Muammar Gaddafi. But the broadcaster on Tuesday admitted that the images used in the first episode of its new ITV1 series Exposure was in fact a sequence from a computer game, Arma 2."